In accordance to National Science Day which falls on 28thFebruary every year, our School had conducted a Science Workshop at its Campus on the 29th of February 2016. The event was organised in association with the School’s Media partner –Sakaal Media Group. Representatives from the Sakaal Group conducted various scientific activities & simple experiments for our students. Students were also provided with various types of scientific kits according to their classes to enable them to conduct the experiments / activities on their own. Students enjoyed the demonstrations put up by the guest representatives & also were very happy as they received the kit sets for themselves. 

Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola welcomed the guest representatives to the School. She expressed the hope that this workshop would be helpful to instill scientific approach, sense of curiosity & exploration & learning by doing & experimenting tendency in our students .Primary co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda arranged for the execution of the activity. All teachers co-operated in the successful execution of the Activity.

Basant Panchami celebrations at our School


Our School had arranged for the auspicious Basant Panchami Celebrations at the campus.
A Special Morning Assembly was arranged for the same. Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola , School coordinators Mrs. Padmavati Banda & Mrs Shubhangi Kukarni, teachers & students were present for the occasion.
The celebration commenced with the lamp lighting& traditional puja at the hands of our Principal & co-ordinators. It was followed by Saraswati Vandana recited by Music Teacher Mrs. Mita Ghosal, all teachers & students. School teacher for hindi; Mrs Rachna Sisodiya elabortated upon the significance of seasons & Saraswati Pooja. Students of Std IV C Miss Ridhima Sinha also gave information about the importance of the day. Master Sharvay Tiwari of Std VIII spoke about various occasions when Saraswati Pooja is performed.
Students in particular enjoyed the celebration in the bright yellow environment created in the Assembly Hall & they also clapped to the tunes of the devotional songs & hymns.
Principal Mrs. Garola guided the arranging of the celebration. Co-ordinator, Mrs. Banda, Music teacher Mrs. Mita Ghosal, Mrs Manjusha Nathe, Mrs. Rajlaxmi Gupta, Mrs. Sangeeta Singh, Mrs. Deepali Wani arranged the proceedings of the auspicious day.



Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust’s S.B.Patil Public School, Ravet; celebrated GANIT WEEK ; in accordance to guidelines sent by the CBSE Board; to mark renowned Mathematician Ramanujan’s birth anniversary.
Our students actively participated in all the activities with enthusiasm. They got a very rare opportunity to show their ability, aptitude & growing interest towards the Subject. They, under the guidance of their teachers – enjoyed participating in the Mathematics Quiz, Mathematics Relay, and Magical Square & Mathematics Project Making Activities.
To encourage our students to do well in Maths subject – the artistic way – we had arranged an Exhibition of the Maths Projects submitted by our Students in our School premises; under the guidance of our Maths teachers ; Mrs. Ayesha Sayyed, Mrs. Varsha Deshmukh, Mrs.Richa Sharma, Mrs. Manjusha Shiraskar, Mrs. Gauri Kondhare, Mrs. Suchita Phulari,Mrs. Deepmala Ghatge, Mrs. Geetanjali Zambare, Mrs. Archana Prabhune & Miss Aparna Jagdale.
The Exhibition was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of our Honourable Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola. Our students, teachers, parents & visitors who visited the exhibition - went around the display area & very much appreciated the way Mathematics Subject was displayed in a varied, artistic & simplified form.

One Nation Reading Together Day (ONRT) - 27th November 2015


S. B. Patil Public School is striving hard to foster the habit of reading and create readers among the students. In order to promote reading on 27th November 2015, One Nation Reading Together Day (ONRT) was celebrated where students displayed their love for reading by saying a pledge together. 
Books are our forever friends. It’s a bond that never ends. They lift our spirit in sorrow. They are here for all our tomorrows.So don’t ever put a book down. Because they magically erase our frowns! 
The students were enthusiastic to read a book of their choice and expressed themselves through writing on the ‘Graffiti Wall’ about their favourite books, authors and fictions.
The day was celebrated under the guidance of Principal Mrs Maduballa Gairola. Coordinator Mrs Padmavati Banda arranged the proceedings. Mrs Vishakha Sonkamble, Mrs Josephine Jadhav and Mrs Rachana Sisodiya lead the students for pledge.



