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Founded in 2012, S.B. Patil Public School (SBPPS) at Ravet, Pune is one of the leading and premier educational institutions whose sole purpose is not just to lead students towards an excellence in education but to reach every tangent and explore every facet of each individual student.

Every instructor in this institute exists to teach, guide, mentor, develop and more importantly imbibe students with moral and character, instil within them values and respect, nurture every talent, strengthen every potential, and fortify them to confront and overcome every challenge they would encounter when they graduate into the world.

This website portal offers an interactive and informative space wherein parents/ guardians, students, teachers and the management can freely and genially communicate, express, share and learn from one another as a goal-driven family.

News and Updates

At the AWS Young Builders Challenge 2021

Bestowing the Wreath of Responsibility - At the Investiture Ceremony

Knowing Your Career Aspirations - At the UniApply Career Quiz

Celebrating Diversity at the Annual Day

On Facial Recognition and Individual Identification - An AI-themed Paper by Dr. Saini and Dr. Malik

At the NIER’s ICET 21 - A Paper on Developing Accurate Irrigation Using Arduino

A Rising Star Indeed - Winning the Youth Parliament Verbal Mention

Winning the Student of the Year 2021

Peaking at Academic Excellence - Winning the Times School Survey 2021

At the Computer Intelligence Exam

With Reverence to Our Soldiers - Participating in the Sketchpaintxprs for India Programme

Hosting the NAS and Police Bharti Examinations

Celebrating Children’s Day

Walking on the Clouds - Harshada Kakade Selected for the National Gymnastic Events

Aiming Higher - Hockey, Archery and Shooting for the Stars at Balewadi Stadium

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - Announcing Ms. Banda as S.B. Patil Public School’s Vice Principal

Rising to Peaks and Beyond - Declaring Ms. Kulkarni as S.B. Patil Public School’s Primary Coordinator

The Seven Stars on Orion’s Belt - The AKS Global Teacher Awards Ceremony 2021

An Icon of Excellence - Winning the Lokmat School Icons of Pune 2021 Award

Resonating with Excellence - At GGIS Interschool Competition

Raising the Bar: S.B. Patil Public School Receives Accreditation for Grades XI and XII

S.B. Patil Public School Laureled with the Prestigious British Council IDS Award (2020-23)