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CBSE Affiliated (1130 534) | NABET Accredited (WS 1923 071) | British Council IDS Certified
A journey towards excellence.

About S.B. Patil Public School

S.B. Patil Public School is a CBSE affiliated, NABET accredited, and British Council IDS certified English medium, co-educational school with classes ranging from Nursery to Grade XII. With the vision to “Nurture, educate and enrich young minds to realise their potential as world citizens”, the institute's sole purpose is to lead students towards application-oriented learning by providing a child-centric, activity-based curriculum laced with the special ingredients of experiential learning and competency-based education (CBE).

Forming the acronym "RICHEST", the school’s core values encompass ethics and ideals that would help to root children, from a very young age, into a strong foundation that would nurture and nourish them to be successful individuals blessed with a strong moral character - but above all - mature into becoming good human beings.

Serving society through exemplary education for more than a decade, S.B. Patil Public School has always strived to excel when it comes to aspects of education and learning, teaching and training, and mentoring and inspiring.

Every faculty member exists in this institute to teach, guide, mentor, develop and more importantly imbibe students with morals and character, instill within them values and respect, nurture every talent, strengthen every potential, and fortify and groom them to overcome every challenge they would face head-on when they graduate into the world.

It is with the co-operation and support from every stakeholder, be it our faculty, our student body, the parent or our management that we, as an institute that strives for educational excellence, have also been accredited by the NABET in 2014 and again in 2019, and certified with the British Council International Dimension in Schools.

And it is because of this hard work put in that the school, the principal and the teaching faculty have all been recipients to numerous prestigious awards.