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Greenspeak and CSR: In-house and Societal

For a Greener World and a Cleaner City:
The Clean-up Drive and Rally

Pune, Maharashtra | 18th September, 2023

Celebrating International Literacy Day Organised by S.B. Patil Public School, 28 students of Grade IX partook in a Clean-up Drive and Rally on 18th September, 2023. Themed on "Water Conservation", under the GreenLine initiative, students cleaned the area near the Pawna River at Ravet. They were accompanied by faculty members, Ms. Trupti Zarkar and Ms. Ashwiner Suryawanshi.

Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami They collected and segregated all waste as biodegradable and non-biodegradable into trash bags. The collected waste was sent to the municipal corporation

Celebrating International Literacy Day This activity aided students to understand the imperativeness of environmental protection, the need to restrain waste disposal in nature, the effort that goes into cleaning up and rectifying the damage, and overall, the respect and value for and towards our environment.

Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami We sincerely th ank our principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; and vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda for organising this event. We also thank our faculty members, Ms. Zarkar and Ms. Suryawanshi for mentoring and accompanying our students, and for every grain of hard work they put into making this green activity a success.

Towards SDG-17:
Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23

Pune, Maharashtra | February 28th, 2023

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 On the occasion of National Science Day, S.B. Patil Public School hosted the Avishkar (2022-23) Inter-school Event. The purpose of the event was to push the imagination and creativity of the students from Grade III to Grade XII to its limits through activities such as: On-the-spot painting or sketching, and model making.

S.B. Patil Public School, has always worked towards bringing awareness; developing scientific temperament and habit of enquiry; exploring varied fields, discoveries and inventions; inculcating rational thinking and problem solving abilities; whilst also encouraging creativity; nurturing innovativeness; instilling free- thinking; imbibing the quality of team spirit and importance of teamwork; and exploring originality.

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 The theme of the year was Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-17).

With the last date for registration on February 8th, 2023, and the PPT submission date on February 20th, 2023, students were in three groups:

1.Group I: Painting or sketching (Grade III to V) with the topic of “Life Below Water” or “Life on Land” for Grade III; “Our Changing Earth” or “Climate Action” for Grade IV; and “More Crop per Drop” or “Nurture Nature for our Future” for Grade V.

2.Group II: Model Making (Grade VI to VIII)

3.Group III: Model-making (Grade IX to XII) with the topic of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as topics for both Groups II and III.

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 Participant schools were: Army Public School, Ghorpadi; Ashwini International School; City Pride School, Nigdi Pradhikaran; City Pride School, Moshi; City Pride School, Ravet; D.Y. Patil Dnyanshanti School, Akurdi; Vidya Niketan English Medium School; S. B. Patil Public School, Ravet.

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 On the day of the event, the students arrived in the morning with the students for drawing heading down to the school’s multipurpose hall, and the model-making students heading to the school’s auditorium. The drawing competition commenced by 10:00 am whilst the model-making students set up their models for the judges to evaluate.

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 Judging the event were veterans and professionals in the field of science. They were: Ms. Geetu Manocha, an associate with the GK Group of School, and an expert in art and craft; Prof. Nirmal Dushman, a post graduate in MSc (Environmental Science, and an assistant professor at PCCoER; and Ms. Snehlata Shelar, the Founder of Yashwant Electro Tech LLP, Pune, and an avid promoter of science.

Until noon, the judges visited each participant and team, questioning them on their projects. Post noon, the awards ceremony began. The auditorium was filled with the student participants, their teachers and parents.

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 This commenced with the lamp-lighting ceremony by the vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; and the judges. They garlanded the image of Dr. Venkat Raman, and paid homage to the great leader. The school choir group led by Ms. Sulochana Pawar sang a hymn in tribute to the Goddess Saraswati. Following this, the judges were called in front and felicitated by Ms. Banda.

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 Compering the programme were Ms. Rucha Dandewate, Ms. Trupti Zarkar, Ms. Shaileja Mestry and Ms. Darshana Kamat. The students of Grade VII and VIII performed a captivating dance on Evoking Women Empowerment. Powerful performance received the applause of all present.

Comperes Ms. Zarkar took the audience through the history of Avishkar through the years; whilst Ms. Mestry elaborated on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and where India ranks in these.

Ms. Dandewate led the audience through the programme, and the institute and faculty award ceremony wherein laurels received by our school were announced along with those received by the faculty Ms. Darshana Kamat, Ms. Ashwiner Suryavanshi, Ms. Anjali Gugale Ms. Varsha Deshmukh and Dr. Rohit Sarkar.

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 1. Ms. Darshana Kamat, Ms. Varsha Deshmukh and Ms. Anjali Gugale were felicitated for their participation in the National Launch Pad VI. Ms. Kamat received the Best Presenter Award here.

2. Ms. Darshana Kamat and Ms. Ashwiner Suryawanshi were both laurelled for their contribution towards and participation in the GreenLine Project.

3. Dr. Rohit Sarkar was felicitated for receiving an Honorary Doctorate in Special Education.

Finally, the time for awarding the students arrived. Ms. Dandwate announced the intra-school awardees whilst Ms. Kamat announced the inter-school awardees.

The intra-school awardees are as under:

Mono Act Activity (Group 1)


Students Name



Sparsh Hatrote



Vivaan Sonawane


Diva Sisodiya


Hasini Godekar



Samarth P. Kulkarni


Saanvi Jaigude


Vihan Bhende



Arush A. Dhumal


Raghav S. Ganoo


Mayank R. Jangid



Adwita S. Patil


Pranshu R. Satpute


Arnav S. Babar


Group – 2 Aryabhatta: Grades VI to VIII

Model Making Activity


School Name

Students Name



City Pride School, Nigdi

Amey Jambavalikar,
Amey Ranka



D. Y. Patil Dnyanshanti School

Tanishtha Singh,
Sanika Tayade



Vidya Niketan English Medium School

Unnatee Powar,
Roshini Kaviskar



S.B. Patil Public School

Arnav Patange,
Devesh Pawar,
Atharva Gajabar,
Rudransh Kalbhor



Ashwini International School

Ojasvi Hole,
Siddhant Fulzele
Nidhi Rane
Devansh Mishra


Elocution Activity (Group 2)


Arnav Kadam


Uditi Chawda


Aalap Khadasare



Sargunkaur D. Chahel


Aaradhya A. Shikalgar


Swarali B. Gujar



Riddhi Y. Jaiswal


SaiSiddhi B. Swain


Payodhi N. Pansare


Book Review/ Poem ( Group 3)


Vidisha Thakur


Avanessh Babar


Jayavardhan Chougale



Ayush Bhise


Aryan Bhonge


Ashley Lanelle



Janisha Swarnakar


Gaurav Mali


Shreya Gugaliya


Model Making ( Group 4)


Apoorva Joshi, Arya Joshi


The inter-school awardees are as under:

Group-1 Ramanujan (Grade III)

Topic: On-the-Spot Painting Activity


School Name

Students Name



Army Public School

Samridhi Sharma



City Pride School, Nigdi

Hesha Choudhari


City Pride School, Moshi

Faiqa Ansari


City Pride School, Ravet

Paavani Choudhary



S.B. Patil Public School

Sai Basagare


City Pride School, Nigdi

Sanhita Ekbote


City Pride School, Ravet

Anushka Gupta



Army Public School, Pune

Sanchi Yadav


S.B. Patil Public School

Payodhi Pansare

Group – 2 Aryabhatta: Grades VI to VIII

Model Making Activity


School Name

Students Name



City Pride School, Nigdi

Amey Jambavalikar,
Amey Ranka



D. Y. Patil Dnyanshanti School

Tanishtha Singh,
Sanika Tayade



Vidya Niketan English Medium School

Unnatee Powar,
Roshini Kaviskar



S.B. Patil Public School

Arnav Patange,
Devesh Pawar,
Atharva Gajabar,
Rudransh Kalbhor



Ashwini International School

Ojasvi Hole,
Siddhant Fulzele
Nidhi Rane
Devansh Mishra


Group – 3 Kalam: Grades IX to XII

Model Making Activity


S.B. Patil Public School

Atharva Bhise,
Praneet Khandarkar,
Shaourya Gawade,
Mayur Jivangi


Best School Award


Vidya Niketan English Medium School


City Pride School, Nigdi

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 With the awards ceremony now coming to a close, Ms. Kamat led the audience through the Vote of Thanks.

