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Dr. Bindu Saini, Princial, SBPPS

A science graduate with a BEd, MEd and a PhD in Education (amongst many others) to suffix her name, Dr. Bindu Saini began her voyage in the field of education as a senior teacher, followed by being a lecturer, an academic coordinator, and finally as the principal of a CBSE school.

She also completed her MPM, MA (English) and an MPhil in English (with distinction) from SPPU, Pune. Added to this, she undertook a course on Emotional Intelligence from the prestigious Yale University, Connecticut, United States; and has recently completed her CAA.

Being a veteran in the field of education and academics, Dr. Saini is credited with more than 26 years of experience in teaching and the execution of various curricular and co-curricular activities associated with the process of teaching and learning.

She has comprehensive experience in the functioning and running of processes and procedures that are requisite of CBSE schools including affiliation procedures, management techniques, and ensuring the effective and efficient drafting and implementation of the curriculum.

Dr. Saini has been known to bring with her an innovative approach to the changing paradigms in the field of education, conducting internal audits (ISO), quality assurance (QCI), and Management of Information System and Monitoring.

Having a passion and flair for languages, she has written poems (in English and Hindi) for various events and occasions. She has attended myriad QCI sessions, and is a qualified internal auditor for the ISO - QMS and EMS. As an external auditor/ academic expert, she has conducted audits in various schools as well.

To add to her accolades, she has participated in seminars held by the National and International Conferences on English Language and Culture, has had thirteen research papers published in various educational journals; has been laurelled with well-deservant, HOS-focussed accolades; and to top it all, has a book to her name: Aao Hindi Seekhein, a text to help language learners and students facing challenges in Hindi overcome the complications in understanding the language.