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A journey towards excellence.

About PCET

Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust (PCET) was established by the Late Shri. Shankarrao Bajirao Patil in September 1990. Since its foundation, its mission has been aimed at serving society, the industry and all stakeholders through excellence in education, perseverance of research, and distinguished pedagogy be it in schools or in professional courses such as engineering, management and computer applications.

With the vision, “To inculcate strong self-esteem and moral values in a child with skills necessary to excel in every walk of life” and through the mission, “We strive to provide world class academic and cultural foundation to every child to realize his/her greatest potentials emphasizing social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development, making the child an extrovert, to meet challenges of life with a positive attitude and great confidence”, the Trust has always offered an ever-growing, value-added, multi-dimensional educational platform to society.

The PCET has remained committed to its mission through knowledge exchange and application, opportunity creation, value and culture preservation and sharing, research orientation, and academic stimulation through courses ranging from Nursery to myriad doctoral programmes in all professional streams; ergo, enabling students to achieve freedom through education.

Its national and international expansion via international collaborations at every level of academia has blessed both students and faculty a global advantage by providing them a transnational dias for them to expand their potential, extend their knowledge, express their aspirations, and exhibit their aptitudes.

The Board of Trustees and the members of the PCET are pro-active, and are devoted to the cause of bringing about change via holistic education through the mentorship and guidance of highly-qualified, supportive and research–oriented faculty members. Their set of beliefs and values have resulted in the impeccable growth of the PCET and its institutes not only within the PCMC and the city of Pune, but across the country and even the globe.

The team works towards the all-round development of students, personally and professionally; whilst ensuring every faculty too grows and develops so that they in-turn can provide the requisite knowledge to their pupils.

With the PCET establishing itself as an ISO-certified, quality brand wherein students can transform their dreams into reality, Late Shri. Shankarrao Bajirao Patilji’s vision of creating a homogenous society in which everyone lives the life of equality, freedom and pride has come to fruition.

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