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About Pre-Primary Section

The Pre-Primary Sections comprise of the following classes:

1)   Nursery 
2)   Junior KG 
3)   Senior KG

Individually, each of these classes are further grouped into sections, the details of which are stated as under.

Pre-Primary Section Data (2021-22)
S.No. Class Division
1. Nursery 1
2. Junior KG 5
3. Senior KG 5
Total Pre-Primary Sections 11

Any student belonging to the pre-primary section is at an age where the utmost care and concern need to be shown. These formative years are the most crucial in developing and shaping concepts, basic life skills, language and habits.

We live in times of constant and ceaseless development, hence even at this stage, we find it imperative that students be taught creatively and made aware of concepts via various means and modes.

It is why the teachers that lead the pre-primary section at S.B. Patil Public School are immensely trained in not just handling students of that age but also making use of the latest and modern methods of teaching such as images and media via projectors, CDs/ DVDs, and puppet shows, etc.

These not only make the subject matter interesting and clear but also students become more prehensile, thus retention skills are developed as well. Vocal and writing skills are also developed through love, passion and patience.

Field visits and picnics add to an enriching, educational yet recreational outing. Ample co-curricular activities and games (both indoor and outdoor) aid in regular physical exercise, mental acuity, emotional maturity, development of social skills making them independent and confident, and give wings to their imagination.

The school also provides a brunch/ lunch menu which helps shaping healthy and regular eating habits right from a young age.