A teacher is backbone of school. In SBPPS teachers are employed on the basis of academic expertise,experience and right attitude. With and excellent student:teacher ratio teachers operate to their optmum level and become positive role models. For ongoing enhancement in classroom teaching, teachers are regularly subjected for various professional skill based training and workshops.


Pre -Primary Teaching Staff


Sr.no Name Designation Indicating Qualifications Experience in Years
1 Mrs. Shubhangi Kulkarni Pre primary Co ordinator B.Sc, B.Ed, TTC 13 Years
2 Mrs. Payal Nilalani Pre primary Sr.kg Coordinator B.Com, TTC 4 Years
3 Mrs. Nayna Taru Pre primary Jr.kg Coordinator B.E , TTC, ITI 5 Years
4 Mrs. Priya Aparjit Pre primary Teacher B.A, TTC, 18 Years
5 Mrs. Maithili R Pre primary Co Teacher B.A, TTC, Sangeet Visharad 9 Years
6 Mrs. Jaya Jadhav Pre primary Teacher B.A, B.Ed, TTC 7 Years
7 Mrs. Anita Nikam Pre primary Teacher B.A, TTC, CTC 8 Years
8 Mrs. Archana Bandgar Pre primary Teacher M.A.D.T.Ed, TTC 9 Years
9 Mrs. Rama Shetty Pre primary Teacher HSC, TTC 29 Years
10 Mrs. Gurmeet Basan Pre primary Co-Teacher B.Com, TTC 7 Years
11 Mrs. Rupshri Hedlkar Pre primary Co-Teacher B.A, ECE 5 Years
12 Mrs. Chetana Mali Pre primary Co-Teacher B.Sc, B.Ed 3 Years
13 Mrs. Priyanka Agarwal Pre primary Teacher B.A, ECCED, Diploma in Computer Prgramining 5 Years
14 Mrs. Jyoti Khandekar Pre primary Co-Teacher B.A, TTC 2 Years
15 Mrs. Chandni Lodaya Pre primary Teacher B.A, ECCE 3.5 Years
16 Mrs. Kartiki Bhosale Pre primary Teacher B.A, B.Ed, TTC 4 Years
17 Mrs. Manisha Jejurikar Pre primary Teacher B.A, D.Ed, MBA, 3.5 Years
18 Mrs. Varsha Kulkarni Pre primary Co-Teacher HSC, D.Ted 1 Year
19 Mrs. Pradnya Vedpathak Pre primary Co-Teacher B.Sc 1 Year
20 Mrs. Pradnya Kanade Pre primary Teacher M.Sc, B.Ed 3.5 Years
21 Mrs. Rajani Ravindra Pawar Pre primary Co-Teacher B.Sc, B.Ed 2 Years
22 Miss. Ankita Bhalekar Pre primary Co-Teacher B.Sc Fresher
23 Miss. Supreya Nitin Pre primary Co-Teacher B.Com, TTC 2 Years
24 Miss. Aishwarya Tayade Pre primary Co-Teacher Perusing B.Com 2 Years
25 Mrs. Pranali Gulve Pre primary Co-Teacher M.A, B.Ed 3 Years