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Founded in 2012, S.B. Patil Public School (SBPPS) at Ravet, Pune is one of the leading and premier educational institutions whose sole purpose is not just to lead students towards an excellence in education but to reach every tangent and explore every facet of each individual student.

Every instructor in this institute exists to teach, guide, mentor, develop and more importantly imbibe students with moral and character, instil within them values and respect, nurture every talent, strengthen every potential, and fortify them to confront and overcome every challenge they would encounter when they graduate into the world.

This website portal offers an interactive and informative space wherein parents/ guardians, students, teachers and the management can freely and genially communicate, express, share and learn from one another as a goal-driven family.

News and Updates

Leading the Way - A Career Guidance Session

In Peace and Goodwill - The International Day of Peace Special Assembly

For a Greener World and a Cleaner City - The Clean-up Drive and Rally

Winning the IIHM Awards - Congratulations to Ms. Darshana Kamat and Ms. Vandana Sangle

Prepping for Ganesh Chaturthi - The Primary Ganesh Idol Making Activity

Celebrating Hindi Bhaasha Diwas with a Special Assembly

Celebrating the Life of a Great Leader - The Founder’s Day Special Assembly

Prepping for Safety - Mock Fire Drills Conducted

Winning at Singing Self-Composed Songs -At the Swar Shakti Inter-school Singing Competition

A Talk on Adolescence and Teenage Issues - In Conversation with Dr. Kothale

All About Microbit - A Discussion with Alumnus, Amey Ajgar

The Student Leadership Conference 2023 - by Dhawala Patil (X-A), Sunidhi C. and Vidhi C (X-C)

Celebrating International Literacy Day

The Little Radha and Kanhaiyas of SBPPS - Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami

Celebrating Teacher’s Day with a Win - Laurelled with the Kamal Sharma Award

The Primary Section Community Helpers Activity

Catching Them Young, Part 1 - At the Infosys Switchboard CTY Initiative

On Keeping Egos Intact, and the Art of Communication - The Day-long Administration Department Faculty Training

Vibing and Jiving to Socially Eye-Opening Themes - The Danceathon Inter-school Group Dance Competition

A Mission to Remember - Robotics Activities to Celebrate the Chandrayaan-3 Landing

Skating All the Way - Aarohi Gaonkar Stands Tall at #2 in the LXT Sprint Rainy Road Race

Hosting the SketchpaintXprs Programme

To India’s 77th Independence Day - A Week of Patriotic Celebrations

In Memory of Padmashree Dr. S.R. Ranganathan - Celebrating National Librarian’s Day

The PCMC Online Patriotic Group Singing Competition

Remembering the Martyrs - The Maajhi Mati, Maajha Desh Campaign

In Honour of Our Armed Forces - The Rakhi-making Activity

Remembering Lokmanya Tilak - The Tilak Punyathiti Special Assembly

Of the Students, By the Students, For the Students - The Investiture Ceremony 2023-24

A Memorable Field Trip to Tolani Maritime Institute

On Winning the Peace Ambassador Award

Towards a Sustainable World: At the G20-themed Education Summit 2023

Towards Innovation and Sustainability: The IISER Biomimetic Model Making Competition

Building on the Bond to Pave the Way - Attending the Alumni-led Career Guidance Session

Giving a Colgate Smile - A Visit by the Dentist

Charting India’s Global Education Path - At the QS I-Gauge’s 2nd Academic Excellence Conclave

In Reverence to Our Teachers - Celebrating Guru Purnima

One of India’s 20 Pragmatic Women Leaders in K12 Education - Dr. Bindu Saini Receives the Honour from Academic Insights

Fun with Math - Engaging in Fun-filled Art Integrated Activities in the Math Lab

Walking with the पालखी सोहळा - Celebrating Ashadi Ekadashi

On an Educational Field Trip: Symbiosis International University, Lavale

Unity in Diversity - The CBSE Ek Bharat, Shresht Bharat Bhaasha Sangam Activity

The Grade V Book Talk Activity

Receiving an AAA+ Grade-Winning the Careers 360 Best Schools Certification 2023

To Celebrate 75 Years of the National Defence Academy-The Online Drawing and Painting Competition

From Swastikasana to Vrikshasana-Celebrating World Yoga Day

Apropos G20-Participating in the Adolescent Summit

Bestowed with Another Golden Wreath-Winning the BrainWorld Guru Award

A University in the Making - A Visit to PCU at Sate

Learning Outcomes and Pedagogy-At the Day-long CBSE COE, Pune Workshop

Creating Better Opportunities: The Career Fair at S.B. Patil Public School

A Moment of Pride and Glory - The CBSE Grade X Board Examination (2022-23) Results Declared

Commemorating the Birth and Death of the Greatest Playwright-Celebrating English Language Day

Celebrating World Book and Copyright Day

For Excellence in Education-Winning the DKIF Awards

Welcoming ‘em All at S.B. Patil Public School

Towards a Greener World - Winning the Greenest School Award

To Asia’s Finest Educators

AI for the Win, Round 2 - The Indian National RoboCup Competition

Laurelled with a Golden Wreath - Dr. Saini Decorated with an Honorary Doctorate in Education