It was time to relax, enjoy & have fun as our students were taken for the Class Picnics to various places at the outskirts of our School’s vicinity on the 11th & 12th of December 2015.

Our School had organized picnics for our students of the Primary Section in two slots. The picnic for Std I –V was arranged at the famous holiday resort ‘Chokhi – Dhani’ at Wagholi off. Pune –Nagar Highway. Students enjoyed immensely as they got to be in a traditional Rajasthani ambience – starting from the ‘Tilak’ reception at the entrance. We were then escorted by the guides at the Venue to the various stalls & presentations – demonstrating the Rajasthani folk dance – Ghoomar; magic show, rope walk, the artisans in the village, horse –ride, mini train, giant wheel, dance floor etc. The traditional way in which we were served the lunch for the day was equally amazing. The variety of Rajasthani cuisine was relished by our students with great taste. Having spent great quality time & having fun to our heart’s content; we all returned home. 

Our students of Std VI –IX were taken for picnic to the historical Shivaneri Fort at Junnar near Pune; followed by darshan at the holy shrine of Vigneshwar Ganapati at Ozar. Students had great time through the journey –as they sang songs, played games & had great fun. On reaching the venue, we climbed up to the fort –enjoying the ascending move all the way. We went around the place & visited the places where Shivaji Maharaj was born, the place where Jijamata sat & narrated many stories to young Shivaji, the places where Shivaji played with his friends etc. Climbing down, post lunch – we proceeded to the Vigneshwar Ganapati temple at Ozar. After taking blessings from the deity of knowledge & wisdom; we boarded the buses & returned home – enjoying & having great time through the day.

PICNIC to Cholki Dhani


PICNIC to Shivneri Fort



Sakal Activities

Sakal Paper had organised Science Activity and Ganesh Idol Making workshop in the School, wherein the Periscope making was taught under the Science Activity and Ganesh Idol making using the Clay was demonstrated to the students. Students also enjoyed making of the Ganesh Idols. Students thoroughly enjoyed both the workshops.

Science Activity


Eco-Friendly Workshop - Ganesh Idol Making

Visit of Japanese Guests to our School

On 6th November 2015, Mr. Kikuchi Reniya, CEO of LEGO company along with Prof. Nomura Tairo, a Professor of Saitama University visited and guided the Japanese Language Students of S B Patil Public School. The Students of Japanese Language had an interaction with the guests.
Students recited various Japanese songs before them. Moreover the students presented a small Japanese skit in front of the delegates. Students asked them various questions in Japanese about their visit to India, about their experience in our country etc. The guests were very happy to see that the students are so proficient in the Japanese Language. 
Mr. Reniya and Mr. Tairo guided the students for the further studies in Japanese Language. They both wished good luck to the students.
Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola and Executive Director Mr. Girish Desai were present during the proceedings. Japanese teachers Mrs. Sukhada Agnihotri and Mrs. Geetanjali Zambare guided the students.

GPRS inauguration Ceremony




Our students of Std VI -VIII experienced great fascination as they visited the Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park, Pune on Saturday, 24th October 2015. Our Art teachers Mr. Sunnjoy Vispute & Mr. Kuldeep Ghadge accompanied the students to the Art Exhibition. Well known artist Mrs. Nooreen A.I (Master in Fine Arts & master in Mass Communication, USA)was the host organizer of the event. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Landscapes in Impressionism”.

The Artist & Host of the event, Mrs. Nooreen A.I. personally guided our students around the venue. Our students were amazed to see the fascinating pieces of art work at display. Their curiosity knew no bounds as they put up various queries to the master Artist about the inception of the love of drawing & colouring, childhood memories of winning prizes at early age in Art & inspiring moments that converted the liking into passion, the various types of paintings, shades of colours & combinations used in Art works, the compositions of the paintings displayed at the event & lot more. They were affectionately & ably guided by the host as she explained & elaborated upon the various aspects of Art.

