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Infrastructure and Amenities

Infrastructure and Amenities, SBPPS



Classrooms and E-Learning

All classrooms are spacious, well-ventilated, aesthetically furnished and well-equipped with modern audio-visual facilities to enhance the teaching-learning process. To enhance subject understanding via audio/ visuals, and provide added exercise materials, the TeachNext software is also heavily utilised by teachers for Nursery to Grade X.


Local, National and International Collaborations

In today’s global world, it is essential that we cultivate interpersonal skills, team spirit, adaptability with multi-cultural environment flexibility and sensitivity. This is why, S.B. Patil Public School engages in local, national and international collaborations and twinning programmes with educational institutes. These alliances help form bridges between institutions, aid in knowledge exchange, enhance the creation of bonds and friendships, and the sharing of best practices.


Math Lab

The math lab is set up for students to learn mathematical concepts in most enjoyable manner. It is here that students develop logical thinking and learn mathematics in a practical and creative manner.


Science and Social Science Labs

The school has well-equipped physics, chemistry and biology labs, as well as a geography lab to help students understand the concepts of the sciences in depth through hands-on activities.


Language Lab

A language lab is equipped with Words Worth English Language software has been made available for students to enhance word pronunciation, expand vocabulary, improve writing proficiency, and boost overall linguistic competence.


Elective Languages

The school provides three foreign language electives: French, German and Japanese, as well as the Indian languages of Sanskrit and Marathi from grades VI to VIII. However, Marathi is introduced at the Grade I level.



In the event of holding or hosting any manner of indoor function, celebration, programme, or co-/ extra-curricular activity, the school is capacitated with a 700-seater, temperature-controlled auditorium. The platform, both literal and figurative, assists children to develop and enhance their public-speaking skills by helping them overcome stage fright and gain confidence in public oration.


Multipurpose Hall

The school is facilitated with a spacious multipurpose hall. Events such as exhibitions, sporting events, dance practices, the hosting of workshops, training seminars and other such activities are held here.



Computer and IT Labs

S.B. Patil Public School has multiple computer and IT labs, all of which are well-equipped with the latest and sophisticated hardware inclusive of computers for each individual student, printers, multimedia and Wi-Fi.


Innovation and Robotics Labs

The school has an Innovation Lab and two Robotics Labs to aid in helping students think, generate ideas, innovate and be creative whilst applying logic and analysis right from an early age to be successful entrepreneurs in future.



The school is benefitted with an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planner which manages the processes and communication of the school, and acts as a platform where teachers, the administration and management, and parents can interconnect regarding academic and administrative information.




The school library has over 10,700 books, all of which aim to provide a wide range of printed and electronic resources to support the academic, creative and cultural development of all students. The students and staff are free to access books, encyclopedias, magazines, comics, newspapers, e-learning material, CDs and other multimedia - both educational and recreational. The recent automation of the library has resulted in bookworms being able to borrow and return books without the need of manual entries by the librarians.

Regular events such as book fairs are held to promote reading and inculcate the habit of reading with Avid Reader Awards being conferred upon deserving students and faculty.


Fine Art/ Creativity and Music Rooms

A fine art/ creativity room as well as a music and dance room has been allocated for students to engage, explore and realise their talents. Here, emphasis is given to appreciate art, culture and tradition. Students are provided the opportunity to explore avenues in music: singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments such as the guitar, harmonium, and keyboard; and develop their skills at drawing, painting and handicraft.


Sports and Recreation

S.B. Patil Public School has a well-maintained in-campus playground. Outdoor games include cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, skating, etc. This benefits students to develop their athletic abilities whilst also having access to indoor games, all of which cater to a wide age-group. Self-defense sports inclusive of karate are also taught to the children.



School Meals and Student Nutrition

Children need to receive a wholesome, nutritious and balanced diet to get the nutrition and energy they need to grow healthy and strong. Thus:
1. S.B. Patil Public School’s canteen/ cafeteria provides meals ensuring that the intake of all required and essential nutrients is fulfilled.
2. The school provides vegetarian food thus, the bringing and consumption of non-vegetarian food is to be avoided.
3. It is imperative that lunch brought to school by students includes all vital nutrients in apt proportion.
4. Students are encouraged to carry chapattis, sabji, rice and pulses in their tiffin boxes.
5. Also, seasonal fruits and vegetables should be consumed in plenty.

Important Note: Brunch facility can be requested on the school’s ERP.


First Aid and Student Health

In the event of a medical exigency, first-aid as well as immediate medical services are available at the school itself with first-aid boxes on each floor. Also ready is a sick bay furnished with two beds. The school nurses are present from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm to attend to any situation.

The following steps and precautions must be abided by the student and parent body:

1. A student suffering from contagious or infectious diseases must provide a fitness certificate from a certified medical practitioner before rejoining and attending school.
2. For the safety of fellow students, and faculty members, students who are ill are advised to stay at home until a full recovery.
3. It is the duty of the parent/ guardian to inform the respective class teacher/ coordinator in a timely manner, if their ward is on leave due to any medical reason.


Counsellor and Special Educator

Physical health is not the only indicator to an individual’s overall well-being. In fact, mental and emotional health play a greater importance that define behavior, personality and outlook. With growing stresses and strains, especially in today’s competitive world, students from a young age are encumbered with situations and problems for which they need prudent advice.

Counselling is of immense importance in schools since it helps provide vital information and perspective to students who might not be able to get it otherwise. Students can approach counsellors to seek guidance. The goal of every session with the school counselor is to help students thrive and recognise their strengths, as well as improve their interpersonal relationships.

Thus, S.B. Patil Public School has appointed a professional and proficient counsellor to listen to, advice and guide students, parents and teachers during times of need; and a special educator to provide inclusive academic intervention and support for children with unique needs.



School Transport

To ensure the easy and safe journey of its students, S.B. Patil Public School provides school buses that run to and from the school to the student’s residence/ nearest common landmark.
Every bus, which is designed as per the norms of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is equipped with a GPS, and has an on-board attendant who ensures the safe alighting and deboarding of students.