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Infrastructure and Amenities

Infrastructure and Amenities, SBPPS



a. Classrooms and E-Learning

Classrooms and E-Learning All classrooms are spacious, well-ventilated, aesthetically furnished and well-equipped with modern audio-visual facilities to enhance the teaching-learning process


b. Math Lab

Math Lab, SBPPS The math lab is set up for students to learn mathematical concepts in most enjoyable manner. It is here that students develop logical thinking and learn mathematics in a practical and creative manner.


c. Science and Social Science Labs

Science Lab, SBPPS The school has well-equipped physics, chemistry and biology labs, as well as a geography lab to help students understand the concepts of the sciences in depth through hands-on activities.


d. Language Lab

Science Lab, SBPPS A language lab with contemporary software has been made available for students to enhance word pronunciation, expand vocabulary, improve writing proficiency, and boost overall linguistic competence.


e. Elective Languages

The school provides three foreign language electives: French, German and Japanese, as well as the Indian languages of Sanskrit and Marathi from grades VI to VIII. However, Marathi is introduced at the Grade I level.


f. Auditorium

Auditorium, SBPPS In the event of holding or hosting any manner of indoor function, celebration, programme, or co-/ extra-curricular activity, the school is capacitated with a 700-seater, temperature-controlled auditorium. The platform, both literal and figurative, assists children to develop and enhance their public-speaking skills by helping them overcome stage fright and gain confidence in public oration.


g. Multipurpose Hall

The school is facilitated with a spacious multipurpose hall. Events such as exhibitions, sporting events, dance practices, the hosting of workshops, training seminars and other such activities are held here.



a. Computer and IT Labs

Computer and IT Labs, SBPPS S.B. Patil Public School has multiple computer and IT labs, all of which are well-equipped with the latest and sophisticated hardware inclusive of computers for each individual student, printers, multimedia and wi-fi.


b. Innovation and Robotics Lab

S.B. Patil Public School has an Innovation Lab to aid in helping students think, generate ideas, innovate and be creative whilst applying logic and analysis right from an early age to be successful entrepreneurs.


c. ERP

The school is benefitted with an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planner which manages the processes and communication of the school, and acts as a platform where teachers, the administration and management, and parents can interconnect regarding academic and administrative information.



a. Library

Library, SBPPS The students and staff are free to access the school library - a compendium of over 9,800 books, encyclopedias, magazines, comics, newspapers, e-learning material, CDs and other multimedia - both educational and recreational.


b. Fine Art/ Creativity and Music Rooms

Fine Art/ Creativity and Music Rooms, SBPPS A fine art/ creativity room as well as a music and dance room has been allocated for students to engage, explore and realise their talents. Here, emphasis is given to appreciate art, culture and tradition. Students are provided the opportunity to explore avenues in music: singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments such as the guitar, harmonium, and keyboard; and develop their skills at drawing, painting and handicraft.


c. Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation Rooms, SBPPS S.B. Patil Public School has a well-maintained in-campus playground. Outdoor games include cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, skating, etc. This benefits students to develop their athletic abilities whilst also having access to indoor games, all of which cater to a wide age-group. Self-defense sports inclusive of karate are also taught to the children.



a. School Transport

School Transport, SBPPS To ensure the easy and safe journey of its students, S.B. Patil Public School provides school buses that run to and from the school to the student’s residence/ nearest common landmark.
Every bus, which is designed as per the norms of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is equipped with a GPS, and has an on-board attendant who ensures the safe alighting and deboarding of students.