The host also gifted our Teachers & students some self –autographed pictures as mementos on the occasion. The visit was one of its kind & proved to be immense source of guidance & inspiration for our students as budding artists of the future.


Abdul kalam Birthday celebration




Our School had organized an entertaining mimicry show in association with the reputed Marathi Newspaper ‘Lokmat Daily’ for its students at its campus.
Our Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola, Co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, teachers & students were present for the session.
The representative from Lokmat, Mr. Prashant Jadhav & his team introduced our students to their venture for kids –‘Lokmat Bal Vikas Manch’ – their initiative to enroll student members & arrange various educational & recreational programmes for them. They distributed free registration forms to the students for the enrollment procedure to secure membership to the forum. As part of the presentation conducted therein, well known Mimicry Artist, Mr. Rahul Ingale presented before the audience – the sounds & voices of various birds, cartoon characters, film actors & even racing cars & moving trains. Children were deeply amused & entertained seeing one person imitate so many different voices; that too with such clarity & perfection. 
Miss Swaleha Mujawar introduced the guests to the audience & also proposed the Vote of Thanks.


Hindi Kavi Sammelan


Our School had organized a very entertaining Kavi Sammelan on account of Hindi Diwas Celebrations for its students.
Hindi teacher Mrs Rachana Sisodiya introduced the event by presenting poems introducing herself in one of them and paying tribute to late Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam in the other.
Students came up with poems on various topics ranging from devotion to patriotism to family bond and many more. They were hugely applauded by one and many present at the event.
Miss Vanshika Garg compeered the session. Mrs Rachana Sisodiya proposed the Vote of Thanks.


Japanese guest Miss Mizuki Murakami interacting with the students


It was an unusual day for the Students of the S B Patil School. To meet the globalization standards we need to be well versed with being polyglot. Keeping this in mind S B Patil School has already introduced Japanese and French languages from the inception of the school and to further reinforce the mission, the school had invited a Japanese guest Miss Mizuki Murakami to interact with the students. Miss Mizuki Murakami is learning English and is a student of Symbiosis College, Pune. She also works as an interpreter. She not only filled up the school environment with her cheerful personality but also acquainted the students with the art of Origami. She taught the students how to make Tako, a traditional Japanese kite. She also shared with them the recipe of rice balls and our enthusiastic students in return impressed her with their talent through reciting japanese poems. She was amazed at the fluency and mastery of the students over the Japanese language.Honorable Principal Madam Mrs Madhubala Gairola guaranteed that S B Patil School will be preparing their students for 21st century by providing them the necessary infrastructure for learning Japanese and French languages. She felicitated Miss Mizuki Murakami with a bouquet in presence of the primary coordinator Mrs Padmavati Banda, Mr Premjeet Patil, Mrs Sukhada Agnihotri, Mrs Geetanjali and other teaching staff.



Our S.B.PATIL PUBLIC SCHOOL observed Founder’s Day (Shri Shankarrao Bajirao Patil Punyatithi) at its Campus on Monday, the 14th of September 2015. 
Principal Madhubala Gairola, Co-ordinator Padmavati Banda, teachers & students were present for the occasion. Principal Gairola & Co-ordinator Banda performed the Traditional Pooja & paid homage to our revered Founder Late Shri Shankarrao Bajirao Patil Sir. C.C.A. –in- Charge Swaleha Mujawar, Music teacher Mita Ghosal & Sanskrit teacher Rajlakshmi Gupta presented a devotional song. C.C.A. –in- Charge Swaleha Mujawar delivered a speech giving information about the life & work of Late Shri Shankarrao Bajirao Patil Sir.
In her address to the students; Principal Madhubala Gairola made students understand that it was not merely remembering people like Late Shri Shankarrao Bajirao Patil Sir or paying homage to them that matters; what is more important is that we try to learn & inculcate the humble & noble deeds & thought of such great visionaries who were living examples of simplicity & devoted dedication to the cause of working for the masses - despite holding affluent social positions & sound financial background. She called upon students to take up such professions & initiatives in future such as staring industries, business firms or educational institutions that would not just benefit them alone; but the society & nation at large. A two minute –prayer was held to pay tribute to our great visionary & leader.


