Field Trips 2016-2017


Our School had arranged a visit for our Students of Std IX & X organized by the Rotary Club. They were accompanied by our teachers Mrs. Susmita Roy & Mrs. Rekha Joshi. The exhibition displayed posters & information about Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) & its technologies for installation, functioning & safety of Atomic Power Plants. It also gave valuable information about the use of nuclear power for 

  • Food & agriculture.
  • Clean & safe drinking water.
  • Healthy surroundings(environment)
  • Remote – driven equipment handling & robotics.

An interactive session was also arranged wherein Dr. Vivek Yelgaonkar; a senior scientist with 35 years of experience in the field – on the topic “Radio isotopes”. He elaborated it with a P.P.T. presentation on “Radio isotopes in the service of mankind”. He also explained about the radioactive processes, use of radio isotopes in detecting & reducing leakage of petrol in huge pipelines. Adding to this; the information given on the use of isotopes in medicine, agriculture etc. was also very beneficial. A written quiz was also conducted for the students to test their interest & knowledge about Science. 
The visit was a very educative one as our students got to learn about the concept of nuclear power & the rapid developments that Science is undergoing for the betterment of mankind.