Message of the Principal


As a true educationist to the core and a passionate teacher, I feel honored to be a part of S B Patil Public School, Ravet and it shall be a privilege to serve all the children who are and shall be entrusted in our care.
My entire experience till date has revolved around young to adolescent learners and has brought me to believe that the students of today deserve not just good academic exposure, but also a genuine introduction and training in healthy human values. Since education is not confined to classroom only, children need to be guided in a way that they develop into kind, considerate, forgiving and compassionate personalities at all times, in all places and under all conditions and they evolve into noble human beings.
We at SBPPS believe in collaboration and grooming of our children is the joint responsibility of the school and the parents. Considering our children at the pivot all our efforts are always focused towards healthy and happy nurturing of these young minds. Let us work as a team and mentor our children in such a manner that they are in position to face the toughest of the challenges and succeed in all walks of life.
It is said that 'Knowledge is power', and it becomes power in true sense when applied in day to day life. Knowledge without application, creativity and innovativeness is like a barren land where the tree of education doesn't yield fruits. We need to motivate our children to read more; learn enthusiastically to gather facts; being logical; become rational thinkers and thus, they shall be able to apply the grasped knowledge in different situations.
At this juncture, along with the positive support of parents, and the amazing institution set up by the PCET management, I am humbled yet proud to contribute towards the holistic development of our children.
With humility and pride, I am happy to be the flag bearer of the most talented team of facilitators who, I am confident, shall bring out the best and unleash the hidden potential in each and every child who is with us.

To quote the well-known Rigveda verse:
Let noble thoughts come from all directions and
Take the liberty of making a modification
Let noble thoughts go from us in all directions.

I look forward to a successful year ahead for the school and I wish you all the same as well,
With best regards


Dr. Bindu Saini