We heartily congratulate all the winning participants, teams and schools. This is indeed a great honour for all. We thank our principal Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; primary coordinator, Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni; the section coordinators: Ms. Nirupama Kale, Ms. Vandana Sangle. Ms. Archana Prabhune, Ms. Payal Nihalani and Ms. Nayana Taru; and the administrative officer, Mr. Manish Dhekale for organising this event.

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 Our immense gratitude goes to the Ms. Richa Arora, Ms. Varsha Deshmukh, Ms. Shaileja Mestry, Ms Darshana Kamat and all the faculty members for being such great mentors to our students, and without whom, the wins received by our students would not have been possible.

We also thank all students for working so diligently; every teacher and faculty A mighty thanks goes out to the parents as well who have worked in cohesion with us with such patience and understanding.

Celebrating Avishkar 2022-23 We thank everyone: the teachers, administration, Mr. Aman Yadav of the IT Team, and everyone else whose contribution helped to make this event a great success.

Our wholesome gratitude goes to the PCET management and Board of Trustees: Mr. Dnyaneshwar P. Landge, Chairman; Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle, Vice Chairperson; Mr. Vitthal S. Kalbhor, Secretary; Mr. Shantaram D. Garade, Treasurer; Mr. Harshwardhan S. Patil, Trustee; and Dr. Girish M. Desai, Executive Director who strive to ensure the wholesome development of our students, and without whose support we would not have been able to organise and hold this ceremony.

Towards a Greener World:
Winning the Greenest School Award

Pune, Maharashtra | February 25th, 2023

towards a Greener World, Winning the Greenest School Award We are proud to announce that S.B. Patil Public School is one of the 5 schools that selected out of 42 schools, and is the only school from Pune, with the rest from Mumbai for the GreenLine Year-end Audit.

towards a Greener World, Winning the Greenest School Award On February 15th, 2023, the Year-end Audit was conducted wherein students who, under the mentorship of Ms. Darshana Kamat, the senior secondary science teacher, gave a presentation and displayed all the projects they had done the year throughout to the GreenLine Panel committee.

towards a Greener World, Winning the Greenest School Award For the past many months, they had to complete seven tasks assigned by GreenLine. These included :
1. A School Climate Action Plan
2. Monsoon exposure and survey
3. A street play
4. The Sagarmitra United for Environment activity
5. A scrapbook making activity based on all the five senses.
6. A stand-up and speak-up activity.
7. A green habit chart
8. Other activities include a river-cleaning activity, etc.

towards a Greener World, Winning the Greenest School Award The audit team inspected and questioned all participants on their projects. The final results were declared on the 25th of the month, and a might big congratulations is order as the school won the Greenest School Award.

We heartily congratulate and thank Ms. Darshana Kamat and Ms. Ashwiner Suryawanshi for working in cohesion with GreenLine and being great mentors to our students and faculty. We also thank the principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; primary coordinator, Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni for all their efforts towards organising this collaboration.

big round of applause goes to the students for all their hard work; and finally, we also thank the team for GreenLine for their guidance and support throughout this alliance, and for bestowing us with this meritorious accolade.


Being a Friend Indeed:
Hosting the Sagarmitra Abhiyan Session

Pune, Maharashtra | November 12th, 2022

Hosting the Sagarmitra Abhiyan Session On November 12th, 2022, S.B. Patil Public School organised the Sagarmitra Abhiyaan session for the students of Grades VI to XI. A near-680 students partook in the event which involved collecting dry plastic waste.

Leading the session was Mr. Vinod Bodhankar, the founder of the Sagarmitra Abhiyan. He specifically oriented grade VII students. Here he explained the types of plastic, those which are recyclable, and the recycled products,

Hosting the Sagarmitra Abhiyan Session This collaboration is an ongoing event and experience wherein dry plastic waste is collected every month and sent in for recycling. In January, the students collected 37kgs of waste plastic and sent it for recycling.

The objective of this event was to identify main barriers or difficulties faced in reducing plastic waste from household garbage. This activity also shed light on the difficulty faced in segregating plastic waste from mixed trash and residual waste streams.

Hosting the Sagarmitra Abhiyan Session The activity helped inspire students to be active participants in conserving the environment; to understand the importance of recycling and minimising the consumption of plastic products; use plastic materials only when in dire need; realise why plastic should not end up in land-fills; understand the ill-effects of plastic on marine eco-systems; and to promote and conserve marine resources for the future of the planet and its living beings.

By the end of the session, students were immensely impacted positively. They learned, understood and promised to practice recycling and minimising the use of plastic; segregating the different types of waste - plastic waste, e- waste, biodegradable waste, etc.; and encourage and motivate others to be true friends of ocean and nature itself.

We thank the principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; and vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda for helping us organise this event. We also thank section coordinator, Ms. Vandana Sangle for collaborating with Mr. Bodhankar and commencing this initiative in our school. We are also gracious to the faculty members: Ms. Darshana Kamat, Ms. Anjali Gugale, and Ms. Varsha Deshmukh for hosting this event so successfully.

Running for Unity:
Celebrating Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

Pune, Maharashtra | October 31st, 2022

Celebrating Rashtriya Ekta Diwas In accordance to guidelines from CBSE pertaining to the celebration of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas which falls on 31st October every year, we - S.B. Patil Public School located in the vicinity of Ravet in Pimpri Chinchwad Township, Pune - organised the “Unity Run” for our students of the middle School group.

Celebrating Rashtriya Ekta Diwas The run was conducted in the neighbourhood area with our students flaunting banners displaying the images of Sardar Patel, his ideology of a United India, and what it means to be proud of a unified India and united Indians.

Our students caught the eyes and attention of all local residents and passer-by’s who waited a while to appreciate and feel proud how we are inspiring the future of India : our younger generations.

Celebrating Rashtriya Ekta Diwas The run was mentored by our principal, Dr Bindu Saini; and vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda. Our section coordinator, Ms. Vandana Sangle; Sports HoD, Mr. Dhanaji Patil and his team organised the entire execution. We thank all the faculty and students whose participation made this celebration an inspiring success.

Food Wastage in Marriages:
Conducting Workshops to Inculcate the Respect and Value for Food

Pune, Maharashtra | October to November 2022

 River Clean-up Activity Food wastage contributes to one of the major wastages that occur in households. People tend to make more than they consume, or are fussy about what has been prepared thus leading to wastage that could in-turn feed the starving populations around the world.

To inculcate the respect and value for food, and imbibe the habit of saving, multiple workshops are at present being conducted for the Grade IX students. These workshops, which started in the first week of October and will go on until the first week of November, are given by several guest speakers who are experts on the topic.

The students are audience to understanding the various ways food wastages, especially in marriages and families occur. They also learn how food wastage leads to environmental pollution since it expels great amounts of CO2.

