Events 2018-19


Our School celebrated the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami at its Campus on Monday, the 11th of February 2019.

Our Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola, School Co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, teachers & students were present for the occasion. The traditional Pooja was offered at the auspicious hands of our Principal Ma’am as others present joined in. The atmosphere was charged with serenity & deep devotion as we embarked upon welcoming the new season of change in nature & our lives – the celebrations of a bloom of new colours & shades in & around us –by seeking the blessings of our adored deities.

Our Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola guided the arrangement of the celebration. School Co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, our teachers Mrs. Rajlakshmi Gupta, Mrs. Deepika Kannao, Mrs. Durga Erekar, Mrs. Sujata Bhoite, Mrs. Kamlesh Singh, Mrs. Rohini Kanake, Mr. Sunnjoy Vispute, Blue House Teachers Mrs. Sucharita Roy, Mrs. Susmita Roy, along with our Music teachers Mr. Kuldeep Ghadge, Mr. Prathamesh Inamdar & Mrs. Sulochana Pawar arranged the assembly for the day.

Joy of Giving Activity 2018

In it's motive to share the joy and sweetness of the festival of lights , Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust's S. B. Patil Public School had arranged for a Joy of Giving Activity at it's Campus on the 3rd of November 2018. Principal Dr. Mrs. Madhubala Gairola, C.C.A in Charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar and her team members and teachers were present for the occasion.

Our School had collected donations for a social service organisation named Sanskar Pratishthan, chaired by well known social activist , Dr. Mohan Gaikwad ; which works for the betterment of Tribal people in Maharashtra. We had collected donations in the form of edibles (sugar, semolina or rawa, and white flour or maida) ; old clothes and paper lanterns - to be donated to the local tribals - more so the children of that community.

On behalf of the organization , Mr. Ram she Bhise visited our School to accept just whatever meagre amount of sharing and caring we could do for our fellow people. Principal Dr Mrs. Gairola executed the formal hand over of the collection to Mr. Bhise. Principal Dr Mrs Gairola congratulated the Team Joy of Giving Members and expressed deep happiness and pride in the noble cause that the team was carrying out under the Vision and Mission of the School.

The ceremony was guided by out Principal Dr Mrs Gairola. Arts Teacher Mr. Kuldeep Ghadge co- ordinated in the arranging of the collection. C.C.A in charge Miss Swaleha and her team members - Mrs. Deepika K, Mrs. Durga Erekar, Mrs. Sujata Bhoite, Mrs. Kamlesh Singh, Mrs. Manjusha Nathe, Mr. Nitin Ghade, Mr. Prathamesh Inamdar, Mr.Mahesh Cheche and Mr. Sunnjoy Vispute actively worked in the successful execution of the event.


In accordance with the guidelines from the C.B.S.E.Board, our S.B.Patil Public School, Ravet Pune, Maharashtra; celebrated the ‘Paryatan Parv” at its Campus between the 21st to the 28th of September 2018.

Along with conducting Essay Writing & Painting Competitions; we also had a Special Assembly arranged on the occasion of World Tourism Day that falls on 27th of September every year - to celebrate the event. Our Honourable Principal Dr. Madhubala Gairola, School Co- ordinator, teachers & students were present for the assembly. Student of Grade IX Miss Maithili maid presented a Speech on the importance of acknowledging tourism as a means to bridge the tangible & intangible gaps pan the globe & glorify the doctrine of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam in real essence. Students of Grade X; Master Aman & Master Kathit demonstrated a PowerPoint Presentation; explaining the scope of Tourism and its co- relation with Social Harmony. They mentioned about the Book penned by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi – that is also titled ‘Social Harmony”. Our Honourable Principal Dr. Madhubala Gairola made students realize that Tourism is not a single entity – it rather encompasses elements ranging from exploring new places & cultures, enjoying beauty and richness of the world around us, and also a source of employment, livelihood and up gradation of socio- economic standards of the inhabitants of the tourist venues. She also mentioned about the extent of Tourism from regional - national – continental - global strata; and gave a message that we can bring the social virtue of Social Harmony to reality by practically celebrating the concept of Tourism in words & actions.


In an endeavor to spread the message of peace & tranquility on the occasion of International Day of peace; our School had organized a Peace Rally for its students, covering the school’s nearby vicinity.

Prior to the commencement of our Rally, our Principal Dr. Mrs. Madhubala Gairola addressed the students. She made students understand that the real meaning of PEACE was not having silence around us; it refers more to the state of Peace that prevails within us- our minds. If our minds are stable and at peace, it reflects in our actions and behaviour. Thereon, we can move ahead to spreading the message to our fellow citizens.

