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Competitions and Conferrings 2022-23

Of Leaders, Mentors and Role-Models:
Hosting the Investiture Ceremony 2022-23

Pune, Maharashtra | July 30th, 2022

Hosting the Investiture Ceremony In a grand event, S.B. Patil Public School held the Investiture Ceremony (2022-23) on Saturday, July 30th, 2022.
The ceremony commenced with the principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; and the parents lighting the lamp.

Hosting the Investiture Ceremony With the CCA in-charge, Ms. Swaleha Mujawar compering the event, the student elects and parents stood at attention as the national anthem was sung. Ms. Sulochana Pawar, the school’s music teacher and the school’s student choir group leading.

Hosting the Investiture Ceremony The ceremony went into full swing as the student elects were called in front and blessed by the principal; vice principal; teachers: Ms. Vandana Sangle, Ms. Deepika Kannao, Ms. Manjusha Nathe, Ms. Jayashree Sawant, Ms. Rohini Kanake, Ms. Sulochana Pawar, Mr. Abhijeet Gaikwad, and Mr. Dhanaji Patil; and their parents.

With the ceremony at its peak, the faculty members and parents then presented them with the badges and sashes of their respective designations.

Hosting the Investiture Ceremony The principal, Dr. Saini, then led the students to take the oath. The head boy and girl; vice head boy and girl; house captains and vice captains; and in-charges and co-incharges of other activities and arenas pledged their roles and responsibilities.

Following are the student elects:

1. Head Boy: Amey Ajgar of X-B
2. Head Girl: Punya Shetty of XI-B (Science)

3. Vice Head Boy: Darshil Mali of IX-A
4. Vice Head Girl: Vrunda Anuse of X-B

5. Blue House Captain: Shravani Sangle of X-C
6. Blue House Vice Captain: Tripura Math of IX-C

7. Green House Captain: Prathamesh Devshatwar of IX-B
8. Green House Vice Captain: Duhita Mahajan of X-C

9. Red House Captain: Avni Khandelwal of X-A
10. Red House Vice Captain: Shreya Walse of IX-B

11. Yellow House Captain: Tanishq Suryawanshi of X-B
12. Yellow House Vice Captain: Sunidhi C. of IX-A
13. Home Affairs In-charge: Radhika Nalegave of X-B
14. Home Affairs Co-incharge: Anushri Dustakar of X-A

15. Sports and Cultural Activities In-charge: Yash Bhagodia of X-B
16. Sports and Cultural Activities Co-incharge: Omkar Shinde of X-D

17. Environment Awareness In-charge: Tanishka Suryawanshi of X-B
18. Environment Awareness Co-incharge: Jaskirat Basan of IX-E

19. Information and Broadcasting In-charge Diksha Banik of XI (Science)
20. Information and Broadcasting Co-incharge: Yadnyi Pawar of IX-C

21. Health and Safety In-charge: Aditya Ganjare of VIII-A
22. Health and Safety Co-incharge: Indraneel Bankar of VIII-A

23. IT and Cyber Security In-charge: Daksh Kumawat of IX-E
24. IT and Cyber Security Co-incharge: Rudransh. Patil of IX-B

The ceremony came to a close CCA middle and senior section in-charge, Ms. Erekar Durga Bhavani giving the Vote of very best as they act as leader, guide and role-model.

Passing with Flying Colours:
The CBSE Grade X 2021-22 Results Declared

This just in! In a moment of pride, we, at S.B. Patil Public School, loudly and gladly declare that, with the CBSE Grade X 2021-22 results out, Arya Mahadev Gundakalli has passed with an immaculate 99.17%; Kritika Gupta stands in second with a dazzling 97.00%; Chitraksh Ravindra Singh follows suit with a grand 96.50%; Nehal Suwil Chawda stands out bright with 96.33%; and Krishnali Suryakant Pawar holds a blazing 96.17%.

Grade X CBSE Toppers 2021-22, SBPPS

The percentage-wise break-up is as follows:



Number of students


90% and above



80% to 89%



70% to 79%



60% to 69%



Less than 60%


Total students


We heartily congratulate each and every one of you Grade X graduates for performing so wonderfully. Your performance has surpassed our expectations, leaving us with our jaws dropped in awe and admiration. May each and every one of you be showered with every blessing as you brace yourself to journey through the next chapter in your lives.

We extend our wholesome thanks to the principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; all the coordinators, sub-coordinators, teachers, and parents who have dedicated every waking hour to teach and mentor the students so that they do and give their best.

We also extend our gratitude to the Board of Trustees: Mr. Dnyaneshwar Landge, Chairman; Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle, Vice-chairperson; Mr. V.S. Kalbhor, Secretary; Mr. Shantaram Garade, Treasurer; Mr. Harshwardhan Patil, Trustee; Dr. Girish Desai, Executive Director; Mr. Narendra D. Landge, Management Representative; and Mr. Ajinkya V. Kalbhor, Management Representative for their incessant support and dedication to ensure that our school always strives towards excelling in education.


With Names Etched Amongst the Constellations:
At the RoboCup 2022 Event

Bangkok, Thailand | July, 11th to 17th, 2022

RoboCup Event 2022 From July 11th to 17th, 2022, the annual RoboCup event was held, with the venue this time at Bangkok, Thailand. 3,000 participants in 400 teams from 45 countries partook in the international AI event.

It was a moment of honour as S.B. Patil Public School, Ravet, Pune was among the three schools who represented India; with Greenwood High School, Bangalore; and Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Adyar, Chennai being the other two.

RoboCup Event 2022 For the event, Sunidhi C. of Grade IX-A, Ishika Wagh and Prathamesh Devshatawar of IX-B, and Daksh Kumawat of IX-C were the students from S.B. Patil Public School who participated in the big event. Ms. Varsha Gawali, the school’s robotics teacher, accompanied the four, mentoring and guiding them through the event.