The holistic development of students and faculty is an essential part of S.B. Patil Public School’s creed. Not only is this holistic development about academics and co and extra-curriculars but also it also incorporates the values learned that will help them be better humans.

We sincerely thank our principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; and vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; and science teachers, Ms. Darshana Kamat, Ms. Trupti Zarkar and Ms. Susmita Roy for organising these insightful seminars

From Us, with Empathy and Love:
A Visit to the Vatsalya Shikshan Sanstha

Pune, Maharashtra | October 6th and 8th, 2022

 River Clean-up Activity On Thursday, October 6th and Saturday, October 8th, 2022, the students of Grades IX to XI visited the Vatsalya Shikshan Sanstha, Dehugaon, for the mentally challenged children above 18 yrs.

 River Clean-up Activity Husband and wife, Mr. Vilas Devtarase and Mrs. Vrushali Devtarase are the couple who run the center. They have devoted their lives to this noble task. Mrs Devtarase explained to the students when, how and why they decided to open the center. She further went on to narrate how the children residing at their shelter are not only mentally challenged but also orphans. She said this whilst elaborating about certain mental disabilities and why they occur.

It was very disheartening to hear and even watch how these children struggle even for the basic acts of every day. The students were touched and overwhelmed with emotions when they interacted with the orphans.

 River Clean-up Activity As a sign of affection, our school students donated groceries such as rice, dals, sugar, spices and chocolates; all of which were contributed with an open heart. The teachers too donated oil and ghee.

 River Clean-up Activity All-in-all, the experience of the visit in itself was a heart-rendering and touching experience. Following is a testimonial by Riddhi Vaidhya of Grade XI:

“The visit to Vatsalya Rehabilitation Centre was indeed an eye opener for us. We came back with a lot of take-aways, one of them being the kind act of empathising instead of simply pitying.

 River Clean-up Activity We express our gratitude towards the centre for letting us visit their orphanage. It was well equipped with several rooms, a common gathering area for different activities, a hygienic kitchen and other basic facilities.

A set time table and planned activities ensured that the students spend their time well and get to follow a routine just like what other students get. We are also eagerly looking forward to seeing more of their creative and festive artefacts.

We wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts taken by the entire team of the Vatsalya for this initiative, the difficult task that they are passionately carrying out, and a salute to their hard work and dedication to help the specially-abled surpass their disabilities and live a comfortable life.”

Should you, dear readers, ever get a chance, please do come and visit this orphanage once. It will surely be a life-altering experience. Kudos to the team at the Vatsalya Shikshan Sanstha. We wish their team the very best for every endeavour they undertake towards taking care of such children with special needs.

All for the Environment:
The River Clean-up Activity

Pune, Maharashtra | September 24th, 2022

 River Clean-up Activity Whilst the Ganpati Visarjan is a sacred festivity, it brings with it gallons of water pollution. Thus, being a green school, S.B. Patil Public School organised a river clean-up activity.

 River Clean-up Activity On September 24th, 2022, 40 students from the school’s Eco Club, all of Grade IX visited the location at the river Pauna at Ravet. They collected and segregated all waste and trash in two containers: biodegradable and non-biodegradable. The collected waste was brought back to school from where it was sent to the municipal corporation

This activity assisted students in understanding the need for environmental protection, the urgency to curb waste disposal in nature, the effort that goes into cleaning up and rectifying the damage, and overall, the respect and value for and towards our environment.

 River Clean-up Activity We sincerely thank our principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; and vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda for organising this event. We also thank science teacher, Ms. Darshana Kamat; and math teacher, Ms. Pravina More for mentoring and accompanying our students, and for every ounce of effort they put into making this green activity a success.

Always a Green School:
Receiving the Green Society Award by the Pimpri Chinchwad Mahanagarpalika

Pune, Maharashtra | Saturday, July 23rd, 2022

Green Society Award In early March 2022, S.B. Patil Public School was visited by the team from the Health Department and the Education Department. The team inspected the campus and all the eco-friendly facilities available and installed inclusive of the rain-water harvesting mechanisms, the compost grounds, the segregation of biodegradable wastes, solar panels, etc.

Based on their assessment, the school, on behalf of the Pimpri Chinchwad Mahanagarpalika was awarded the Green Society Award for the effective and efficient application of rainwater harvesting and solar panels on Saturday, July 23rd, 2022. The prestigious award was presented to the principal, Dr. Bindu Saini by Mr. Gaikwad of the Pimpri Chinchwad Health Department.

We extend our gratitude to the principal, Dr. Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; all the coordinators, sub-coordinators, teachers, parents and students whose contribution, in unison, has led to S.B. Patil Public School reach standards that deserve laurels.

We also lend our thanks to the Board of Trustees: Mr. Dnyaneshwar P. Landge, Chairman; Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle, Vice-chairperson; Mr. Vitthal S. Kalbhor, Secretary; Mr. Shantaram D. Garade, Treasurer; Mr. Harshwardhan S. Patil, Trustee; Dr. Girish M. Desai, Executive Director; Mr. Narendra D. Landge, Management Representative; and Mr. Ajinkya V. Kalbhor, Management Representative who have continually helped and encouraged bringing about positive change in our school.

With Reverence to Our Soldiers:

Pune, Maharashtra | November, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials Students of S.B. Patil Public School participated in the Sketchpaintxprs for India programme which was organised by the B.N. Srivastav Foundation. Pune. The programme was instituted as a means to send greetings to our brave soldiers on the frontiers

At school, the programme was held online as well as offline (for the students of grade VIII, IX and X) on the 8th of October 2021, with children alongside their parents coming in until the 15th of October to submit their home-made cards, handkerchiefs and facemasks.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials Three drop-boxes were especially kept in the school foyer at the entrance to ease submissions. These were then packaged and couriered to the army, navy and air force personnel. Over 500 submissions were received which were sent to our brave soldiers in Ladakh and New Delhi.

As a token of appreciation, the school received a trophy and letters of appreciation. So pleased were our armed forces that they made a special request asking our school to send in another donation on the occasion of Indian Navy Day which was held on Friday, November 26th, 2021.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials We thank the principal, Dr. Saini; the vice principal, Ms. Banda; primary coordinator, Ms. Kulkarni; the faculty and staff, especially Ms. Erekar Durga Bhavani and Ms. Swaleha Mujawar, and all the faculty members for organising this event. We also profoundly thank the parents and students who all wholehearted devoted their time, effort, emotions and heart to this programme. Finally, a round of applause goes to the management who, as always, supported us through this

In International Collaborations with Tokyo and Norfolk:

Pune, Maharashtra | October 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials In a groundbreaking news, S.B. Patil Public School has successfully tied-up with the Kyoto University of Advanced Science in Kyoto, Japan; and the Walpole School in Norfolk UK. Ms. Anjali Gugale was instrumental in helping S.B. Patil Public School collaborate with these prestigious institutes abroad.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials

From Trash to Treasure:
A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials

Pune, Maharashtra | October 19th, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials "Often when you think you're at the end of something, it is miraculously the beginning of something anew.”

There is so much depth in this quote, and it aptly describes the manifold stages of our lives. Right when one period of time ends, a new one begins be it a year, completing a class or reading a book. The same can be said about everything that is part of this world.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials It is the dire need of the hour to conserve and sustain our environment for future generations, and for this we need to learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle things, which all-in-all describes for new life or stage to begin, the prior has to the end.

Determined to instill this quality in the young malleable minds of our Senior KG students, we selected the “Best out of Waste” theme as activity of the month.

