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Competitions and Conferrings 2020-21

Participating in the Take Action Global Goals Project, 2021

Pune, Maharashtra | March 4th, 2021

The Take Action Global was founded by Koen Timmers and Jennifer Williams and endorsed by the renowned anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall and His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

Take Action Global was created to inspire change by providing opportunities for students around the world to take action on social good causes through education. Building on more than 60 years of classroom experience empowering students to be curious, ask questions, take action, and make a difference in their communities, we are bringing together like-minded educators seeking a different way of teaching and learning. The team at TAG is committed to creating space for teachers and students to work at local and global levels for the betterment of humanity for today and for tomorrow.

Participating in the Take Action Global Goals Project, 2021, SBPPS

We are proud to inform that all students from grade VIII-A, B and C participated in the Take Action Global Goals Project 1: No Poverty; a part of the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals to be achieved by the year 2030. They presented virtually on the “Day of Solutions” in a day-long event held on March 4th, 2021 after a month of activities starting from January 25th, 2021, which involved students to discuss, brainstorm and express ways to achieve the 17 SDG’s.

The students were guided by TGT Social Science Ms. Anjali Gugale. The Goals Project Facilitator was Ms. Donna Guerin, the UN SDG’s ambassador and a K-12 Classroom teacher for SDG 1: No Poverty; and Jennifer Williams, Co-founder of Take Action Global.

The month long journey of activities and virtual tours and discussions of student activism worldwide and of the United Nations was very motivating for the students. We feel proud that our students are well aware of the 17 sustainable goals which the world aims to achieve by 2030. As a part of the NEP and the school CBSE curriculum it is necessary that children should be made aware of the UN 17 SDG’s to make a difference and bring about the necessary change and progress in our society when they grow up.

Students from Std. VIII-A, B and C made drawings, wrote blogs, created online posters, discussed and made videos that were shared as a resource for schools across the globe on Padlet (Ms. Jennifer’s Padlet Account), Flipgrid , Twitter, Facebook and Youtube (on teacher facilitator Anjali Gugale’s account.)

Following are the links for the same:

Twenty students from grades VIII-A, B and C were selected to prepare a .ppt presentation with the title, “SDG 1 - No Poverty: Together we can End Poverty for A Better World” and individual video recordings for the “Day of Solutions” on March 4th, 2021 that were discussed in the class every week of the project deadlines. All 17 goals were linked with the assigned SDG1 - No Poverty.

Following are the links to their submissions:

All students of grades VIII-A, B and C along with their mentor Ms. Anjali Gugale were awarded Take Action Global Presenter certificates for their successful participation in the UN Goals Project 2021. We wish everyone the heartiest of congratulations and every success for their futures.

The Joy of Innovation:
Announcing the Avishkar Awardees

Pune, Maharashtra | February 27th, 2021

The National science day was celebrated on Saturday, February 27th, 2021 at S.B. Patil Public School with the objective to push the limits of students when it comes to creative writing and poster making. The aim was to bring awareness, developing scientific temperament, habit of enquiry, exploring various fields, discoveries and inventions, incubating rational thinking and problem solving abilities.

Our principal, Dr. Bindu Saini has always emphasised our role, the role of teachers, in widely spreading the significance of scientific applications in our daily life. Our staff members shared their knowledge with the students. Student's participated with enthusiasm in two events namely, Avishkar, an inter-school online science event and the Intra-school Online Science Event. The uniqueness of this year’s competition held on online on Facebook Live.

Many well-known schools across the city devotedly participated in Avishkar. These were: S.N.B.P. International school, Ashwini International school, Kothari Public school, Army Public school, City Pride School, Azam School and many more.

The program was hosted by event in-charge, Ms. Varsha Deshmukh, who organised the programme under the principal’s guidance.

For the Intra-school Online Science Event, students from Nursery to grade IX participated ardently with a total of 303 models presented by students through videos. Three winners were announced from each class for event with the winners being selected by distinguished judge, Dr. Sanjay Lakade (Dean, R&D).

For Avishkar, two groups were categorised based on grade with an overall of 60 entries.

