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Competitions and Conferrings 2021-22

Towards a Safer Metaverse:
Safeguarding the Virtual World for Women

Pune, Maharashtra | March 8th and 9th, 2022

Amey Ajgar, a familiar name to readers, and a star-pupil of S.B. Patil Public School has once again proved himself worthy and deservant of merit by presenting the paper: “Key security challenges for women in Metaverse and Solutions to Overcome Those Challenges”. The co-authors for the paper were: Ms. Yogita Ajgar and Ms. Priyanka Bagul, both assistant professors of Electronics and Telecommunication at Modern Education Society’s College of Engineering, Pune.

The paper stressed on how the Metaverse is the future of the internet, and that upcoming decades will be ruled by the Metaverse. Thus before this technology becomes a necessity for people, it is equallyimportant to make it safe for all sections of society including women. Social media makes womenan easy target of cyber bullying, digital frauds and many other issues.

It cannot be denied that the Metaverse is a hundred times more immersive, and this intensifies the need of cyber security for women. In Web 3.0, women have faced critical security issues and it is necessary to improve the Metaverse and make it a safer technology for women to use without the hassle of harassment.

The paper was presented at the International Conference on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment on the occasion of Women’s Day on March 8th and 9th, 2022, and will be published in the upcoming issue of the European Journal on Humanities and Educational Advancements (EJHEA).

Congratulations, Amey for once again having got yourself published; a feat accomplished at such a young age. We wish you the very best, and are certain you have in front of yourself a scintillating future paved.


Avishkar 2021-22:
Celebrating the Joy of Innovation on National Science Day

Pune, Maharashtra | February 28th, 2022

Avishkar 2021-22 National Science Day was celebrated on Monday, February 28th, 2022 at S.B. Patil Public School with the objective to inspire the students when it comes to activities such as performing a monoact, voicing a declamation and narrating a fictional story. For this purpose, S.B. Patil Public School organised the Avishkar Online Inter-school Event. The aim was to bring awareness; develop scientific temperament and the habit of enquiry; encourage the inquisitiveness to explore various fields, discoveries and inventions; and incubate rational thinking and problem solving abilities.

The school principal, Dr. Bindu Saini has always emphasised the role of teachers in widely spreading the significance of scientific applications in our daily life. Our staff members shared their knowledge with the students, and in turn, students participated with enthusiasm in this online science event.

Avishkar 2021-22 Many well-known schools across the city devotedly participated in the Avishkar Event. These were: SNBP School, Chikhali; Royaal World School, Pimpri Gaon; Dr. Shamrao Kalmadi Primary School, Pune; the junior wing of the Army Public School, Pune; The Kalyani School, Pune; VPNBVM, Baramati; City Pride School, Nigdi Pradhikaran; Kendriya Vidyalaya, Dehuroad; Vidya Niketan English Medium School, Pune; Ashwini International School, M.C.E. Society; Azam Campus, Pune; City Pride School, Ravet; and, of course, our very own S.B. Patil Public School.

Avishkar 2021-22 The programme was hosted by event in-charge, Innovation lab In-charge, Dr. Neeru Malik and primary section math and science teacher, Ms. Varsha Deshmukh, who organised the event under the principal’s guidance. Secondary section science teacher, Ms. Prutha Vaidya, who compered the show, said that the day is celebrated to recall the contribution by Nobel laureate and physicist Dr. C.V. Raman on this day in 1928.

Avishkar 2021-22 A speech given by pre-primary sub-coordinator, Ms. Payal Nehalani in Hindi highlighted the importance of science in our day-to-day life. secondary section science teacher, Ms. Shailaja Mestry highlighted several aspects of science and technology and its growth in last few decades.

Avishkar 2021-22 Glimpses of Avishkar 2020 were revisited upon by secondary section science teacher Ms. Darshana Kamat with a narrative of a bird’s eye-view of Avishkar 2021-22 given by secondary section science teacher, Ms. Trupti Zarkar. The names of the winners of the intra and inter-school events were announced by secondary section science and Japanese Language teachers, Ms. Susmita Roy and Ms. Geetanjali Zambare.

For this online science event, the students from Nursery to Grade X participated ardently with a total of 284 entries within a total of five groups. Three winners were announced from each group for event after being selected by distinguished judges:Ms. Radhika Srinivasan, In-charge of Vivero Schools; Ms. Geetu Manocha, an activity teacher at Bhakti vedanta Model School, an institute founded on ISKCON doctrines and ethics;and Dr. Roshni Raut and Ms. Anuja Jadhav, faculty at PCCoE.