Thinking out of the box, pushing oneself, and creating something new out of waste materials is a challenge whichour contestants accepted and came forward with jaw-dropping innovative creations that left everyone astounded.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials The kiddoes made items out of waste materials like paper plates and glasses, cardboard packages,CDs, newspapers, coconut shells,dry leaves, and bangles, etc. cutting,arranging, gluing these items together, assembling them and presented their masterpieces of wall decorations, pen stands, cardboard bulldozer toys and head gear so as to name a few.

The activity boosted and fine-tuned their must-needed fine and gross motor skills. Students enjoyed fashioning and presenting their creations at the same time learning a valuable lesson of not wasting things but to recycle and reuse them.

Giving at the Rashtriya Poshan Maah:

Pune, Maharashtra | September, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials In accordance to the CBSE Circular (Circular No. Acad-78/2021 dated September 09th, 2021) schools were advised to undertake different activities to further accelerate various activities under the Poshan Abhiyan and to create a Jan Andolan in the process by adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.

As a part of celebration of Poshan Maah, it was felt appropriate that every child may be encouraged to share or offer a nutritious meal with at least one child from the underprivileged sections of the society, living in their neighbourhood. This will not only help the child understand the nutritional levels in the society, but also imbibe a sense of social responsibility, inclusion and volunteerism.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials Towards this objective, all students were to be encouraged to share or offer nutritious food with underprivileged children. This would be extremely helpful in engaging children of the country in the celebration of Poshan Maah.

Creating a Greener World:
The British Council Climate Action Video Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | September 16th, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials

To mark the United Nations climate conference COP26, the British Council, in partnership with Digital Learning Associates (DLA) and IATEFL Global Issues SIG organised a Climate Action School Video Competition for students aged 11 to 18years. Students had to work in groups of three to five. Students also had to seek the advice and support of teachers in their school to produce a three to five-minute video.

The top ten winning videos and their learning videos would be screened during the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021. Within entry dates between September 1st and 20th, 2021, on September 16th, students of S.B. Patil Public School: Dhawala Patil, Darshil Mali, Ishika Wagh and Tanmay Jamkhandikar partook in the competition and interviewed the principal on how the school has aided and contributed to the environment, especially during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials In an interview, the students asked questions such as stated under:
1. Being the principal, what would you tell, about what SBPPS as a school, has done to reduce the effect of global warming and climate change?
2. How is our school contributing for improving the environmental conditions in this pandemic?
3. What are the future plans of our school for contribution to reduce the effect of global warming?

Principal, Dr. Saini responded to the questions posed by speaking of the steps the she as the HoS, and the school as an institute has taken to be green school such as its methods of e-waste disposal, usage of solar power though the panels installed, curbing of the wastage of electricity, the plantation of foliage within the campus premises, etc. In lieu of the questions asked, she further went on to describe the future plans of the school in aiding in reducing global warming such as the harnessing of wind power, usage of eco-friendly transportation, etc.

The students toured of the school gardening and compost-making zone whilst making a recording of their school story. The school gardener, Mali Kaka, showed them various medicinal and fruit-bearing plants and trees in the garden which he has been taking care of since many years of his service in the school.

Following this, the students met the school Eco-Club in-charge Ms. Varsha Deshmukh who spoke about the inception of school’s Eco-Club in the school. She also elaborated on its contribution in conducting various activities to raise awareness about saving the environment such as planting trees, making bird-feeders, the reuse and reduction of plastic waste, participating in the cleanliness drive to promote the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, school awareness rallies on combating e-waste, and its management for the British Council collaboration activity with students from Bangladesh.

The school’s sub-coordinator, Ms. Vandana Sangle related information about school activities that raise awareness among students about celebrating various cultural activities and festivals in an eco-friendly way. These activities included eco-friendly Ganesha-making during the Ganapati festivities so as to prevent pollution in rivers and other water bodies; using eco-friendly colours for celebrating Holi; and celebrating a firecracker-less Diwali to reduce air, land and noise pollution to save the environment.

Social Science teacher, Ms. Anjali Gugale spoke about the situation during the pandemic and the various school activities and online projects conducted via online classes along with the school curriculum to raise awareness about climate change and its impact on the environment. Such were: student participation in the Climate Action project, Goals project on the UN SDG’s, and the Rethink Plastic Challenge project with Take Action Global in the years 2020 and 2021.

The students also took a tour of the school terrace along with Mr. Abhijeet Gaikwad, the school’s IT administrator who explained the system of rainwater harvesting and use of solar panels to generate electricity and save water in our school. He showed them graphs of electricity production and consumption during the last few months, and how use of solar panels benefitted in reducing the monthly expense of the school’s electricity consumption.

We thank Dr. Saini, the school principal for lending her insightful views on the subject; Ms. Anjali Gugale, TGT social science teacher and Institutional Coordinator, PCET; Ms. Vandana Sangle, sub-coordinator for grades V to VIII; Ms. Varsha Deshmukh, math teacher and school Eco-Club in-charge; Mr. Abhijeet Gaikwad, the school’s IT in-charge; and school gardener, Mali Kaka for extending their wholehearted support to the students to successfully organize the Climate Action school story video-making session.

Tree Plantation Drive and Meditation Session:
A Heartfulness Foundation Event at S.B. Patil Public School

Pune, Maharashtra | August 30th, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials

On the auspicious day of Janamashtami on August 30th, 2021, Ms. Pooja Susveerkar a representative and mentor from the Heartfulness Meditation Centre at Nigdi, along with many other senior representatives and abhyasis (which means “one who practices” in Sanskrit) visited S.B. Patil Public School for a tree plantation drive and meditation training session for the staff and teachers.

The principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; school coordinator, Ms. Padmavati Banda; pre-primary coordinator, Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni; sub-coordinators, Ms. Vandana Sangle, Ms. Archana Prabhune, Ms. Payal Nihlani, Ms, Nayana Taru; the Administrative Officer, Mr. Manish Dhekale; and the teachers, Ms. Anjali Gugale, Ms. Tripti Brijwase, Ms. Sulochana Pawar, Mr. Kuldeep Ghadge and Ms. Erekar Durga Bhavani were present on the occasion.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials The event commenced with a live mediation training session with the Heartfulness’s profound spiritual leader and teacher, Mr. Kamleshbhai Patel, also known as Daaji by his devoted followers.

The staff and teachers from pre-primary, and primary and secondary sections attended the very relaxing and insightful session with Daaji and all the abhyasis. The techniques of relaxing the mind to attain and practice meditation was beautifully explained.

After the 45-minute meditation session, Daaji read some excerpts from the letters of the great saint, Chariji Maharaj explaining the importance of the Bhagwat Geeta and Janamashtami.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials Following this, the principal along with Heartfulness’s devoted abhyasis, coordinators and sub-coordinators, teachers and staff proceeded to the school garden to plant saplings which were brought especially by the Heartfulness team. This included a variety of trees and herbal plants like amla, dashmul, katesavar, sitaphal, bel, shirish, beheda, wild almond, karanja, and saag.

We thank the Heartfulness Foundation, beloved Daaji and all the abhyasis for a very enriching session on practicing meditation and bringing tree saplings for plantation in the school gardens to mark the beautiful celebration of Krishna Janamashtami.

Profound thanks to the principal and the coordinators for organising the event for the benefit of school staff and teachers.

