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Guidance, Student and Staff Counselling, and Life-skills Training

Physical health is not the only indicator to an individual’s overall well-being. In fact, mental and emotional health play a greater importance that define behavior, personality and outlook. With growing stresses and strains, especially in today’s competitive world, students from a young age are encumbered with situations and problems for which they need prudent advice.

Laden with strenuous course work, exhaustive efforts and taxing expectations, be it in academics, art or sport, students, parents as well as teachers are under tremendous strain. Whilst peers may provide a lending ear, and parents may be a pillar of comfort, they are not always approachable in certain situations, trained to resolve conflict, or have the apt solution.

Counselling is of immense importance in schools since it helps provide vital information and perspective to students who might not be able to get it otherwise. Students can approach counsellors to seek guidance. The goal of every session with the school counselor is to help students thrive and recognise their strengths, as well as improve their interpersonal relationships.

Thus, S.B. Patil Public School has appointed a professional and proficient counsellor to listen to, advice and guide students, parents and teachers during times of need; and a special educator to provide inclusive academic intervention and support for children with unique needs. Her aim is to assist students in overcoming barriers that may prevent them from a holistic development, something that is always aimed for at S.B. Patil Public School. Academic progress/ difficulties faced, social issues and peer pressure, conflict resolution, and career counselling are her areas of expertise and focus whilst interacting with students and their families.

Should you feel the need to contact our counsellor, the details have been provided on our "Contact Us" Page.