Students were categorized into five groups based on grades: Avishkar 2021-22

1. For Group 1: Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG; Group 2: Grades I and II the following topics were given to the students for the mono act activity:
a. A trip to outer Space
b. If I were a bird
c. If I were a fish in a dry pond

Avishkar 2021-22 2. For Group 3: Grade III to V the following topics were given to the students for the declamation activity:
a. What if the earth stopped revolving around the sun?
b. If I were a Robot
c. If all animals become Herbivores
d. Conservation of resources at Home and School


Avishkar 2021-22 3. For Group 4: Grade VI to VIII; and Group 5: Grades IX and X the following topics were given to the students for fictional story activity:
a. If humans did not have backbone
b. If artificial Intelligence took over human intelligence
c. In a world that runs on 10G
d. Living a day without gravity

The following students of S.B. Patil Public School bagged the prizes in the given categories:
a. Vrunda Anuse from Aryabhatta: Creative Writing, 2nd Position
b. Shravani Gumaste from Aryabhatta: Poster Making, 1st Position
c. Harshawardhan Patil from Ramanujan: Creative Writing, 2ndPosition
d. Swara Hole from Ramanujan: Poster Making, 2nd Position

Avishkar 2021-22 To add flavour to the occasion, the seven winners of the Global Teacher Award 2021-22: Ms. Padmavati Banda, Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni, Ms. Richa Arora, Dr. Neeru Malik, Ms. Anita Patil, Ms. Varsha Deshmukh and Rohit Sarkar were felicitated by the principal, Dr. Saini; the guest for the day, Ms. Geetu Manocha; and E-PTA member, Dr. Mate.

The winners of the Cyber Champ, Sanskrit Olympiad and Student of the Year competitions were also felicitated on the day. Among the many highlights of the day, one of them was Amay Ajgar of IX-B demonstrating the working of the 3D printer which he beautifully presented. The programme ended with the Vote of Thanks delivered by, Ms. Varsha Deshmukh.

We thank everyone right from the principal, Dr. Saini; vice principal, Ms. Banda; primary coordinator, Ms. Kulkarni; Dr. Neeru Malik and Ms. Varsha Deshmukh, the Avishkar Event organisers; the entire science faculty; the students who so dedicatedly participated; the parents, who, right from start to end, supported us; and to our management for motivated us to make this event a success.


At the Cyber Champ 2022, Annual Inter-school Computer Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | February 2022

Cyber Champ 2022 was an annual inter-school online computer competition organised by City Pride School, Nigdi along with the Persistent Foundation in Pune.

The competition explored creativity, imagination, programming skills, logical thinking, designing as well as the aptitude of children in various computer applications. The online event was conducted for different age groups with the announcement made on January 18th, 2022 and the date of submission for projects as February 11th, 2022.

A total of 41 students from S.B. Patil Public School participated in differentcategories. The Computer Department faculty and teachers who guided and mentored the students through the various activities were:

1. For the MS Paint Junior and Senior Categories: Ms. Sapna Pagar
2. For the .pptx Presentations: Ms. Manjusha Shiraskar
3. For Scratch: Ms. Aakansha Goswami
4. For Webpage Designing: Ms. Richa Arora
5. For Ideas and Innovation: Ms. Richa Arora

As it turns out, S.B. Patil Public School received the Best Presenter School Award. Alongside this, students won manifold awards in multiple categories:

1. For Webpage Designing: Dhawala Patil from VIII-A was awarded the second runner-up.
2. For Ideas and Innovation:

  • a. Neha Patil of IX-B was the first runner-up.
  • b. Abha Kulkarni from VII-A received a special mention for her creativity.
  • c. Amey Ajgar from IX-B also was recipient to a special mention for demonstrating excellence in technical skills.


My Experience at the BSE International Finance Olympiad:
A Narrative by Sai Saketh

Pune, Maharashtra | February 2nd, 2022

Sai Saketh, a student of X-B partook in the BSE International Financial Olympiad performed exceedingly well in the finals and has achieved a joint first position. He was awarded a cash price of Rs. 7,000, along with a merit certificate. As if this was less of glory, hereceived a 100% scholarship to Industry Mentored Course offered by the BSE Institute.

Following is the narrative of the event in his own words:

BSE International Finance Olympiad “I am a student of Financial Market Management (FMM), a course which started last year at S.B. Patil Public School. It is a great and easy course, and I took it for my future. This year there was quiz organised by the Bombay Stock Exchange. Well, all the students in FMM enrolled and gave the first examination for the quiz online.

Although it was hard, some students from our course got selected to the second round. Unlike the first round which was taken on online, the second round was an offline quiz and washeld on the 27th of January, 2022.

Even though I was nervous, I passed the first round of the examination. I did not know what to expect from it as the syllabus was vague and vast, but it turned out to be not as hard as I expected. I was among the top six students from Grade X, and was selected for the finals which were held on the 9th of February.

On the day of finals, I was not confident enough that I will make it till the end, and once the quiz started I started to feel nervous as the competition was fierce. Unlike the semi-finals, the finals had five rounds so maintaining the lead was hard and the scoreboards could change at any given point.

Even though I did not do well at the beginning, nearly lost my composure seeing the difficulty of questions, I held my reserve all the way. The knowledge I gained from studying FMM added to some common sense helped me to win the competition getting tied with another student at 11 points.

I would say that this quiz helped me see that people can go to any length to win and it sort of motivated to win the competition. I want to thank my principal, Dr. Saini ma’am; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati ma’am, my FMM teacher, Ms. Aayesha Syed ma’am; and everyone else for starting the FMM course at our school, and giving me this opportunity to participate in this competition.

Thank you all!”

Dear Sai, we would like to say that we are more than proud of you for working so hard towards this competition. We wish you our heartiest congratulations and the very best for every one of your future endeavours.


Pooling in Creative Genius:
Winning the Kaladarpan State and National-level Art Contest

Pune, Maharashtra | January 31st, 2022

Winning the Kaladarpan State and National-level Art Contest In late September/ early October, the Kaladarpan Art Academy held a state and national-level contest for all students of Grades I to X. The event included a handwriting, colouring, collage and greeting card competition. Interested students can participate for the same. With the last date of entry as October 27th, 2022, the Kaladarpan Art Content commenced thus pooling together artistic talent from across the state and nation.