On a Jungle Safari:
The Pre-primary Field Visits

Pune, Maharashtra | August 6th, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials Field visits are educational procedures via which each and every student learns information by observing the objects, places, natural events and other real-life information. They are significant especially for kindergarteners in several ways:

The main objective of the field visit is experiential learning. Children gain a better perspective of the world around them by going on field trips they are experiencing, observing and learning by coming in direct contact with surroundings. This strengthens observation skills by immersing children into sensory activities, increases their knowledge and expands their awareness. Such visits also strengthen classroom materials thus making it easy for the children to relate what they learn in their lessons. To promote such awareness and to expose the children to the world of amazing animals, S.B. Patil Public School’s Pre-primary section conducted various virtual field visits for the Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG sections.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials On August 6th, the Nursery section students went on a virtual field trip, Jungle Safari. The little tots enthusiastically observed videos of myriad majestic land and water animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys, elephants and starfish, octopi. Not only were they were fascinated by the beauty of nature, the trip proved to be an enriching and learning experience for the students.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials The Junior KG student went on another thrilling and adventurous Jungle Safari with their teachers during their online session. They were all geared up and ready wearing comfortable outfits, hats, caps, sunglasses and little backpacks filled with snacks to munch on. They saw various animals whilst also learned their responsibility to protect nature by keeping the environment clean. Teachers taught the young ones about wild and water animals, their special characteristics and their importance on the planet Earth.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials The Senior KG too went on a virtual field trip to Mysuru Zoo via a very informative documentary which had an array of animals to show from India and across the world. In the zoo, the animals were well taken care of by their caretakers were well fed and were kept in spacious enclosures which gave the ambience of a natural habitat.

The special attraction for our students were the big cats: lions and tigers. Students were also shown the white tiger and cheetah. They also saw wallabies from Australia, and the hyena, and rhinos bought in from Malaysia.

Prevention is Better than Cure:
First Aid Training and Mock Fire Drill Held at Campus

Pune, Maharashtra | July 23rd and 24th, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials We at S.B. Patil Public School do not take emergencies lightly, be it health or situation-wise. We make certain to periodically train our faculty in various procedures and drills so as to keep them abreast of things when it comes to tackling an exigency.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials On July 23rd, 2021, a First Aid Training workshop was held for all the newly recruited faculty in order to prep and prime them in dealing with situations that would need their instantaneous demand and presence of mind.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials
Stringently maintaining every social distancing norm and regulation, the workshop was conducted by the HoD of Sports, Mr. Dhanaji Patil; and the School Nurse, Ms. Sujata Bhalerao.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials Dealing with wound and fracture treatment, handling snake-bites, dressing and bandaging procedures, CPR and choking aid techniques and requirements for a first aid box. Special stress was also given to precautionary measures to be taken regarding health and hygiene during COVID times with emphasis on the importance of vaccination.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials On July 24th a mock fire drill was conducted that involved every faculty and staff personnel at the school. The drill was strictly timed and evacuation methods and measures were stringently followed in order to prep the faculty in handling a real-life situation of this sort.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials
Further to this, the water hydrants installed were also tested within the school’s premises so as to ensure their efficacy should an unexpected emergency arise.

Making Every Drop Count:
Hosting a Blood Donation Camp

Pune, Maharashtra | July 16th, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials The Lokmat Newspaper organised a blood donation camp at S.B. Patil Public School. The event was organised in association and with the aid of the Pimpri Medical Relief and Research Foundation’s Pimpri Serological Institute Blood Center.

Eight faculty members partook in the camp, with every donor receiving a certificate of merit and gratitude.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials
We thank the Lokmat Newspaper for organising such an important event, the Pimpri Serological Institute Blood Center’s team for conducting the event at our school, and our revered trustees and board members of the PCET and everyone at S.B. Patil Public School for granting us permission and to be part of such a meaningful and life-giving event.

Rethink Plastic to Save the Earth:

Pune, Maharashtra | May 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials S.B. Patil School promotes the United Nations sustainable development goals. Every year students are encouraged to participate in activities and projects to make them aware about the global social, economic, political and environmental issues the world is facing and need attention.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials
Students of grades VIII, IX and X participated in the three-week Rethink Plastic Challenge project organised by Take Action Global in the month of May 2021. This project was conducted online by collaborating with schools in Middle East, Netherlands, Romania and India. Students from all participating countries shared their solutions to the problem of growing plastic and its hazards. Learners shared some activities like making eco-friendly plastic from milk and fruits. The project focussed on the seven R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Repair, Re-gift and Recover.

Students of our school also shared activities and solutions to the growing plastic waste. One of the participants, Amey Ajgar of IX-B created a website which has a record of all activities done by our students during the challenge.

Following is the link to the website:

Also, students conducted an online collaboration with Green School Israel, to share all the activities they have done during the three-week journey of the project. All students have been appreciated by the organisers and teachers from all participant schools and were given participation certificates.

Eaglets Among Eagles:
At the Innovation Challenge Pitch, 2021

Pune, Maharashtra | May 1st to 12th, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials The Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune; in association with the Center for Innovation, Incubation and Linkages Forum (CIIL) and Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) organised a Problems to Prosperity (P2P) Innovation Challenge Pitch. Thrust areas for the project-based learning community were:
1. Agricultural Products and Food Processing
2. Robotics
3. Energy
4. AI ML
5. E-vehicles
6. Environment
7. Rural and Tribal Development

Whilst this event was aimed at college students, and since no age criteria was stated, Amey Ajgar and Sameera Kulkarni of S.B. Patil Public School were selected to participate in the event among a total of 40 submissions. Following is Sameera’s narrative on her experience:

“Recently, my friend, Amey and I participated in an event organised by the PCCoE. The event was about making innovating and creative models. So we came up with an idea for “Automatic Irrigation System”. We took this idea as it was related to agriculture and farming.

The model was about an irrigation system which would water plants and crops automatically when in need. This would thus reduce farmers’ efforts while increasing their income as they would now be able to divert their attention to more productive tasks. This system would also help in supplying the exact amount of water required

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials
Using this, farmers would be introduced to new technology that would help them increase their overall production. We prepared a video presentation explaining the model, its features and its working.

For the first round, there were 40 entries from all different colleges. We were the only team selected from a school. For the final round, we were chosen to participate in the top ten groups. This itself was a great achievement for us.

We, in great anticipation, awaited the results for nearly two weeks in which we were given the consolation prize. Even though we never won the first, second or third prize, we are still proud of our final result because we were at the school level participating in a college-level event. And this was an even greater achievement for us.

We thank our mentors: Lakde sir, Gawai sir and Kalti sir. They guided us very well and we learned a lot of things from them and the other finalists as well. We also thank our principal, Bindu Saini ma’am, our coordinators, Padmavati ma’am, Neerupama ma’am, Vandana ma’am and Archana ma’am for helping and guiding us through this time. We also have to give a big thank you to Neeru ma’am who mentored us from the start. Thank you all!”

Thank you and congratulations to both of you, Amey and Sameera for doing so astoundingly well. We once again extend our gratitude to our principal, coordinators and especially to Dr. Neeru Malik, the innovative lab In-charge who mentored these bright, young and jovial minds.

We also extend our gratitude to the Board of Trustees: Mr. Dnyaneshwar Landge, Chairman; Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle, Vice-chairperson; Mr. V.S. Kalbhor, Secretary; Mr. Shantaram Garade, Treasurer; Mr. Harshwardhan Patil, Trustee; and Dr. Girish Desai, Executive Director for organising the event.