ACTIVITY : WORKSHOP ON GOOD PARENTING - 25 /07/2015 & 01/08/2015



In accordance to the Sakaal Activities conducted every year , PimpriChinchwad Education Trust’s S.B.Patil Public School had conducted two workshops for its parents on the issue of "Good Parenting" at its Campus.
The first session was conducted for the parents of the students of Classes II – IX on the 25th of July 2015. Noted social worker, Renutai Gavaskar was the guest lecturer at the session. She vividly explazined the issue of Good Parenting by means of Story telling as an attempt to be a good parent & being a good listener in the process of being a good parent.

The second series of the workshop was conducted for the Parents of the students of the Pre- primary section & Class I on the 1st of August 2015. Mr. Imran Mulla. Founder Director, Wren & Pecker Pvt. Ltd was the expert trainer for the session. He explained by means of insuction & A-V presentaion the need to understand the science of Dermatolyphics to be able to help our children what they wish to become in future & not what we expect them to be.

Both the sessions saw an overwhelming response from the parents as they got deeper insight into the ideology of being good parents & not just being parents itself.

Principal of the School Mrs. Madhubala Gairola guided the organising of the Workshop. Co-ordinators Mrs. Shubhangi Kulakrni & Mrs. Padmavati Banda along with C.C.A. – in Charge, Miss Swaleha Mujawar organised the proceedings of the sessioins.All the teachers co- operated in the successful execution of the event. Miss Swaleha Mujawar compeered the sessions & proposed the Vote of Thanks.


Annual Investiture Ceremony - 27th of June 2015



In an auspicious ceremony held at its campus; Our S.B. Patil Public School witnessed its Annual Investiture Ceremony today, the 27th of June 2015.
The ceremony was attended by Our Hon’ble Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola Ma’am, Primary co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, teachers & students of Std VI – IX.
The event began with the traditional Pooja of Goddess Saraswati; the deity of Knowledge; along with Saraswati Vandana presented by the Choir Group & then the bugle notes by our Music teacher Mrs. Mita Ghosal. C.C.A. –in – Charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar introduced the function & elaborated upon the meaning & scope of Investiture Ceremony; flavoured by some quotes & proverbs. It was followed by the awarding of sashes, badges & flags to the Student leaders at the auspicious hands of Mrs. Gairola Ma’am & the House – in –charges of the various Houses - Mrs. Richa Arora, Mrs. Rebecca Sable, Mrs. Ayesha Syed & Mrs. Geetanjali Zambare. 
Then followed the Oath Taking proceeding in which Principal Mrs. Gairola Ma’am conducted the Oath taking & swearing in of the newly appointed student leaders to their designations
In her address to the students, Principal Mrs. Gairola Ma’am asked the student leaders to first practise what they wanted to preach to their other fellow students. She made them understand that they have been elected as they have been chosen by other students & their teachers who found them capable of handling various responsibilities. She asserted that leaders should not dictate, they should communicate & create healthy atmosphere for their followers.
The event was guided by Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola Ma’am. Co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, C.C.A. –in – Charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar, P.E. Teacher Mr. Dhanaji Patil arrangedthe proceedings of the event. Miss Swaleha Mujawar compeered the event. Mrs. Nirupama Kale proposed the Vote of Thanks.


Yoga Session - 19th June 2015

Yoga Session relaxes Students of Our School


Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust’s S.B.Patil Public School had organised a refreshing Yoga Session for its Students today, 19th June 2015 at its Campus. The session was organised in association with Sri Sri Ravishankarji’s Art of Living Foundation. Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola, Primary co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, teachers of Std V – IX were present.