With the results announced on January 31st, 2022, following were the winners for the event:

At the state-level contest, these students won the following prizes for the colouring competition section:
1. Adwita Patil of I-F won the trophy.
2. Kartik Nivate of I-A and Kedar Sutar of II-C won the silver medal.

At the state-level contest, these students won the following prizes for the collage-making competition section:
1. Neelakshi Joshi of IX-B and Tanvshree Kendle of VIII-C won the trophy.

At the state-level contest, these students won the following prizes for the greeting-card competition section:
1. Tanvshree Kendle of VIII-C won the gold medal.

At the state-level contest, these students won the following prizes for the handwriting competition section:
1. Aditi Patil of VII-C and Janisksha Dhawale of IX-A won the trophy.
2. Pavaki Singh of I-A and Om Petale of II-C won the gold medal.

At the national-level contest, these students won the following prizes:
1. Manasvi Patil of II-B won the first prize for the drawing competition.
2. Janishka Dhawale of IX-A won the first prize for the handwriting competition.
3. Neelakshi Joshi of IX-B won the second prize for the collage-making competition.
4. Pranshu Satpute I-A won the third prize for the greeting card competition.

Winning the Kaladarpan State and National-level Art Contest In their letter to the school, the Kaladarpan Art Academy shared their delight stating that, “We are glad to inform you that your school has won exciting award and prizes at the National Level Art Contest held by the Kaladarpan Art Academy”. They further appreciated the work done by our students saying, “We thank you for having such talent in your school and also the teachers who help them to enhance the same.”

We heartily congratulate every participant and winner, hoping and praying that you all will continue to excel and exhibit your creative streak at such prestigious events. We also thank the Kaladarpan Art Academy for hosting the event, and a high note of gratitude to the principal, Dr. Saini; vice principal, Ms. Banda; primary coordinator, Ms. Kulkarni; the art teacher, Mr. Sunnjoy Vispute; and all the faculty and parents who mentored and guided our students to success.


At the AWS Young Builders Challenge 2021

Pune, Maharashtra | January 6th, 2022

AWS Young Builders Challenge 2021 The AWS Young Builders Challenge is an initiative by AWS, launched in partnership with the Government of India’s Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell, the Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to encourage and cultivate a scientific temper, computational and design aptitude, and coding skills in young minds. The collaborative effort aims to infuse the basic understanding of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing, and their impression on the India’s future.

The programme was open to all schools across India for students of Grades VI to XII. The programme in itself had three phases:

Learning: wherein students were given exposure to concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing via self-learning modules.
Building: The students were then expected to build projects using interactive tools under the theme “How Artificial Intelligence change the future of the country” and sub-themes of education, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, etc.
Showcase: Top projects would be featured in a national virtual showcase ceremony.

AWS Young Builders Challenge 2021 From S.B. Patil Public School, under the mentorship of Dr. Neeru Malik, the Innovative Lab in-charge who also acted as the Central Point of Contact (CPoC), Amey Ajgar of IX-A, Ishika Wagh of VIII-A, Rudransh Patil of VIII-B, Sudhanva Kulkarni of VI-E and Tanishq Suryawanshi of IX-B partook in the programme.

Since the focus of the event stressed more on the total number of presentations submitted, and because our students were pre-occupied with examinations at school, they received participation certificates. Nonetheless, we congratulate all five participants for giving their best, and thank Dr. Neeru Malik for her dedication to mentor these young minds. We also thank Dr. Saini, the principal; and Ms. Banda the vice principal for their support and encouragement as always.


Bestowing the Wreath of Responsibility:
At the Investiture Ceremony

Pune, Maharashtra | January 5th, 2022

Investiture Ceremony On January 5th, 2022, S.B. Patil Public School held the Investiture Ceremony for the students of Grades VIII, IX and X. The ceremony commenced with reciting the Saraswati Vandana whilst the principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; and all the sub-coordinators partook in the lamp-lighting ceremony.

Investiture Ceremony Hindi Language teacher, Ms. Rachna Sisodiya gave an introduction to the programme, describing how each candidate was elected. The CCA in-charge for Grades VI to X, Ms. Erekar Durga Bhavani compered the ceremony, calling each of the elected candidates up on stage to be felicitated with badges.

Investiture Ceremony The house mistresses: Ms. Leena Varghese for Blue; Ms. Richa Sharma for Green; Ms. Praveena More for Red; and Ms. Darshana Kamat for Yellow blessed the candidates by applying tikaas on their foreheads. The principal and vice principal pinned the badges on each student, and handed the house flags to the respective house captains. Following this, the students pledged to abide by their roles and responsibilities whilst maintaining the highest standards of respect, compassion, service, loyalty, decorum, discipline, integrity and responsibility.

Investiture Ceremony The ceremony was broadcast live for all the parents to see with students and faculty of Grades VIII , IX and X were present in the auditorium for the ceremony whilst maintaining social distancing norms.

