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A teacher is backbone of school. In SBPPS teachers are employed on the basis of academic expertise,experience and right attitude. With and excellent student:teacher ratio teachers operate to their optmum level and become positive role models. For ongoing enhancement in classroom teaching, teachers are regularly subjected for various professional skill based training and workshops.

Primary and Secondary Faculty Data (2020 - 21)


Name Designation Qualifications Experience (in yrs.)
Dr. Bindu Saini Principal BSc (M), BEd, PhD (Education), MPM, MA (English), MPhil (English)  25
Padmavati Madhavrao Banda Coordinator MA, BEd 20
Nirupama Ajay Kale Sub-Coordinator MA (English Literature), BEd 22
Vandana Ramesh Sangle Sub-Coordinator MA, BEd 13
Archana Milind Prabhune Sub-Coordinator Bcom, MBA, BEd 7
Deepika Vasantrao Kannao Secondary Teacher MA (Marathi Literature), BPed, NTT, BEd 30
Sakina Shabbir Bootwala Secondary Teacher BHSC, BEd, Diploma in Environmental Education 27
Leena Vaghese Secondary Teacher MA (English Literature), BEd (English)  21
Saroj Parashar Secondary Teacher MA (Hindi), MA (Sanskrit), BEd 21
Sandeep Ghadge Secondary Teacher Fine Art/ JD/ Drawing/ Karate/ Yoga/ DTP, ITI 19
Manjusha S. Sunil Nathe Secondary Teacher MA (Marathi), BEd (Marathi)  18
Chandrakant Baliram Thombre Secondary Teacher MA, BPEd 16
Aayesha Hammed Syed Secondary Teacher MCom, BEd 15
Richa Arora Secondary Teacher MCA 15
Anita Govind Suryawanshi Secondary Teacher MA, BEd 14
Trupti Pramod Zarkar Secondary Teacher MSC (Physics), BEd 13
Pravina Pravin More Secondary Teacher BA, BEd 12
Prutha Narayan Vaidya Secondary Teacher MSC (Physics), BEd 12
Richa Sharma Secondary Teacher MSC (Maths), BEd 11
Anusaya Sunil Swami Secondary Teacher BSc, BEd, PGDCA 10
Dhanaji Dattatray Patil Secondary Teacher MA, BEd (Physical Education) 10
Rachna Pradeep Sisodiya Secondary Teacher MA (Hindi), BEd 10
Darshana Atul Kamat Secondary Teacher MSC, BEd 9
Niveditha Biswas Secondary Teacher MA (English), BEd 8
Durga Bhavani Erekar Secondary Teacher BSc, BEd, (Pursuing MSc in Maths)  7
Neerja Satish Secondary Teacher (German Teacher) BA, 5 German Levels 5
Kamlesh Kumari Kamalkant Singh Primary Teacher BSc, MA (Hindi), DEd, BEd 31
Sanjay Shantaram Vispute Primary Teacher MFA 26
Priya Subodh Aparajit Primary Teacher BA, BEd (Appearing)  18
Sunita Vasudeo Primary Teacher MPEd (NIS)  18
Shrikant Gajanan Deshpande Primary Teacher BA, BEd (Physical Education)  16
Rekha Gururaj Joshi Primary Teacher BSc, BEd 15
Yemuna Nair Primary Teacher MA, BEd (Social Studies)  15
Sheetal Shirke Primary Teacher BEd 15
Anita Subhash Patil Primary Teacher MA, BEd 14
Sucharita Pranab Roy Primary Teacher BA, BEd  14
Varsha Nitin Deshmukh Primary Teacher BSc (Maths), BEd (Science and Maths)  14
Gouri ambadas Hundekari Primary Teacher BA, BEd (English, Social Studies)  13
