Our S.B.Patil Public School conducted a Fire Safety Training Session at its Campus on Saturday, 4th May 2019. Our Principal Dr. Mrs. Madhubala Gairola, School Co- ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, Co- Ordinator of Pre Primary and our School’s NABET Co- ordinator Mrs. Shubhangi Kulkarni, NABET Co – coordinator Mrs. Sakina Bootwala and the entire staff of the School were present.

The expert trainers at the session from Safe Kids Foundation, Wagholi, Pune were Mr. Milind Gudde, Mr. Yogesh Gaikwad, Mr. Abhijeet Kamble and their team members; who oriented us about the possibilities, situations and reasons whereby even the so- called safest environs could turn into mishap points. The main concept of the session was ‘Awareness about Fire Safety in Schools and surroundings'.

Mr. Milind Gudde in a very play way manner – oriented our Primary and Secondary Staff members about:

a) The reasons of fire outbreak

b) Conducive factors that spread outbreak of fire.

c) Sensitive venues where fire outbreaks are common.

d) Illustrations of massive fire accidents in various schools and other public places in India since 1997 till date.

e) Economic, social and emotional repercussions and losses after the mishaps.

f) Safety precautions that need to be taken to prevent fire outbreaks.

Some ice breaking activities, games, action songs added to the interest of our teachers as they showed enthused participation; courtesy the vibrant flow of explanation and illustrations by the expert trainers. As part of practical training, our teachers were guided about extinguishing fire by means of wet blankets and using portable fire extinguisher kits. Our faculty members actively practiced these measures under the guidance of our trainers.

Thereupon we were oriented with the use of Fire Hydrant System that our School has installed in the building and at the corridors.

The highlight of the session was that the visitors were highly impressed by the Standard Fire Safety Measures that our S.B.Patil Public School is equipped with – to combat any emergency; along with the knowledge that our faculties have about using the Fire Safety instruments and the in depth concern our Management, School Administration and Staff have about our Nucleus element – Our Students.

The session was organized under the guidance of our Principal Dr. Mrs. Madhubala Gairola. Yoga Instructor Mr. Ramesh Nandal and School Co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda organized the proceedings. Principal Dr. Mrs. Madhubala Gairola and Mr. Ramesh Sir were presented with special tokens of appreciation by the visitors. C.C.A in charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar introduced the visitors and proposed the Vote of Thanks.