Following are the names of the students awarded:

1. Head Boy: Utsav Murudi of X-B
2. Head Girl: Ishita Devshatwar of X-B

3. Blue House Captain: Sameera Kulkarni of IX-C
4. Blue House Vice Captain: Ritu Shinde of X-A

5. Green House Captain: Rutvij Chintalwar of X-C
6. Green House Vice Captain: Dhawala Patil of VIII-A

7. Red House Captain: Avni Khandelwal of IX-A
8. Red House Vice Captain: Aniruddha Gupta of VIII-C

9. Yellow House Captain: Anup Kulkarni of X-C
10. Yellow House Vice Captain: Netra Gadadare of X_C

11. Home Affairs In-charge: Krishnali Pawar of X-A
12. Home Affairs Co-incharge: Hridaya Nawal of VIII-B

13. Sports and Cultural Activities In-charge: Raj Khandelwal of X-C
14. Sports and Cultural Activities Co-incharge: Soumya Narayan of X-A

15. Environment Awareness In-charge: Duhita Mahajan of IX-C
16. Environment Awareness Co-incharge: Gargi Raut of VIII-E

17. Information and Broadcasting In-charge: Lavanya Nimbalkar of X-A
18. Information and Broadcasting Co-incharge: Prisha Shah of IX-A

19. Health and Safety In-charge: Triveni Mhaske of X-B
20. Health and Safety Co-incharge: Aarya Kirange of IX-A

21. IT and Cyber Security In-charge: Amey Ajgar of IX-A
22. IT and Cyber Security Co-incharge: Jay Surana of X-C

23. External Affairs In-charge: Nehal Chawda of X-A
24. External Affairs Co-incharge: Swara Awate of X-A

We thank the principal, Dr. Saini; vice-principal, Ms. Banda; the teachers who took part in the ceremony; the administrative officer, Mr. Manish Dhekale for all the arrangements; the IT in-charges, the CCA in-charge, Ms. Durga Bhavani for helping to organise and compere the ceremony; Ms. Rachna Sisodiya for also compering it; Mr. Gaikwad and Mr. Yadav for helping to broadcast the event live; and every other faculty member who helped to make the ceremony a success.

Our congratulations go out to every student bestowed with these honours, and we wish them every success and every blessing that they may perform their duties to the best.


Knowing Your Career Aspirations:
At the UniApply Career Quiz

Pune, Maharashtra | December 23rd, 2021

UniApply Career Quiz In December 2021, over hundred students from S.B. Patil Public School partook in the UniApply Career Awareness Quiz. UniApply had taken an initiative to help students learn about their potential future in a fun-filled manner by organising the Career Awareness Quiz Competition 2021for students of New Delhi, NCR and Maharashtra private schools.

UniApply Career Quiz The quiz was centered around career, course options and opportunities that students should know of during whilst at school so as to have a better understanding of career choices, thus making a brighter future for themselves.

The quiz was divided in to two categories: The Junior Category for students of Grades V to VIII, and the Senior Category for students of Grades IX to XII. Over 100 students of Grades VI to IX participated from our school with over 4,000-plus participants across the Delhi-NCR and Maharashtra regions partaking in it.

There were three rounds: The fastest finger first round, the knockout second round, and the final round.

From the Junior Category (Grades VI to VIII)
1. Sucheta Rampure of VIII-E won the first prize.
2. Manas Sanap and Prathamesh Devshavtwar of VIII-D won the first runner-up positions.
3. Ishika Wagh of VIII-A won the second runner-up position,

From the Senior Category (Grades IX-XII)
1. Amey Ajgar of IX-B won the first runner-up position.
2. Neha Patil of IX-B won the second runner-up position.

UniApply Career Quiz On January 28th, 2022, members form UniApply bestowed the winning trophy in the hands of the principal Dr. Saini; vice principal, Ms. Banda; and the school counsellor Ms. Ambre.

We are proud of all the participants and congratulate every winner. We also share our gratitude with the principal and vice principalfor their support and encouragement. A special thank you goes out to Ms. Reema Ambre, the school counsellor for executing the event so successfully.

UniApply Career Quiz We also wholesomely thank our Board of Trustees: Mr. Dnyaneshwar Landge, Chairman; Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle, Vice Chairperson; Mr. V.S. Kalbhor, Secretary; Mr. Shantaram Garade, Treasurer; Mr. Harshwardhan Patil, Trustee; and Dr. Girish Desai, Executive Director for their unabating support, devout guidance and belief in us all.


At the NIER’s ICET 21:
A Paper on Developing Accurate Irrigation Using Arduino

Pune, Maharashtra | December 18th, 2021

NIER’s ICET 21 The National Institute of Engineering and Research organised the International Conference on Engineering and Technology or the ICET 21. The conference offered a wide platform to share the most crucial and recent innovations in the arena of engineering whilst also providing a space for both scientific presentations and commercial exhibitions.

NIER’s ICET 21 Amey Ajgar, a student of Grade IX; and Dr. Neeru Malik, the Innovation Lab in-charge both presented a paper at the conference. The paper, “Automatic Irrigation System Using Arduino for Accurate Irrigation” dealt with understanding how irrigation is one of the most important aspects of agriculture and how important it is to provide exact amount of water to crop. An amount more or less than required could deplete it drastically.

NIER’s ICET 21 The paper went on to specify that since the process is labour-intensive and manual, it would be productive to make it machine-automated so that the farmer can operate it from any part of the globe using the internet and SMSs. This would not only decrease thefarmer’s efforts but simultaneously increase crop productivity and soil fertility.