Our students accompanied by our teachers – C.C.A.in Charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar, Teachers Mr. Prathamesh Inamdar, Mrs. Ayesha Syed, Mrs. Susmita Roy, Mrs. Manjusha Nathe & Mr. Ramesh Nandal went to the nearby Akurdi Railway Station by the School bus. Thereafter, they walked up to the Engineering College Campus, raising slogans about maintaining peace & observing the value of harmony in individual & social life. They also distributed hand –made smileys to people they met on the way – which carried the message of importance of peace to sustain harmonious human existence on earth.

Our Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola guided the organization of the event. School co- ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda & C.C.A. - in – Charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar arranged the proceedings of the event.

Learning Outcome: Our students understood the importance of peace in human life.
They were able to confidently & in a very creative way; spread across the message to other people they came in contact with.

International Yoga Day observed at S.B.Patil Public School

Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust’s S.B.Patil Public School joined the world wide campaign, propagated by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India of observing International Yoga Day today the 21st of June 2018 at its Campus. 

Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola, School co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, the entire staff & students were present on the occasion. School’s yoga Instructors Mrs. Rajalkshmi Gupta, Mr. Chandrakant Thombre, Mr. Ramesh Nandal as well as physical training instructors Mr. Dhanaji Patil, Mr. Shrikant Deshpande & Mrs. Rohini Kanake conducted a very relaxing & interesting series of exercises conducted under the globally acknowledged ancient Indian art of exercise such as - meditation, Vrukshasan, Tadaasan, Padahastasan, Dandasan, vajrasan, Trikonasan, & Meditation. The Day’s activity truly brought to light the significance of inculcating the habit of regular exercise to keep oneself fit, healthy & energetic. It also fulfils the motto “LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL “

The event saw grand success & an overwhelming response from teachers & students. The day’s arrangements were guided by Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola. School co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, all our Yoga instructors, P.T. teachers & Mr. Kuldeep Ghadge organised the session & co-ordinated the activities.

Investiture Ceremony 2018


In an auspicious ceremony held at its campus; Our S.B. Patil Public School witnessed its Annual Investiture Ceremony today, the 18th of June 2018.

The ceremony was attended by Our Hon’ble Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola Ma’am, School co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, teachers & students of Std VIII –IX.

C.C.A. in Charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar introduced the function & elaborated upon the meaning & scope of Investiture Ceremony. It was followed by the awarding of sashes, badges & flags to the Student leaders at the auspicious hands of Mrs. Gairola Ma’am & the House – in –charges of the various Houses - Mrs. Pravina More, Mrs. Anita Suryavanshi, Mrs. Darshana Kamat & Mrs. Krina Gandhi; along with former Head Boy, Head Girl, School Prefect & the team of House Captains & Vice Captains.

Then followed the Oath Taking proceeding in which Principal Mrs. Gairola Ma’am, as per a new initiative each time –assigned the honour of conducting the Oath – taking over to C.C.A. –in – Charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar – who conducted the swearing in of the newly appointed student leaders to their designations.

In her address to the students, Principal Mrs. Gairola Ma’am made the student leaders understand that a true leader is the one who creates more leaders. It is not just that a leader leads & others follow; but the doctrine of leadership lies in collectively functioning with fellow mates, taking into consideration their opinions in decision making process & moving forward as a group than as an individual alone. It is immense passion, dedication, tendency to listen to multiple voices at one time and reserving self judgement in the light of the betterment of the majority – are the prime ingredients that sculpture out a perfect leader.

The event was guided by our Hon’ble Principal Mrs. Madhubala Gairola Ma’am. School co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda, C.C.A. in Charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar, Sports in Charge Mr Dhanaji Patil organised the proceedings of the event. Miss Swaleha Mujawar compeered the session. English teacher Mrs. Leena Varghese proposed the Vote of Thanks.

Our student leaders for the academic year 2018 – 2019 are as follows:-

1. Head Boy Mast. Rudra Patil
2. Head Girl Miss. Tanaya Ajgar
3. School Prefect Miss Harsha Sewlani
4. C.C.A. Leader Miss Meghana Sangle
5. Sports Leader Miss Mrunali Dangle
6. Blue House Captain Mast. Shardul Nalegave
7. Blue House Vice Captain Mast. Adwait Bhagwat
8. Green House Captain Mast. Rajat Hande
9. Green House Vice Captain Miss. Maithili Maid
10. Red House Captain Miss Diya Siroya
11. Red House Vice Captain Mast. Asmita Swami
12. Yellow House Captain Miss Rajlakshmi Jamdade
13. Yellow House Vice Captain Mast Anish Sethi