Waste Not, Want Not:
At the SSIS/CID Online Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | April 24th, 2021

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials On 24th April, 2021, St. Soldier International School, Mohali in association with the Chandigarh Institute of Drones organised an Online Best Out of Waste Competition for students between the ages of 11 to 18 years. A total of 62 students partook in the event and awards were reserved for the top three positions with participation certificates for the remaining students.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials
Under the guidance of Dr. Neeru Malik, the Innovative Lab In-charge, Apoorva and Arya Joshi both of VIII-E partook in the event. Apoorva designed a hydraulic lift using cardboard, syringes, toothpicks, earbuds and tubes. The application of the lift is to lift heavy material from one floor to another or a multi-level car park.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials Her sister designed a hydraulic crane using cardboard, syringes, toothpicks, ice-cream sticks and tubes. The application of the crane is to lift and move heavy objects from one point to another.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials
Apoorva won the second prize for her hydraulic lift whilst Arya received a participation certificate. Amey Ajgar of IX-B designed a t-shirt on the theme of social distancing with the motive of maintaining a distance of six feet, He used an Arduino Nano board and ultrasonic sensor tethered to an old t-shirt. For this he secured the 5th position in the competition, and was awarded a certificate and a robotics kit.

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials
Overall, the competition proved to be immensely informative and an eye-opener, as were the models that were showcased therein. We congratulate both of them for doing so well, hope that their passion for Robotics continues to grow, and that they continually bring a name to themselves, and wish them the very best for their futures. We also thank Dr. Malik for mentoring and guiding these bright young minds. Thank you so very much!

A Senior KG Creative Activity Using Discarded Materials

Participating in the Take Action Global Goals Project 2021

Pune, Maharashtra | March 4th, 2021

The Take Action Global was founded by Koen Timmers and Jennifer Williams and endorsed by the renowned anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall and His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

Take Action Global was created to inspire change by providing opportunities for students around the world to take action on social good causes through education. Building on more than 60 years of classroom experience empowering students to be curious, ask questions, take action, and make a difference in their communities, we are bringing together like-minded educators seeking a different way of teaching and learning. The team at TAG is committed to creating space for teachers and students to work at local and global levels for the betterment of humanity for today and for tomorrow.

Budding Naturophiles: An Outing to Ganesh Taalab We are proud to inform that all students from grade VIII-A, B and C participated in the Take Action Global Goals Project 1: No Poverty; a part of the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals to be achieved by the year 2030. They presented virtually on the “Day of Solutions” in a day-long event held on March 4th, 2021 after a month of activities starting from January 25th, 2021, which involved students to discuss, brainstorm and express ways to achieve the 17 SDG’s.

The students were guided by TGT Social Science Ms. Anjali Gugale. The Goals Project Facilitator was Ms. Donna Guerin, the UN SDG’s ambassador and a K-12 Classroom teacher for SDG 1: No Poverty; and Jennifer Williams, Co-founder of Take Action Global.

The month long journey of activities and virtual tours and discussions of student activism worldwide and of the United Nations was very motivating for the students. We feel proud that our students are well aware of the 17 sustainable goals which the world aims to achieve by 2030. As a part of the NEP and the school CBSE curriculum it is necessary that children should be made aware of the UN 17 SDG’s to make a difference and bring about the necessary change and progress in our society when they grow up.

Students from Std. VIII-A, B and C made drawings, wrote blogs, created online posters, discussed and made videos that were shared as a resource for schools across the globe on Padlet (Ms. Jennifer’s Padlet Account), Flipgrid, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (on teacher facilitator Anjali Gugale’s account.)

Following are the links for the same:

Twenty students from grades VIII-A, B and C were selected to prepare a .ppt presentation with the title, “SDG 1 - No Poverty: Together we can End Poverty for A Better World” and individual video recordings for the “Day of Solutions” on March 4th, 2021 that were discussed in the class every week of the project deadlines. All 17 goals were linked with the assigned SDG1 - No Poverty.

Following are the links to their submissions:
1. Introduction by Amey Ajgar. Available at:
2. “No Poverty and India” by Om Sonawane. Available at:
3. SDG 1 by Neha Patil. Available at:
4. “Our School Activities” by Sameera Kulkarni. Available at:
5. SDG 2 by Ishika Patil. Available at:
6. SDG 3 by Shravani Sangle. Available at:
7. SDG 4 by Vrunda Anuse. Available at:
8. SDG 5 by Vedika Bodke. Available at:
9. SDG 6 by Pratik Tawal. Available at:
10. SDG 7 by Radhika Nalegave. Available at:
11. SDG 8 by Tanishq and Tanishka Suryawanshi. Available at:
12. SDG 9 by Amey Ajgar. Available at:
13. SDG 10 by Rujuta Gokhale. Available at:
14. SDG 11 by Supriya Srivastav. Available at:
15. SDG 12 by Swara Awate. Available at:
16. SDG 13 by Suryansh Rathi. Available at:
17. SDG 14 by Prisha Ranka. Available at:
18. SDG 15 by Tanishq and Tanishka Suryawanshi. Available at:
19. SDG 16 by Sanatkumar Pol. Available at:
20. SDG 17 by Vedika Bodke. Available at:

All students of grades VIII-A, B and C along with their mentor Ms. Anjali Gugale were awarded Take Action Global Presenter certificates for their successful participation in the UN Goals Project 2021. We wish everyone the heartiest of congratulations and every success for their futures.

For a Cleaner, Greener Earth:
Participating in the Climate Action Project

Pune, Maharashtra | November 5th, 2020

greener-earth Students from VIII-A of S.B. Patil Public School participated in the Climate Action Project, an online event endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, President Juan Manuel Santos; and Sir David Attenborough, an English broadcaster, writer, and naturalist noted for his innovative educational television programs, especially the nine-part ‘Life’ series; along with experts from the WWF, NASA and UN.

Learners attended online meetings, planted saplings at home and participated in the webinars. They also engaged in class discussions on climate change and its impact on the environment and life on Earth.

As a part of the project they partook in the activity on sending messages to space with their solutions to climate change which is still ongoing till January 1st, 2021. These messages will actually be sent in the month of March, 2021

Those who did not get the opportunity to join the project earlier can still do so. Participants are advised to ensure they write about solutions to climate change. Hence, the students from S B Patil School are welcome to send their messages at the following links:


greener-earth Students from Std. VIII-A also attended the webinar to listen to world leaders discussing solutions to climate change and its impact on the environment. Ms. Anjali Gugale, TGT Social Science at S.B. Patil, took the initiative to register the school for the event and guided the students for participating in the activities and discussions

Ms. Gugale has also achieved the certificate as a top 100 finalists for the T4 Solutions Challenge by Take Action Global on for UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Twelve students from VIII-A got participation certificates for involving themselves in the activities and discussions. They are: Amey Ajgar, Harshita Kakade, Diksha S., Ojasvi Bhavsar, Suryansh Rathi, Pratik Pote. Anant Pagar. Samyak Shaha. Sanket Ibditar, Sanskruti Sapkal, Vedant Nandedkar and Shwet Kinge.

World leaders and environmental experts join students from over 135 countries to celebrate climate action and global collaboration.

This week on November 5, 2020, global leaders and climate action experts and activists joined more than 30,000 teachers and students from over 135 countries for Climate Action Day, a free, online event. World renowned speakers, including Dr. Jane Goodall, President Juan Manuel Santos, and Sir David Attenborough along with experts from WWF, NASA and UN, joined to celebrate learning and solutions offered by over 2.6 million students who participated in the Climate Action Project with Koen Timmers, Co-founder of Take Action Global, a six-week free collaborative project that invited students to examine climate change causes and effects, join in virtual exchanges and mentor presentation sessions, and propose solutions for environmental justice through service, research, advocacy campaigns, and even inventions. Participants joining for Climate Action Day heard student groups from China, Moldova, Argentina, Tanzania, UAE, India, Canada, South Africa, and Ireland, and were invited to participate in real-time actions, sending messages to space and joining world mayors as they signed a Manifesto for Climate Action.