We, at S.B. Patil Public School, are immensely proud, and heartily extend our congratulations to both mentor and mentee for together presenting and publishing the paper.


A Rising Star Indeed:
Winning the Youth Parliament Verbal Mention

Pune, Maharashtra | December 16th, 2021

A Rising Star Indeed Another student readers would be familiar with is IXth grader Amey Ajgar. He has won several awards in the past for competitions he partook in and papers he published. Adding to his credit, he recently won the Verbal Mention in the Youth Parliament event organised by City Pride School, Nigdi on December 16th, 2021.

A Rising Star Indeed He was the delegate of Canada for the United Nations Commission for Science, Technology and Development. He spoke on the agenda, “Future of Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0” for which he won a cash prize and a certificate.

We heartily congratulate him for this achievement, and as always, we are ever so proud of the young and talented Mr. Ajgar and wish him the very best for all future prospects.


Winning the Student of the Year 2021

Pune, Maharashtra | December 7th, and 16th to 18th, 2021

City Pride School, Nigdi conducted the annual Student of the Year 2021 Competition on December 7th and then from the 16th to 18th, 2021 with our students from Grades VI to IX participating in the event.

With immense pleasure we would love to announce that the following students brought laurels to the school:

Winning the Student of the Year 2021 1. Riddhi Mishra of VI-D won the 1st position in the speech competition, “Express to Impress”.
2. Tanishq Surayvanshi of IX-B reviewed the English movie “Zootopia” directed by Bryron Howard and Rich Moore for which he won the 1st prize.
3. Aditya Ganjore, Gourango Sharma, Janisha Swarnkar and Mahila Rege, students of Grade VII won the “Branding of a Product” ppt group presentation.
4. And finally, Dhawala Patil, student of VIII-A won the runner-up title of Student of the Year.

Loud applauses and tonnes of congratulations to all the students. We extend our thanks to the principal, Dr. Saini; vice principal, Ms. Banda; primary coordinator, Ms. Kulkarni; and without a doubt: Ms. Leena Varghese, secondary section English teacher; and Ms. Anjali Gugale, secondary section Social Science teacher for devoutly mentoring and guiding these buddings stars.


Making the Best Out of Waste:
Akshara Agarwal at the Smart Skill Championship 2021

Pune, Maharashtra | November 28th, 2021

Making the Best Out of Waste On November 28th, 2021 Adventure Experiential Learning Academy organised the Smart Skill Championship Programme which was aimed at students of Grades III to X. The online programme tested their 21st Century skills and experiential learning.

The competitive events helped advance the participants’ mindset and critical thinking capacities, Areas such as analysis, conceptual thinking, inquiry with research, hands-on activities as well as the application of life skills to theoretical concepts was established.

Making the Best Out of Waste From S.B. Patil Public School, Akshara Agarwal of VII-F partook in the Best Out of Waste Competition wherein she won the 2nd prize. For the event she came up with the concept of solar drip irrigation project. The main aim of the project is to provide automatic drip irrigation to the crop, it will help in saving water as well as power and money. It also aids time saving, cost effectiveness, environmental protection, low maintenance and efficient irrigation service.

Making the Best Out of Waste We congratulate Akshara for her win, and sincerely wish her the very best for her future. We also thank Dr. Saini, the principal; Ms. Banda, the vice principal. and all the teachers and faculty who mentored and guided Akshara in performing so well.






At the Computer Intelligence Exam

Pune, Maharashtra | October 2021

A Computer Intelligence Exam was organised by Jnana Prabodhini Navnagar Vidyalaya,Nigdi in October 2021 to motivate and cultivate the habit of learning new things in students. This was the 14th year of district-level Computer Intelligence Exam for both the rural and urban sections.

This year, our students participated in the event in various categories and withAditya Kadam of VIII-C scoring the Second Rank in Problem Solving Skills. With the results out in November, all students who partook in the examination cleared it and received e-certificates.

Details of participated students are as follows:

S. No.







MS Paint

Shrikar Ravi Ambekar




MS Paint

Harshveer Prakash Ukhalkar




MS Paint

Aarya Gurudas Patil




MS Paint

Sai Pravin Chavan




MS Paint

Austin Ajit




MS Paint

Akshada Janardan Kolpe




MS Paint

Arnav Pravin Pimpalkar




MS Paint

Keya Sohilkumar Patel




MS Paint

Avaneesh Manas Gosavi




MS Paint

Rishaan Arora




MS PowerPoint

Lopamudra Vijay Srivastava




MS PowerPoint

Vedant Laxman Ghavte




MS PowerPoint

Gehna Amit Lodaya




MS PowerPoint

Vidisha Nitin Thakur




MS PowerPoint

Swarup Suresh Ardhapure




MS PowerPoint

Aditya Prashant Raghuwanshi




MS PowerPoint

Veda Abhijeet Deshpande




MS PowerPoint

Jay Kailash More




MS PowerPoint

Suparshwa Shridhar Basagoudar




Graphic Designing

Devendra Madhukar Vasaikar




Graphic Designing

Amruta Gurudas Patil




Graphic Designing

Tanishka Pravin Desai




Problems Solving

Amey Milind Ajgar




Problems Solving

Aditya Vinod Kadam



An Oratory Tourney:
The TED Titans Interschool Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | September, 2021

An Oratory Tourney: The TED Titans Interschool Competition Hosted by G.K.GurukulSchool,a speech competition event, the TED Titans Interschool Competition was organised in September2021 in which students from various schools across Pune participated.