Swaleha Gulab Mujawar Primary Teacher MA, BEd 13
Anjali Chetan Gugale Primary Teacher BA (Honours) History, MA (History), BEd 12
Nisha Raveendran Nair Primary Teacher BCom, BEd (Maths, Social Studies)  12
Rohini Ganesh Kanake Primary Teacher BA, BEd  11
Susmita Roy Primary Teacher BSc, BEd (Science) PGDPM 11
Snehal Kokare Primary Teacher MA, DEd (Marathi and History)  10
Vrushali Pramodkumar More Primary Teacher BSc (Physics and Chemistry), BEd  10
Yogita Vivek Deshmukh Primary Teacher BSc, BEd (Zoology)  10
Kuldeep Shrirang Ghadge Primary Teacher BA, DTEd, ATO, Scout Advance Training 10
Bhagyashree Maruti Muktare Primary Teacher BSc (Science and Chemisty), BEd (Science and Maths)  9
Deepali Nilkanth Kale Primary Teacher BSc (Electronics), BEd (Sci, Maths)  9
Labheshree Abhiraj Kawoor Primary Teacher PGDBM, BCom, BEd (Social Studies and English)  9
Samruddhi Samir Jadhav Primary Teacher BA, BEd (Russian Language, High Diploma)  9
Snehal Laxman Shinde Primary Teacher BA, BEd  9
Sujata Sanjiwan Bhoite Primary Teacher BSc, BEd 9
Sulochana Tejesh Pawar Primary Teacher HSC (Sangeet Visharad) 9
Aparna Narayan Jagdale Primary Teacher BTech (Food Science), BEd 8
Chandrakala Harinarayan Sharma Primary Teacher BA (Hindi, Economics), BEd 8
Jasmina Hitesh Kamdar Primary Teacher BCom, BEd (English)  8
Prathamesh Balkrishna Inamdar Primary Teacher MA, BEd, MCJ, DSM, LTC 8
Treasa Franky Peters Primary Teacher MA, BEd 8
Tripti Shailendra Brijwasi Primary Teacher MA, BEd (Hindi)  8
Neha Niphadkar Primary Teacher BCom, ECCEd, BEd (Pursuing)  8
Suchita Vilas Phulari Primary Teacher MSC, BEd 8
Geetanjali Pradeep Zambare Primary Teacher MSC (Organic Chemistry), BEd 7
Manjusha Sagar Shiraskar Primary Teacher MSC, BEd (Maths and Science), DISM 7
Sapna Dnyaneshwar Pagar Primary Teacher MCA, BSc, BEd, ADCCSA 7
Saumya Sadanandan Primary Teacher BCom, MPM, BEd, MA (Pursuing)  7
Sunita Laxman Patil Primary Teacher MA, BEd (Marathi)  7
Gladys Stanley Primary Teacher BCom, BEd 6
Priyanka Nilesh Chaudhari Primary Teacher BSc, BEd 6
Rupali Ramesh Yadav Primary Teacher BSc, BEd 6
Savita Kishor Nalegave Primary Teacher BA, ECCEd, BEd (Appearing)  6
Sumati Mahajan Acharya Primary Teacher BA, MA (Public Admin.), French IVth Level, DELF 5
Triveni Bansode Primary Teacher MSc, BEd 5
Aakansha Goswami Primary Teacher MCA, BCA 5
Shahnoor Mustakeem Khan Primary Teacher MA, BEd (Hindi)  4
Swati Newale Primary Teacher MA (Hindi), BEd (Hindi)  4
Akshata Adhav Primary Teacher MA, BEd 4
Madhura Bhimrao Mane Primary Teacher MSC (Maths), BEd 4
Anuprabha Bhatt Primary Teacher BSc (Maths Honours), BEd, MCA 3
Rajlakshmi Raghvendra Gupta Primary Teacher MA, MPhil 3
Shalini Kanwaliya Primary Teacher MCom, BEd 2
Reema Satish Ambre Counsellor MA (Clinical Psychology)  6
Neeru Malik Innovative Lab In-charge BTech, MTech (ECE), BEd 5