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CBSE Affiliated (1130 534) | NABET Accredited (WS 1923 071) | British Council IDS Certified
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Teachers are the backbone of a school. At S.B. Patil Public School, the academic faculty is recruited on the basis of their academic expertise and experience whilst making certain they have the apt personality and attitude so as to form a cohesive, genial yet mentoring bond with students. Owing to an excellent student-teacher ratio, teachers are able to devote ample time and attention so that students imbibe their lessons well. Experience aside, the academic faculty regularly undertake a multitude of professional skill-based trainings and workshops so as to enhance their classroom teaching aptitude.

Pre-Primary Faculty :

S. No. Description, Qualifications and Experience
1. Ms. Payal Nilalani | 11 years | Pre-primary Section Head | ECE, BCom

On completing her BCom from MNCC, Pimpri, Ms. Payal Nihalani undertook an ECE or Early Childhood Education course. Prior to working for S.B. Patil Public School as the Pre-primary Section Head, Ms. Nihalani worked in a number of prestigious schools within the academic as well as administrative field. These included institutes such as Sai School, Pratibha International and GIIS. Ms. Nihalani has also completed her Drishti training in Special Education Needs (SEN).