G.K.Gurukul School’s Ms.Naina Budhawar was the in-charge for the event, and assisted all the participating schools whilst also creating a WhatsApp group for an easy and efficient activity submission process.

Themes for the TED talk competition were as under:

1. For Grade VIII: “Believe in You that You can Change”

2. For Grade IX grade: “The Power of Introverts”

From S.B. Patil Public school a total of six students participated. From VIII-C: Aniruddha Gupta; from IX-B: Tanishq Suryanwanshi,Prisha Ranka and Neha Patil; and from IX-D: Aditya Takalkar and Supriya Shriwastav. Ms. Shailaja Mestry, the secondary science teacher was the supervising in-charge from our school.

Participating students prepared their speech on their respective themes and recorded videos of it which were then uploaded using the submission link provided. Despite not having experience to talk onsuch themes and topics, our students performed at their best.

We appreciate their efforts in understanding the themes, incorporating well-known personalities in their speech to make it more effective and easy to understand and relate. Though they did not fall in any of the first three positions, the students received certificates of participation for their dedicated efforts.

We thank the principal, Dr. Saini; the school coordinator, Ms. Banda; Ms. Shailaja Mestry; and every faculty member who was pivotal in organising this event. Our heartiest congrats to them all, and once again congratulations to our students as well.


Resonating with Excellence:
At GGIS Interschool Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | August 28th, 2021

GGIS Interschool Competition On August 28th, 2021, students from our school participated in the virtual GG International School, Pune Interschool Competition, “Resonance 2021”. The competition was held online to let the children put their creativity and innovative aptitude to the test.

GGIS Interschool Competition Myriad events were hosted for students of Grades I to XII. For Grades I and II: Expression through Art. For Grades III to V: Mosaic Art themed on "My India" and a Hindi Patriotic Poem Recitation. For Grades VI and VII: Coding for Developing a Digital Teaching Aid for the Primary Section, and Pixel Art themed on "My School". For Grades VIII to X: Website Designing for a Farmer/ a Rural School, and an Essay Writing Competition whose topic would be given on the spot. For Grades XI and XII: Tell a Tale on India being a Super Power by 2030, and Website Designing for an NGO Working on Any Social Cause.

Saina Joshi of VIII-E secured the second prize for website designing and Samruddhi Nevgire of VII-B secured third prize for pixel art respectively.All other participants received participating certificates, We heartily congratulate Saina and Samruddhi wishing them the very best for everything they strive to do.


En Route to Atmanirbharta:
At the COE’s Poster-making Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | August 25th, 2021

En Route to Atmanirbharta: At the COE’s Poster-making Competition A poster-making competition was organised by the Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust’s College of Engineering in association with the CIIL, Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) and Lions Club of Pune Phoenix from the 17th to the 25th of August, 2021. The theme for the competition was “Atmanirbhar Bharat” that En Route to Atmanirbharta: At the COE’s Poster-making Competition covered important topics like Digital India, Self-reliance in Food and Energy, Self-reliance in Technology and Self-reliance in Infrastructure.

Priyal Jain of VIII-B won the second prize for her poster on “Atmanirbhar Bharat”; whilst Dhawala Patil, a student of VIII-A was awarded the third prize for her poster on the topic of “Digital India: Power to Empower”.

As always, we are proud of Priyal and Dhawala, and lend them our heartiest congratulations, wishing them every success for the future.


Rethink Plastic to Save the Earth

Pune, Maharashtra | May 2021

Rethink Plastic to Save the Earth S.B. Patil School promotes the United Nations sustainable development goals. Every year students are encouraged to participate in activities and projects to make them aware about the global social, economic, political and environmental issues the world is facing and need attention.

Students of grades VIII, IX and X participated in the three-week Rethink Plastic Challenge project organised by Take Action Global in the month of May 2021. This project was conducted online by collaborating with schools in Middle East, Netherlands, Romania and India. Students from all participating countries shared their solutions to the problem of growing plastic and its hazards. Learners shared some activities like making eco-friendly plastic from milk and fruits. The project focussed on the seven R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Repair, Re-gift and Recover. Rethink Plastic to Save the Earth

Students of our school also shared activities and solutions to the growing plastic waste. One of the participants, AmeyAjgar of IX-B created a website which has a record of all activities done by our students during the challenge.

Following is the link to the website:

Also, students conducted an online collaboration with Green School Israel, to share all the activities they have done during the three-week journey of the project.All students have been appreciated by the organisers and teachers from all participant schools and were given participation certificates.


Congratulating the Toppers and Graduates:
CBSE Grade X Results Declared

Pune, Maharashtra | August 3rd, 2020

With the CBSE Grade X results for 2020-21 being declared, the students of S.B. Patil Public School have yet again made us and all proud by achieving such outstanding results.

Meghna Sangle topped with 99.00%, Shardul Nalegave and Yogendra Magdum both achieved 98.67%, Naman Sharma secured 98.33%, and Vivek Chilwant attained a percentage of 97.83%. We are also pleased to announce that we achieved a 100% passing percentage with every one of our students now graduating Grade X.

