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CBSE Affiliated (1130 534) | NABET Accredited (WS 1923 071) | British Council IDS Certified | QS I-Gauge Diamond Rated
A journey towards excellence.

About the Primary and Secondary Sections

The primary sections range from Grade I to V, the secondary sections cover Grades VI to X and senior secondary, Grades XI & XII.

S.B. Patil Public School has always strived to be holistic in its approach towards education. Just as it is the practice that perfects the theory, similarly, it is the overall development with respect to studies and sports, character and moral, and ethics and principles that justify the overall development of an individual.

Childhood, adolescence and the teens are the years of not only developing physically but also mentally, emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically and socially. S.B. Patil Public School’s teaching faculty comprises of well-trained, carefully scrutinised staff who are qualified and competent to understand the equal weightage of academic and personal growth, and ensure the all-round development of students.

The school is furnished with state-of-the-art audio/ visual aids that facilitate in teaching more effectively thus enabling ease of grasping the information, understanding it and most imperative of all, retaining it.

With the school’s motto being to enhance self-confidence and self-awareness about their capabilities and aptitudes, our instructors understand the essentiality of hidden talents, and the need and cruciality of encouraging pupils to develop upon these God-given gifts, along with the right nurturing and assistance from our experienced faculty.

Competitions and myriad co-curricular activities provide avenues to participate in various intra and inter-school competitions at the local, zonal and district levels. Field trips, educational excursions, and picnics aid students to expand their mental, moral and social horizons while piquing their curiosity.

All these boost their confidence in themselves, their capabilities and in taking up challenges, while also providing the essential understanding of the value of winning and the lessons to be learned from losing.

Furthermore, it brings out the importance of being independent and versatile, the freedom one attains and the challenges that come forthwith. It also brings within them a yearning to know their gifts and fortes, and make the most of it.

Hobbies, interests and passions are pursued so as to not only spend quality ‘me-time’ but also act as an outlet to vent out the day’s frustration and stress, and keep boredom at bay. Hence, our school conducts hobby classes that include chess, handball, drawing, skating, playing musical instruments, etc.

These games and activities provide students a positive pathway of stress ventilation, help them realise their talents and potential, gain self-confidence, free all limits to the boundaries of their imagination, and capacitate them be strong, confident and talented people.