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Parent Participation Initiative

Dearest Parents,

Nothing holds greater precedence than transparency when it comes to the running and functioning of our school within both the academic and administrative fields. Whilst we do our level best in letting our stakeholders know disclosable facts and figures, but for this transparency to be as clear as crystal, we want you as parents to be as clear and open when it comes to what you have in mind.

Needless to say, we extend our heartiest gratitude to you all for being the unseen backbone to our children. Even though our teachers and staff have undoubtedly put in incredible hardship and effort into teaching but you, dear parents, have been always there to not only help your young ones adjust to the new normal this pandemic has brought forth, and the new modes and methodologies of teaching we have adjusted to, but have also been astupendous support system for the teachers.

Your presence and your encouragement, even your views and feedback have uplifted teachers, motivated and guided them as they themselves adjusted to the new normal and new manner of teaching.

Your continuous support in myriad ways have enabled us to reach a point of immense comfort and confidence during this time of adaptation and evolution. You all are the shining star and guiding light to not just your children but to us academicswhose path you have helped pave in adjusting and blending seamlessly with these new adjustments we are continually making.

You showed incredible and admirable support. Your enthusiasm to aid and encourage can be seen through your children’s performances. Your efforts to develop, nurture, and cultivate your children as well-groomed and good humans are vividly reflected in your children.

This is why, we at S.B. Patil Public School, in all earnest, request you, dear parents to participate wholesomely in our Parent-Teacher Meets wherein you get the unbarred opportunity to lend in your views, converse, duologue and debate with us on issues such as policies, teaching methodologies, examination schedules, and other vital information related to the academics of your child and the administration of the school.

We look forward to your queries and doubts that we may answer and clear them; to your reviews, suggestions and feedback that we may evaluate and implement them. You may contact us on the following e-mails depending on your requirements:

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