Highlights on the eight hours of sharing and learning:
1. Exclusive interviews with Dr. Jane Goodall and President Santos accepting questions submitted by students
2. Sam Barratt and Dan Shephard from the UN, Matt Larsen-Daw and Fernanda Carvalho from WWF, and Dr. Rick Davis from NASA sharing insights on different levels from environment to policy to our place in the universe
3. Young activist Vanessa Nakate and Princess Esmeralda engaged in an inspired conversation on girl education as a solution for climate change
4. Kumi Naidoo read his new poem and Sandrine Dixson-Decleve, Coleen Vogel, Celine Cousteau, and Roman Krznaric sharing powerful ideas inviting students to dream big and keep hope

While many webinars are informative, this online event also aimed to bring actual change. During the event there were 2 highlights:
1. Secretary of Education Portugal, First Lady Tammy Murphy of New Jersey, and Victor Negrescu, European Parliament promised to help with compulsory climate education. For this our own curriculum, co-authored by WWF will be used.
2. Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr and Mayor Ion Ceban, mayors of capitals Sierra Leone and Moldova, made the pledge for the Manifesto for Climate Action:

The Climate Action Project designers--a global team of hundreds of volunteer educators led by Take Action Global education non-profit--are committed to providing students with access to action despite challenges of COVID-19, reliable wireless connection, and inequities in regard to technology and resources. As part of the project, teachers received high-quality professional development offered by world-renowned education leaders, and all classrooms had access to the complete curriculum which is co-authored by WWF and translated in over 15 languages.

Over the course of the six weeks, students worked to develop their own solutions to climate change after building foundational knowledge, considering bias and scientific evidence, establishing trusted sources, and creating personal connections with the work of environmental justice.

Classrooms expanded perspectives of the climate crisis beyond the walls of schools through intergenerational interviews and in class-to-class virtual exchange experiences working with other youth who may look and live differently from them. Students progressed through hands-on learning experiences to gain understandings of causes, effects, and solutions as both global collaborators and also knowledge constructors.


Koen Timmers, Lead Climate Action Project E-mail: WhatsApp: +3 2488 74005 Website: Ms. Anjali Gugale, SBPPS Teacher Representative E-mail: WhatsApp: +91 75076 25994

Related Resources
1. Climate Action Day website:
2. Climate Action Project website:
3. Image library
4. Twitter: @ClimateActionED

The Climate Action Project is launched by Take Action Global, a non-profit (501c3) based in Belgium and Florida, USA,

Video Recordings
1. Jane Goodall Interview (Duration: 16mins.)

2. President Pendarovski, North Macedonia: (Duration: 4mins.)

3. President Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia (Duration: 12min)

4. Interview with Vanessa Nakate by HRH Princess Esmeralda of Belgium (Duration: 20mins.)

5. Kumi Naidoo

6. Interview with Dr. Shashi Tharoor (Indian Parliament) (Duration: 4mins.)

7. Mayor Ceban Ion (Duration: 2mins.)

8. Yvonne Sawyer, Mayor of Freetown

9. Joao Costa, Secretary Education Portugal

10. Bhumi Pednekar, Bollywood Actress (Duration: 2½mins.)

11. Thomas Jones Anthony, Hollywood Actor (Duration: 2mins.)

The Gandagi Mukt Bharat (GMB) Campaign

Pune, Maharashtra | October 2020

greener-earth Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: The Three Rs are the prime values of waste management through which one can aid in saving the environment. In order to imbibe these values from a very young and tender age, a “Best Out of Waste” online activity was organised by the pre-primary faculty of S.B. Patil Public School for students of Senior KG section on October 12th 2020.

greener-earthThe kiddies used reusable and recyclable materials like newspaper, bottles, coconut shells, old CDs, etc to create artistic crafts. Fantabulous ideas were demonstrated using these materials by the tiny tots. These activities helped them to enhance not only their creativity and presentation skills but children also to realise the importance of Three Rs and the need for saving the environment.

Collection of E-Waste for Recycling

Pune, Maharashtra | June 2020

greener-earth greener-earth S.B. Patil Public School has always been a Green School ensuring that it does its best not to pollute the environment. Thus, to help further in this respect, the students and staff collected e-waste and disposed this by sending it to a proper e-waste recycling plant

Spreading the Word at the Pariyavaran Sahitya Sammelan

Pune, Maharashtra | February 19th and 20th, 2020

greener-earthOrganised by the Environmental Conservation Association and Municipal Corporation at Autocluster, Chinchwad, the Pariyavaran Sahitya Sammelan saw the participation of approximately 15 schools.

Ten students from VII-A of S.B. Patil Public School, Ravet partook in the event wherein they conducted a street play on ‘E-Waste’ (or electronic waste) bringing about awareness and significance about the topic.

E-waste or electronic waste refers to electrical or electronic devices which are intended for disposal, repair, reuse, resale or recycling. Most of these devices contain harmful materials such as lead, beryllium, cadmium, or brominated flame retardants which in turn cause significant environmental damage and lead to health risks to the people they come in contact with.

Prepared by Ms. Varsha Deshmukh and the students of VII-B, a robot from e-waste, which garnered much attention and praise, was also displayed for the event. The participation was appreciated by Mr. Shravan Hardikar, Commissioner; and the Mayor of PCMC, Ms. Usha ‘Mai’ Dhore.

Budding Naturophiles: An Outing to Ganesh Taalab

Pune, Maharashtra | January 31st, 2020

greener-earthS.B. Patil Public School organised an educational trip to the Enchanted Garden and the Yes-Yes Nursery at Ganesh Taalab, Nigdi Pradhikaran for the students of grades I and II.

The purpose of the two-hour visit on January 31st, 2020 was that the children, at this very young age, appreciate nature, learn about the variety of flowers and fauna, while also exposing their eager, prehensile minds to a real-time and real-life experience

Inauguration of the Compost Making and Gardening Zone

greener-earthThe growing concern towards environmental degradation, climate change, global warming, loss of biodiversity and natural resources and its alarming consequences is deeply inflicted in the school lessons of students today to make them aware about this cause is the need of the hour.

Keeping this in mind, S.B. Patil Public School, Ravet has been working towards making its students realise the importance of conservation of nature and sustainable development of environment education.

We inaugurated the first-of-its-kind Compost Making and Plants Nursery Zone in order that students gain practical and real-life experience of gardening essentials, making compost, and propagation of seeds in the school nursery and garden. Our students have already sowed seeds of vegetable like potatoes, onions, fenugreek, coriander, tomatoes and sunflowers. The children enjoy working in the school garden and it makes a deeply rewarding experience for them when they harvest vegetables and observe the plants grow.

greener-earth Our school has an Eco Club, wherein students are exposed to gardening work-experience activities and projects so that they learn the essentials and fundamentals of horticulture, propagation of indoor and outdoor plants, compost making and saving environment from the harmful impact of pollution and deforestation

To inculcate upright habits such as avoiding wastage of water and usage of plastic and e-waste, compost making, sowing seeds of vegetables and herbs are some of the many projects related to environment conservation our school has taken up for the students in the gardening activities and the Eco Club.

We hope that our children will continue to learn the importance of sustainable development of environment. The activities on compost making and working in the school gardening nursery will bring them closer to Mother Nature and saving environment.

