A teacher is backbone of school. In SBPPS teachers are employed on the basis of academic expertise,experience and right attitude. With and excellent student:teacher ratio teachers operate to their optmum level and become positive role models. For ongoing enhancement in classroom teaching, teachers are regularly subjected for various professional skill based training and workshops.


Primary Teachers


Sr. No. Name of Employee Education Training Experience
1 Mrs. Madhubala Gairola (Principle) M.A(double) Ph.D ( pur.) B.Ed. 31 years
2 Mrs. Padmaveti Banda (Primary/ Secondary coordinator) M.A. MSCIT, B.Ed, T.T.C 16 years
3 Mr. Pravin Kalhapure( Secondary Teacher) M.A B.Ed 20 Years
4 Mrs. Nirupama Kale( Secondary Teacher & Sub Coordinator) B.com MSCIT, B.Ed, TTC 19 years
5 Mrs. Vandana Sangle(Primary Teacher) M.A NIIT, B.Ed 10 Years
6 Mrs. Prutha Vaidya( Secondary Teacher) M.Sc. B.Ed. 7 Years
7 Mrs. Aayesh sayyad (Secondary Teacher) M.com D.AA, D.T.P, T.T.C, B.Ed 10 years
8 Mrs. Anusaya Swami( Secondary Teacher) B.Sc, PGDCA B.Ed 6 Years
9 Mrs. Rachna Sisodiya( Secondary Teacher) B.A NIIT, B.Ed 7 Years
10 Mrs. Pravina More( Secondary Teacher) B.A. B.Ed. 8 Years
11 Mrs. Darshana Kamat( Secondary Teacher) M.A Web desigaing 5 years
12 Mr. Premjit Patil( Secondary Teacher) B.A( French) Web desigaing 5 Years
13 Miss. Swaleha Mujawar( Secondary Teacher) B.A MS-CIT ,B.Ed 10 years
14 Mrs. Archana Prabhune(Primary Teacher) B.com , MBA B.Ed, CTET Qualitied 5 years
15 Mrs. Sakshi Shinde( Secondary Teacher) M.A. B.Ed 13 years
16 Mrs. Rekha Joshi(Primary Teacher) B.Sc. B.Ed. 10 years
17 Mrs. Susmita Roy(Primary Teacher) B.Sc. PGDPM B.Ed. 8 years
18 Mrs. Geetanjali Zambare(Primary Teacher) M.Sc B.Ed 4 years
19 Mrs. Anita Suryawanshi( Secondary Teacher) B.A. B.Ed. 10 years
20 Mrs. Varsha Deshmukh(Primary Teacher) B.Sc. B.Ed. , T.T.C. 10 years
21 Mrs. Deepika Kannao(Primary Teacher) M.A. B.Ed, B.Ped 26 years
22 Ms. Richa Arora(Primary Teacher) M.sc B.Ed 12 Years
23 Mrs. Jayshree Kurse( Secondary Teacher) B.Sc B.Ed 9 Years
24 Mr. Dhanaji Patil( Secondary Teacher) M.A B.Ed 6 Years
25 Mrs. Josephine Jadhav(Primary Teacher) HSC D.Ed 12 Years
26 Mrs. Snehal Shinde(Primary Teacher) B.A. B.Ed.  5 Years
27 Mrs. Prachi Girme(Primary Teacher) M.A B.Ed 7 Years
28 Mrs. Treasa Peters(Primary Teacher) B.Com B.Ed 3 years
29 Mrs. Aparna Jagdale(Primary Teacher) B.Tech. B.Ed 5 years
30 Mrs. Samruddhi Jadhav(Primary Teacher) B.A. B.Ed. 7 years
31 Mr. Kuldeep Ghadge(Primary Teacher) B.A Ms-CIT, NIIT, D.Ed 6 years
32 Mrs Manjusha S. Nathe( Secondary Teacher) M.A B.Ed 6 years
33 Mr. Chandrakant Thombre( Secondary Teacher) M.A. B.PEd 12 Years
34 Mr. Sunnjoy Vispute(Primary Teacher) G.D Art A.T, DMFA 16 years 
35 Mrs. Deepmala Ghatage(Primary Teacher) B.Sc, LLB B.Ed. 4 years
36 Mrs. Rajlaxmi Gupta(Primary Teacher) M.A. M. Phil Yoga & Sanskrit 4 years
37 Mrs. Manjusha Shiraskar(Primary Teacher) M.sc DISm APTECH B.Ed 5 years
38 Mrs. Mita Ghosal(Primary Teacher) B. Music Visharad ( Vocal) N.T Nursery 11 year
39 Mrs. Tripti Brijwasi(Primary Teacher) M.Com. B.Ed 2 years
40 Mrs. Suchita Vilas Pulari(Primary Teacher) M.sc B.Ed 2 Years
41 Ms. Yogita Deshmukh(Primary Teacher) B.Sc B.Ed 5 years
42 Mrs. Rupali Yadav(Primary Teacher) B.Sc B.Ed 1 Years
43 Mrs. Safiya Sayed(Primary Teacher) M.A. B.Ed, D.Ed 3 Years
44 Mrs. Sneha Misar(Primary Teacher) M.A, MBA B.Ed 1 Yerass
45 Miss. Bhagyashree Muktare(Primary Teacher) B.Sc B.Ed. 7 Years
46 Mrs. Shubhangi Survase(Primary Teacher) M.Sc B.Ed 2 years
47 Mrs. Megha Agarwal(Primary Teacher) M.Sc B.Ed 7 Years
48 Mrs. Sapna Pagar(Primary Teacher) MCA, B.Sc B.Ed 3 Years
49 Mrs. Chandrakala Sharma(Primary Teacher) B.A B.Ed 3 years
50 Miss. Shahnoor Khan(Primary Teacher) M.A B.Ed Fresher
51 Mrs. Sunita Patil(Primary Teacher) M.A B.Ed 5 Years
52 Mrs. Anjali Gugale(Primary Teacher) B.A B.Ed 3.5 Years
53 Mrs. Rohini Kanake(Primary Teacher) B.A B.Ed 6 Years
54 Mrs. Sakshi Arora(Primary Teacher) M.Sc B.Ed 3 Years
55 Miss. Chitali Chhajlane(Primary Teacher) S.Y.B.com Black belt holder 3 Years
56 Mrs. Archana Chachar( Secondary Teacher) M.A M.Ed, B.Ed 14 Years
57 Mrs. Sucharita Roy(Primary Teacher) B.A B.Ed 10 Years
58 Mrs. Geeta Sonake(Primary Teacher) M.A B.Ed 3 Years
59 Mrs. Sujata Bhoite(Primary Teacher) B.Sc B.Ed 5 Years
60 Mrs. Sujata Kulkarni(Primary Teacher) M.Sc CM Fresher
61 Mrs. Neha Chawla(Primary Teacher) B.Sc MBA Fresher
62 Mrs. Priyanka Choudhary(Primary Teacher) B.Sc B.Ed 3 Years


Visiting Faculties

Sr.no Name Activity
1 Mrs. Manasi Sapatnekar Counsellor
2 Mrs. Gaurangi Sharma Abacus
3 Mr. Peter Franky Instrumental Music
4 Kunte Institute Chess
5 Mrs. Shefali Mayekar Aerobics
6 Dancing Angels Academy Dance
7 Mr. Shashank Hagawane Lawn Tennis