The S.B. Patil Public School at Ravet, Pune is one of the leading and premier educational institutions whose sole purpose is not just to lead students towards an excellence in education but to reach every tangent and explore every facet of each individual student.

Every instructor exists in this institute to teach, guide, mentor, develop and more importantly imbibe students with moral and character, instil within them values and respect, nurture every talent, strengthen every potential, and fortify them to face every challenge they would face when they graduate into the world.

This website portal offers an interactive and informative space wherein parents/ guardians, students, teachers and the management can freely and genially communicate, express, share and learn from one another as a goal-driven family.

News and Updates

Innovation Lab :

SB Patil Public School, Ravet, Pune can now boast of an Innovation Lab, the first of its kind, school-level lab within the city of Pune. It makes use of a myriad tools and methodologies to stimulate creativity, guide discussions and moderate collaborations thus enabling and encouraging students to think creatively and innovatively, think big and try new things.

Furthermore, it enables students to develop prototype and experiment solutions. It means bringing together the brains, methodology and diverse tools for innovation; create space for experimentation through facilitated processes and creating atmosphere for a start-up.