Congratulating the Toppers and Graduates: CBSE Grade X Results Declared, SBPPS

The break-up of the results are as under:


S. No.

Percentage Range

Number of Students


>= 90.0% and <=100.0%



>=80.0% and<90.0%



>=70.0% and<80.0%



>=60.0% and<70.0%





Total Xth Graders


We heartily congratulate our toppers and laud every Grade X graduate on their performance and for making us brim with pride. This is the outcome of a very strong and stable supportive management, the cooperation of immensely accommodating parents, and the effective and hardworking partnership of the students and the teachers at S.B Patil Public School.

We wish our graduates every success for all forthcoming endeavours and challenges, be it academic and in life itself.

Orbiting the Stars:
Setting a Name for Himself in the India Book of Records

Pune, Maharashtra | July 5th, 2021

With 2021 being another stepping stone to umpteen wins not just for the school itself but also for the faculty, teachers and students, we are most pleased and to announce that Khushansh Chigate, a student of I-A has had his name engraved in the India Book of Records. Following is his father, Mr. Dinesh Chigate’s narrative on his son’s win.

Rethink Plastic to Save the Earth “In this online world children are dependent on electronic media. Online classes, online project works, games and so on. Even through online teaching, the teachers of S.B. Patil Public School are working hard to ensure the holistic development of their students.We owe our gratitude to them. Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, children were not allowed to go out for outdoor games. Khushansh and his sister were also not permitted to play in the society’s grounds.

Khushansh has always been physically strong. At age four he used to do ten pushups and go for running. Extremely fond of the Indian Army, he has already made it his goal to become an army officer for which he is preparing to become a strong man as men in the army are. In fact, last year, whilst in Senior KG, he had performed an army drill on S.B. Patil Public School’s Virtual Annual Day for which his teacher, fellow students and their parents appreciated him.

Rethink Plastic to Save the Earth Looking at his interest in the Indian Army, we started training him at home with daily exercise, showed him several movies depicting and based on the army, His favorite movie is “Uri: The Surgical Strike”. We enrolled him and his sister in an eight-day summer camp in May 2021 for Lathi-Kathi which is a form of martial art.We trained him and his sister in hula-hoop at home. They competed amongst themselves to motivate each other and build interest in it.

Rethink Plastic to Save the Earth Khushansh used to rotate his hula hoop with great speed with his right hand whilst his sister circled it with her waist. Khushansh’s mother felt that since he is so fluent at it at such a young age of six, why not to enroll him to set a record.

In this way, the search began and we came across the India Book of Records. We applied for the record in June. By July we got a reply to attempt the record. Following all their rules and regulations, Khushansh performed and thus, at the age of six years two months and 27 days, on July 5th, 2021, he set a record of Maximum Hula Hoop Rotations Hula Hoop by One Hand in One Minutewith 181rpms.

Being Khushansh’s parents we are proud of him, and we are certain everyone at S.B. Patil Public School is so too and bless him to set many more such records in future.Thankyou!”

It certainly goes without saying that everyone from the principal, Dr. Saini; his coordinators, Ms. Banda and Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni; the sub-coordinators, Ms. Nirupama Kale, Ms. Vandana Sangle and Ms. Archana Prabhune; to his class teacher, Ms. Priya Aparajit are all proud of this budding army man. Well done and the best of wishes and blessing from us all at S.B. Patil Public School.

मराठी भाषा आमचा:
Winning the Maharashtra Day Poem Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | May 1st, 2021

Winning the Maharashtra Day Poem Competition, SBPPS The Geeta Mata English Arts, Commerce and Science Junior College held a competition on the occasion of Marathi Day, 2021. All students from grades VI to VIII were eligible to participate in the event.

A total of three winners were announced out of which Amey received the second rank and a certificate from the organising committee. Following is Amey’s poem which we are more than pleased to publish.


Winning the Maharashtra Day Poem Competition, SBPPS


Once again, we are indeed proud of Amey, and sincerely congratulate him, wishing him every success. We also thank everyone who has been a mentor and guide to this young, bright mind: Dr. Saini, the school principal; Ms. Padmavati Banda, the coordinator; Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni, the pre-primary coordinator; and every faculty, friend and family who have been a pillar of continual support.

Gesture Recognition & Wireless Alerting System Using Micro:bit:
A Paper Presentation by Amey Ajgar

Pune, Maharashtra | June 19th, 2021

Gesture Recognition & Wireless Alerting System Using Micro, SBPPS Gesture Recognition & Wireless Alerting System Using Micro, SBPPS

Amey Ajgar is a bright IX-B student of S.B. Patil Public School who has been doing the school proud with not only his constant participations in a multitude of competitions, conventions and events but also winning prizes at each.

Of late, Amey was awarded a Certificate of Participation but more importantly, a certificate for being the youngest presenter at the 7thNational Conference on Advancements in Communication, Computing and Electronics Technology organised by M.E.S College of Engineering’s Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Pune.

What is more interesting is that there were 72 paper submissions from all over India, and every presenter was above his early 20s being post-graduates and academics thus making the 14-year-old a lamb among lions. Gesture Recognition & Wireless Alerting System Using Micro, SBPPS

Gesture Recognition & Wireless Alerting System Using Micro, SBPPS The paper, “Gesture Recognition & Wireless Alerting System Using Micro:bit” suggested that safety was a very important aspect of our life, especially in this day and age. The security of any object is at risk when a person moves the object without the owner’s permission.

