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Parents Initiative

Encouraging Reading:
A Book Donation by Parents

Pune, Maharashtra | March 12th, 2023

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” - Joseph Addison (1672 - 1719)

parent from Sr.Kg. donated some story books to our school library, SBPPS

Reading is not only an art but a productive activity that builds character, enhances knowledge, boosts one’s imagination, expands one’s mind and mindset, nurtures understanding, and drives away laziness and boredom by creating a fun-filled hobby and interest.

To commemorate the birthday of their daughter, Anvi Tarte - our student from Junior KG - her parents, Mr. Ganesh Tarte and Ms. Anagha Tarte donated the story books for the school library. We are immensely thankful to them for this wonderful gesture.

The Pre-primary Picnic at Lekha Farm
Pune, Maharashtra | March 15th, 2023

Pune, Maharashtra | March 15th, 2023

The Academic Year 2022 -23 came to an end with a day filled with enjoyment for our pre-primary section. The little ones were taken to the year-end picnic to Lekha Farms on March 15th, 2023.

The year witnessed many monthly activities, festive enjoyments, colour days, etc. that ensured the holistic development of our students. All these fun-filled learning whilst doing activities have, through the year, created manifold sweet memories to remember. To add a cherry on the cake, S.B. Patil Public School organised the day-long picnic with many activities, games and shows for the kiddies and their beloved teachers.

The toddlers were super-excited and thrilled as they set out all ready with a backpack filled with snacks and goodies for the picnic, singing songs all the way in the school bus till they reached the venue.

They were amused to be welcomed by a pleasing, radiant faced Charlie Chaplin and a stilt-walker at the entrance. The students were then escorted for breakfast where they enjoyed idli-sambhar and poha. After a good breakfast, they moved on to see the Puppet and Magic Show, which of course they thoroughly enjoyed.

The got their hands tattooed by a tattoo artist, and then went on to play the jumping jacks, took toy train ride, played on the merry-go-rounds and so on went until they were tired

They finally took a break for some munching, chit-chat and selfies with friends and teacher. Getting enough rest, they were all charged up to have a blast to the DJ’s beats on the dance floor. But the fun didn't end here. There went on to enjoy a play garden time before they headed to lunch.

A yummy lunch laid out for them with their favourite foods: pav bhaji, fried rice, fryums and gulab jamuns. Little ones gorged on the delicious food until their tummies were full. As it was time to leave, they were given ice creams, which they relished. With tired yet happy faces, voices filled with fun and laughter, a day full of enjoyment, and bag full of sweet memories, the tiny tots returned to the school where parents awaited them to eagerly hear how they spent their day such a wonderful day.

The Last Day of School:
A Pre-primary Section Memoir

Pune, Maharashtra | March 2023

With grey winters turning to bright summers,
With cloudy skies turning to sunshine all around,
Another year has come to an end.

With another annual year coming to an end, those tiny feet, which once hesitantly walked into their new classes a year ago, will soon march out a step higher. Those hands which scribbled crayons randomly have learnt good formations. The entire year was a carnival with echoes of laughters, cheers, teamwork and much more to the list.

As a token of love, all the teachers prepared handmade take-away mementoes for the little ones to cheer them up as they embarked on a new journey. It was a bittersweet moment for both teachers as well as students as some were excited on this new venture, yet teary-eyed as they left their classrooms and class teachers. Teachers received tight hugs from the toddlers with promises made that they will come to meet their teachers in the coming years too. Goodbyes were hard yet had the sweetness of dreams to be chased.

Our Jr.Kg. Parents Mr. Arun Ravi and Mrs. Snehal Arun donated the story books on 7-2-2019 for school library on the occasion of their son's Master Aryan Arun's birthday. "Books are your life time Teacher, at any time, any part of life, which is available on your need. Books are great teacher of your life".


Parents Initiative


Our pre primary parent Mrs. Meenakshi Pawar donated story books and saplings to school on the occasion of her daughter, Shravani's birthday.


Parents Initiative


It is often said that "Charity Begins at home". This proverb culminated into a practical form for our Pre-primary section.

This academic year, in the 1st term, 3 of our parents brought about a novel idea to celebrate their kids birthdays. Parting away with the general practice of holding great celebrations & literally bouncing out unnecessary expenses, two of our parents ,one from Jr.Kg. & one from Sr.Kg. donated saplings to our school while another parent from Sr.Kg. donated some story books to our school library.

Truly unique are these gestures that foster concern for environment & the culture of reading! Jaydeep Patil

parent from Sr.Kg. donated some story books to our school library, SBPPS parent from Sr.Kg. donated some story books to our school library, SBPPS
parent from Sr.Kg. donated some story books to our school library, SBPPS