For Group I: Ramanujan (Grades III to V) the following topics were given to the students under two areas:

Creative Writing

  1. My Pride, My India
  2. Vedas and Science
  3. Main Ek Akela Khada Vruksh

Poster Making

  1. The World of Three Dimensions
  2. Physical and Mental Fitness
  3. Indian Women in Science

For Group II: Aryabhatta (Grade VI to VIII) the following topics were given to the students under two areas:

Creative Writing

  1. India’s Contribution in Medicine
  2. Future of STI: Impact on Education, Skill and Work
  3. Main Ek Akela Khada Vruksh

Poster Making

  1. Destination Moon: More Mission, More Science
  2. The World of Three Dimensions
  3. Digital India

The creative writing half was judged by Ms. Radhika Srinivasan, principal of Vivero International Pre-School, Pune; whilst the poster making event was judged by Ms. Geetu Manocha, an art faculty who lends here talent to various organisations and schools.

The students of S.B. Patil bagged the following prizes in the given categories:

  1. Vrunda Anuse from Aryabhatta: Creative Writing, 2nd Position
  2. Shravani Gumaste from Aryabhatta: Poster Making, 1st Position
  3. Harshawardhan Patil from Ramanujan: Creative Writing, 2nd Position
  4. Swara Hole from Ramanujan: Poster Making, 2nd Position

Students Bag Laurels at the Heartfulness Essay Event, 2020

Pune, Maharashtra | 2021

It was a proud moment for our school when the students from grade IX: Swara Bangale, Subhikshashree Chettiar, Soumya Narayan and Apurva Pawar were awarded with the Institution Merit award whilst Nehal Chawda was awarded a participation certificate for their outstanding performances in the Heartfulness Essay Writing Event, 2020.

“Mentored by the school’s social science teacher, Ms Anjali Gugale, the students partook in the event organised by the Shri Ram Chandra Mission in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan (UNIC) and the Heartfulness Education Trust.

Everyone present echoed in one voice the single-minded devotion and desire to follow the guiding path of Indian democracy: The Indian Constitution, and endeavoured to become responsible and resourceful citizens of our nation.

The intention behind this event year after year has been to connect with the youth of our nation and help them to look within themselves for answers to problems that plague our world today.

In a Letter of Appreciation addressed to the principal, the efforts taken by school in mentoring the students along with the enthusiastic participation and excellent performance of the students were highly appreciated. S.B. Patil Public School was hence awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation, and all the participants received certificates.

Topping the CED and GTE Student’s Global Ambassador Programme
Pune, Maharashtra | August 2nd, 2020

August 2nd, 2020: Meghana Sangle, a student of grade X grade brought laurels to our school by securing a position in the top five speakers in the Students Global Ambassador Programme (SGAP) which was organised by the Centre for Education Development (CED) and Global Talk Education (GTE). The jury consisted of members from various organisations the world over. The programme was held via a Zoom Meet that was conducted on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 from 1500hrs to 1800hrs IST.

She competed with over 15 speakers from reputed CBSE schools across the country, and exhibited her potential through a marvellous coherent speech on the topic, “How Would You Suggest that One Cultivates Inclusion and Caring into the 21st Century Learning?” and impressed all the international jury members with her real life experience based reply for the jury question.

Topping the CED and GTE Student’s Global Ambassador Programme, S.B.Patil School Topping the CED and GTE Student’s Global Ambassador Programme, S.B.Patil School

She has also qualified for the next level of the programme that will be held on an international platform. Meghana will get a chance to participate in a live interview-cum-conversation in international moment of creative society on Allatra TV.

The event was organizsd under the mentorship of Dr. Priyadarshi Nayak, Founder and Chairman (CED and GTE, India); and James Martin, President and CEO (GTE, Canada) both of which are globally-acclaimed educational organisations working in the area of training and educational development.

S.B. Patil Public School’s principal Dr. Bindu Saini and entire faculty congratulates Meghana for her astonishing achievement and wishes her support and prosperity in abundance for her future endeavours.

We would also like to give a special mention to Tejas Sangale, Austin Loyd and Krishnali Pawar of X-A, and Shardul Nalegave of X-B (Images 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively), all of whom also partook in the event, giving their very best. We wish each and every participant the very best for every stride and step they take on whatever path they follow.

Topping the CED and GTE Student’s Global Ambassador Programme, S.B.Patil School Topping the CED and GTE Student’s Global Ambassador Programme, S.B.Patil School
Topping the CED and GTE Student’s Global Ambassador Programme, S.B.Patil School Topping the CED and GTE Student’s Global Ambassador Programme, S.B.Patil School