Thus the aim stated system would be to aid in alerting the owner of the device whenever the object is moved sans his permission. This system is a combination of two Micro:bits which would be connected wirelessly with each other. Whenever the Micro:bit placed near the object moves, it would trigger a signal to the host Micro:bit thus alerting the owner via a buzzer and LED display.

We all are immensely proud of young Amey who is showing no hesitation and reluctance in participating in competitions, making a name for himself and our school. We wish this bright young lad the very best for every future undertaking.

Eaglets Among Eagles:
At the Innovation Challenge Pitch, 2021

Pune, Maharashtra | May 1st to 12th, 2021

Eaglets Among Eagles: At the Innovation Challenge Pitch, 2021 The Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune; in association with the Center for Innovation, Incubation and Linkages Forum (CIIL) and Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) organised a Problems to Prosperity (P2P) Innovation Challenge Pitch. Thrust areas for the project-based learning community were:

1. Agricultural Products and Food Processing
2. Robotics
3. Energy
4. AI ML
5. E-vehicles
6. Environment
7. Rural and Tribal Development

Whilst this event was aimed at college students, and since no age criteria was stated, Amey Ajgar and Sameera Kulkarni of S.B. Patil Public School were selected to participate in the event among a total of 40 submissions. Following is Sameera’s narrative on her experience:

“Recently, my friend, Amey and I participated in an event organised by the PCCoE. The event was about making innovating and creative models. So we came up with an idea for “Automatic Irrigation System”. We took this idea as it was related to agriculture and farming.

The model was about an irrigation system which would water plants and crops automatically when in need. This would thus reduce farmers’ efforts while increasing their income as they would now be able to divert their attention to more productive tasks. This system would also help in supplying the exact amount of water required

Using this, farmers would be introduced to new technology that would help them increase their overall production. We prepared a video presentation explaining the model, its features and its working.

For the first round, there were 40 entries from all different colleges. We were the only team selected from a school. For the final round, we were chosen to participate in the top ten groups. This itself was a great achievement for us.

We, in great anticipation, awaited the results for nearly two weeks in which we were given the consolation prize. Even though we never won the first, second or third prize, we are still proud of our final result because we were at the school level participating in a college-level event. And this was an even greater achievement for us. Eaglets Among Eagles: At the Innovation Challenge Pitch, 2021

We thank our mentors: Lakde sir, Gawai sir and Kalti sir. They guided us very well and we learned a lot of things from them and the other finalists as well. We also thank our principal, Bindu Saini ma’am, our coordinators, Padmavati ma’am, Neerupama ma’am, Vandana ma’am and Archana ma’am for helping and guiding us through this time. We also have to give a big thank you to Neeru ma’am who mentored us from the start. Thank you all!”

Thank you and congratulations to both of you, Amey and Sameera for doing so astoundingly well. We once again extend our gratitude to our principal, coordinators and especially to Dr. Neeru Malik, the innovative lab in-charge who mentored these bright, young and jovial minds.

We also extend our gratitude to the Board of Trustees: Mr. Dnyaneshwar Landge, Chairman; Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle, Vice-chairperson; Mr. V.S. Kalbhor, Secretary; Mr. Shantaram Garade, Treasurer; Mr. Harshwardhan Patil, Trustee; and Dr. Girish Desai, Executive Director for organising the event.

Waste Not, Want Not:
At the SSIS/CID Online Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | April 24th, 2020

On 24th April, 2021, St. Soldier International School, Mohali in association with the Chandigarh Institute of Drones organised an Online Best Out of Waste Competition for students between the ages of 11 to 18 years. Awards were reserved for the top three positions with participation certificates for the remaining students.

Waste Not, Want Not: At the SSIS/CID Online Competition, S.B.Patil School Waste Not, Want Not: At the SSIS/CID Online Competition, S.B.Patil School Waste Not, Want Not: At the SSIS/CID Online Competition, S.B.Patil School Waste Not, Want Not: At the SSIS/CID Online Competition, S.B.Patil School

Under the guidance of Dr. Neeru Malik, the Innovative Lab in-charge, Apoorva and Arya Joshi both of VIII-E partook in the event. Apoorva designed a hydraulic lift using cardboard, syringes, toothpicks, earbuds and tubes. The application of the lift is to lift heavy material from one floor to another or a multi-level car park.

Her sister designed a hydraulic crane using cardboard, syringes, toothpicks, ice-cream sticks and tubes. The application of the crane is to lift and move heavy objects from one point to another.

Waste Not, Want Not: At the SSIS/CID Online Competition, S.B.Patil School Waste Not, Want Not: At the SSIS/CID Online Competition, S.B.Patil School

Apoorva won the second prize for her hydraulic lift whilst Arya received a participation certificate.

Amey Ajgar of IX-B designed a t-shirt on the theme of social distancing with the motive of maintaining a distance of six feet, He used an Arduino Nano board and ultrasonic sensor tethered to an old t-shirt. For this he secured the 5th position in the competition.

Overall, the competition proved to be immensely informative and an eye-opener, as were the models that were showcased therein. We congratulate both of them for doing so well, hope that their passion for Robotics continues to grow, and that they continually bring a name to themselves, and wish them the very best for their futures. We also thank Dr. Malik for mentoring and guiding these bright young minds. Thank you so very much!