Door-to-Door Cleanliness Drive

Pune, Maharashtra | October 2019

To promote the need for maintaining cleanliness in not only our localities but within the city too, S.B. Patil Public School organised a door-to-door cleanliness drive. 120 students from grades VI to IX were put into groups of ten, and were allotted various localities wherein they went door-to-door collecting waste paper, and other recyclable products. These were then collected in a lorry at the end of the day and sent for recycling.

Keep Calm Day Observed by the School

Pune, Maharashtra | August 2019

greener-earth Our Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust’s S.B.Patil Public School, Ravet , Pune observed “A Moment of Calm Day” in accordance to guidelines from Bridge Builders - A youth wing of Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune. Some of their volunteers had visited our School with regard to Global Forgiveness Moment- A Moment of Calm which was scheduled on Friday, 2nd August 2019.

greener-earth We conducted a Special Assembly for the occasion. our School’s Co-curricular Activities In – Charge Miss Swaleha Mujawar read out and explained a thought related to being calm and forgiving as follows:

greener-earth She also conducted the prayer, provided to us by our guest organisers. Later in the day, all the members of the school; including members of the management, our principal Dr. Bindu Saini, Staff Members and students recited the prayer – as read out by Ms Swaleha. Thereafter we observed two minutes of silent prayer- creating the much needed calm environ around us.

greener-earth Our Principal Dr. Bindu Saini guided us in the organizing of the event. Ms. Soumya Karamchandani from the Bridge Builders - A youth wing of Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune – as representative from our guest’s side; School Co-ordinator Mrs. Padmavati Banda and Pre- Primary Co-ordinator Mrs. Shubhangi Kulkarni co-ordinated effectively in the execution of the day’s proceedings. Miss Swaleha Mujawar compeered the assembly session and narration of the prayer.

The Sakura Project:
The Asia Youth Exchange Programme in Tokyo

Pune, Maharashtra | July 2019

Sakura is a student exchange programme with Japan. S.B. Patil Public School has been having a tie-up with Tokyo. In and through this programme, students from our school work in cohesion with students in Japan on AI and Robotics Projects.

Apart from a sharing of technology, there is also an immense exchange of culture that occurs and this is important especially in today’s education system.

Spreading Happiness and Greenery
The Clean India-Green India Peace Rally and the Tree Plantation at the Campus

Pune, Maharashtra | July 2019

To promote the message of peace and happiness, the students of S.B. Patil Public School organised a peace rally. Their aim was to spread the message of happiness and non-violence. Students emphasised the need to maintain one’s calm not just for others and for a peaceful society as a whole but for one’s own health and wellbeing.

The students held posters of leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Gautam Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Dalai Lama, quoting them and informing people about the need for peace and harmony among people, and to push petty differences aside.

Later, being a Green School, the faculty and staff of S.B. Patil Public School held a tree plantation event on campus during which saplings brought from the nursery were planted by the school principal and coordinators.

Motivating for Voting:
A Rally by the Students of S.B. Patil Public School

Pune, Maharashtra | April 2019

With the onset of the upcoming elections, the S.B. Patil Public School organised a rally within the Ravet vicinity to spread awareness about the importance of voting. Around 80 students from grade IX and X toured the areas near S.B. Patil Public School with placards, banners and slogans that shed light about how every vote counts, and why is it important for every citizen to vote so as to ensure a better governance in this country.

A Visit to an Old Age Home

Pune, Maharashtra | March 2019

It is always taught that we are to respect our elders. Unfortunately, many elders are abandoned by their families since they are considered a burden.

To sensitise the staff and students of S.B. Patil Public School, a trip to an old age home, Gurunanak Anand Ashram in kashal, Pune was organised. Students of Grades VII to X were taken there along with their respective class teachers. The in-charge at the home greeted us and took us on a tour through the campus.

She went on to narrate whilst many of them are brought in by their families, some of them themselves decide to admit themselves since they feel excluded at their homes.

This tour was extremely emotional for both students and staff, as many of the old folk came up and spoke to us. Students engaged actively with the elders by spending time with them learning a valuable lesson that these are the very people who have brought us up and nurtured us when we were infants and helpless; and that it is our duty to do the same in their time of need.

The Joy of Giving

Pune, Maharashtra | January 2019

greener-earth Xth grader, Pratish Shetty’s parents performing charity. They celebrated his birthday by giving one month’s necessary food items to the needy and the blind. They also distributed hand washes in the entire of the Chinchwad area to create awareness about washing hands

greener-earth greener-earth greener-earth greener-earth

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Netra Chhaparwal and Aditya Thombare | X-A

The greenhouse gas effect can be illustrated as the trapping of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and increasing the temperature. Greenhouse gas emissions means emitting greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere by human activity. GHG emissions from human activities strengthen the greenhouse effect, contributing to climate change and it is one of the major contributors to climate change. Most of the greenhouse gasses are emitted from Human activities such as: industrial production, energy consumption, food waste, agriculture and many more. over 50 billion tonnes of GHG are emitted per year in the world.

When we talk about the causes of GHG, globally, the primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions are electricity and heat agriculture, transportation, forestry and manufacturing. Energy production of all types accounts for 72 percent of all emissions. Mostly GHG is emitted from burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil, gas– which causes a large chunk of the greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, that blanket the Earth and trap the sun's heat. Transportation (27% of 2020 GHG emissions). Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation primarily come from burning fossil fuel for our cars, trucks, ships, trains and planes. Greenhouse gas emissions primarily come from the burning of fossil fuels for energy, as well as greenhouse gas emissions from certain chemical reactions necessary to produce goods from raw materials. Major effects of Greenhouse gasses are that they cause climate change by trapping heat, and they also contribute to respiratory disease from smog and air pollution. Extreme weather, food supply disruptions, and increased wildfires are other effects of climate change caused by greenhouse gasses.

The GHG emissions currently are a major drawback and a stop for sustainable development. It occurs that GHG emissions are the major reason of Global Warming; due to Global Warming the average temperatures are increasing, there is a rise in sea level, frequent droughts, more storms occur. Due to all these reasons, global warming affects development significantly.

To combat the GHG emissions, the solution is to find its roots. The major reasons behind GHG emissions are burning fuels. Thus, one of the best solutions would be to switch the energy source and instead of using fossil fuels, renewable energy sources can be used. For eg. Solar Panels don’t leave any carbon footprints or emit GHG; thus producing energy without any drawbacks.

GHG emissions is one of the reasons for Global warming and bringing development to a standstill but is also a problem with a solution known to us. At the end everyone should understand the potential hazard GHG gasses are and should work to stop them.


Contributing towards Climate Change:
The Problem of Food Wastage in India

by Sunidhi C. | IX-A

Food wastage in India one of the biggest issues our country faces. Every year India generates 500 million tonnes of farm waste with the average Indian household wasting about 50kg of food per capita annually.

The improper management of household and agricultural waste heavily contributes to air, water and soil pollution, which in turn leads to human health and environmental problems. It may also affect the country's food and nutritional security in the long run.

The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) estimates that approximately 40% of the food produced in India is wasted every year due to fragmented food and inefficacious supply chain system.

The government has made many efforts to rein in food wastage but clearly, the depth of the problem is such that the impact of these efforts is hardly up to the mark. India should also take a cue from global practices that are both unorthodox and innovative in order to tackle food wastage problem.

For instance, France has passed unanimous legislation requiring supermarkets to either give unsold food to charity or send it to farmers for use as feed and fertiliser. While India produces enough food to feed its population, the country is home to 25 percent of the world’s hungry population.

The holistic approach to food security requires ensuring availability, accessibility and nutritious food to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in India.