The representatives of the foundation; Miss Nikita. Miss Shambhavi, Mr. Mohit & Mr. Tushar conducted a very relaxing & interesting series of exercises conducted under the globally acknowledged ancient Indian art of exercise such as - meditation ,Vrukshasan, Tadaasan, Paschimottanasan, Hastapadaaasan, butterfly –asana, Anulom –vilom Pranayaam, warm –up exercises etc. The students were very much happy & enjoyed doing the above said activities in a playful & active atmosphere.


Co-ordinator Mrs. Banda organised the session. P.E. Teachers Mr. Dhanaji Patil, Miss Simi, Mr. Chandrakant & Yoga Teacher Mrs. Rajlakshmi co-ordinated the activities.


Events 2014-2015


Training Session on Journalism & Creative Writing Conducted at S.B.Patil School.


Pimpri Chinhwad Education Trust’s S.B.Patil Public School conducted a two –day session on Journalism & Creative Writing for the Students at its campus on the 4th & 5th of June 2015 at its campus.
The session was attended by Principal of the School, Mrs. Madhubala Gairola, Primary co –ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, teachers & students of Std. VI – IX.
The experts who guided the students at the sessions were Mr. Vihaan Bendre & MR. Nihar Mahapatra from m Shareinfo Systems Pvt. Ltd. & Quest magazine. The students were taken to the exciting world of Journalism. They focussed on the concept of journalism in schools – how students could go about the building blocks of gathering, creating & presenting news & information in the best possible way. 
The sessions were more of interaction as the trainers involved the students in the course of the proceedings – by means of asking them simple facts, the students knowledge about newspaper & news, receiving queries & inputs from them & giving them writing tasks which needed in –depth thinking as well as authentic & relevant presentation skills. 
They also elaborated upon the fundamentals of being a good writer, do’s & don’ts in creative writing, novel ways of expressions & presentations etc. 
The students were very enthused throughout the sessions & found them highly informative & interesting. The event was guided by Principal of the School, Mrs. Madhubala Gairola. Primary co –ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda arranged the proceedings of the sessions. Mrs. Rachana Sisodiya, Mr. Dhanaji Patil, Mrs. Sheetal Shukla, Mrs. Jasmine Shah & Mrs. Gaurika Agarwal co-operated in the smooth execution of the session. Miss Swaleha Mujawar anchored the session & forwarded the Vote of Thanks. 

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Tree Plantation in the School.


The World Environment Day was marked by a Tree Plantation Program. Principal of the School, Mrs. Madhubala Gairola, Primary co –ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, teachers & students of Std. VI – IX were present on the occasion.
The first sapling of the event was planted by the auspicious hands of the Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola. The co- ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, Teachers & the students in groups planted various saplings in the school campus area. It was a matter of joy & novelty coupled with enthusiasm for the students as they got first – hand experience of planting trees as a small step towards saving the environment. 

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An Orientation Session was conducted for all the teachers of the School on the 2nd April 2015 in the Multipurpose Hall of the School.

The session was attended by Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola, Academic Co- ordinators Mrs. Padmavati Banda & Mrs. Shubhangi Kulkarni & Mrs. Padmavati Banda & all the teachers of the Pre – Primary & the Primary Sections.

Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola addressed the teachers to be role models for the students. She said that first day of the school is a task more for the teachers than the students. Hence, teachers need to be more presentable, approachable & polite towards the students when they attend school on Day 1. She also introduced the co –cordinators of Std III to IX. She stressed upon the need to encourage students to participate in various competitions – bearing in mind the Vision & Mission of our School – which carries the motto of holistic development of every child. She mentioned that as the School is growing, we need to give our best as part of the institution & play our roles with utmost perfection & sense of service in further enhancing the image & reputation of the School.

She wished all the teachers good luck as they were to venture into the new academic year from 6th of April 2015.