With four students from each school, accounting for a total of 12 students representing India, the eight-round event lasted for a week. The students partook in numerous activities that tested their AI skills and aptitude. Activities included heat, colour and visual detection wherein the AI-bot created deployed safety kits based on colour recognised, heat detected, and visual “victim” sighted. The bot also had to avoid obstacles in a maze, passing through and over speed bumps, steps, debris and ramps, etc.

RoboCup Event 2022 Each round had a change of course in the maze which the students had to overcome through their built robot.

Our fiery foursome qualified each round leading them to reach being in the “Super Team” which was a collaboration of teams. The students of S.B. Patil Public School collaborated with the students from Portugal. With all eight rounds coming to an end, students from Germany, Hungary and Croatia were declared the winners.

RoboCup Event 2022 One of the many life-lessons taught at S.B. Patil Public School is that life is not always about winning. The fact that one took the initiative, faced the challenges, and overcame the obstacles regardless of the outcome is in itself an act of winning.

And thus, we congratulate every participant: Sunidhi, Ishika, Prathamesh and Daksh for wholeheartedly investing themselves in the event. We also thank Ms. Gawali and all the robotics faculty for taking time to enroll, orient and mentor our young participants. A special round of applause and thanks also goes to Mr. David Prakash, Director of LSCL, Bangalore who is also the Indian representative for all the international competitions and events.

Our gratitude to the principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; all the coordinators, sub-coordinators, teachers, and parents who supported these four budding tech geniuses. We also extend our gratitude to the Board of Trustees: Mr. Dnyaneshwar Landge, Chairman; Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle, Vice-chairperson; Mr. V.S. Kalbhor, Secretary; Mr. Shantaram Garade, Treasurer; Mr. Harshwardhan Patil, Trustee; and Dr. Girish Desai, Executive Director for their support to ensure the holistic development of our children, and to make this day a success.


Harshita Kakade Selected for Khelo India 2022
in the Artistic Gymnastics Section

Pune, Maharashtra | June 11th, 2022

Khelo India 2022 Our Grade X student, Harshita Kakade has been an radent gymnast, and has vehemently been training in sport since the past five years. She was selected for the National Artistic Gymnastics Competition held in Jammu on November 14th, 2021 from the state level competition at Dombivali.

Harshita is the first woman athlete from Pimpri Chinchwad to be selected for Artistic Gymnastics. The training camp of the selected teams was held from May 21st to June 2nd, 2022 at Balewadi Sports Complex. On June 2nd, the team left for Ambala, Haryana for the Khelo India Youth Games which was held from June 5th to 7th.

Khelo India 2022 Harshita perfectly balances school with her passion for sports. Harshita's mother and father; and the school sports teachers: Mr. Dhanaji Patil and Ms. Sunita Vasudev have always helped and supported her. Harshita shared the secret of her success saying that, “Regular practice of yoga and gymnastics is important for staying physically and mentally healthy.”

On June 11th, she was felicitated by Dr. Saini; and Ms. Banda. With this, the chairman of the Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust Shri. Dnyaneshwar Landage; vice chairperson, Ms. Padmatai M. Bhosale; Treasurer, Mr. Shantaram Garade; Secretary, Mr. Vitthal S. Kalbhor; Trustee, Mr. Harshvardhan Patil; Executive Director, Dr. Girish M. Desai, S. B. Patil Public School Principal. Dr. Bindu Saini; Vice Principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda, and all the teachers wish Harshita all the best for her future endeavours.


Artists Inherent:
Students win the Elementary Grade Drawing Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | June 11th, 2022

Elementary Grade Drawing Competition On April 8th, 2022, the Art Examination Committee of the Maharashtra State Board held an Elementary Grade Drawing Examination. This comprised of creating artwork based on still life (object drawing), memory drawing, design and geometry, and lettering. Elementary Grade Drawing Competition

Under the mentorship of art instructor, Mr. Sanjay Vispute, Xth graders: Duhita Mahajan, Ishika Patil, Harshita Kakade, Riya Dagde and Tanishka Dhawale all partook in the examination and won. Duhita, Ishika and Tanishka all secured an “A”, whilst Harshita and Riya secured a “B” grade. Elementary Grade Drawing Competition


Elementary Grade Drawing Competition We are extremely proud of our young artists who gave their very best, putting their artistic inclinations to the test, and passed with flying colours. To commemorate this win, on June 11th, 2022, all participants were felicitated by the school’s principal, Dr. Bindu Saini, and vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda. A special thank you goes out to Mr. Vispute without whom this win would have been impossible.



Winning the AFS INDIA Scholarship 2022:
Shreya Walunjkar and Rituja Joshi selected for Asia Kakehashi

Pune, Maharashtra | June 11th, 2022

AFS INDIA Scholarship 2022 Shreya Walunjkar and Rituja Joshi, both students of Patil Public School, have been selected for the Asia Kakehashi Scholarship 2022. The duo will leave for Japan on June 15th, 2022 for the Asia Kakehashi event.

AFS India selects scholarship recipients from Asian countries and regions. The purpose of the scholarship is to build friendly relations among the students pursuing higher studies in Asian countries. Shreya Walunjkar took up Japanese at S.B. Patil Public School, and it is due to her passion for language learning that she continued to learn the language through the Sakura-Japanese class after school.

AFS INDIA Scholarship 2022 The programme also focuses on facilitating intercultural exchange and understanding among adolescents in Japan and other Asian countries. The selection process for this event was very ambitious this year. The personal and educational qualities required as a youth representative in Japan are first seen from India. The scholarship is offered by the Japanese government to students between the ages of 15 and 18 who have access to completely free residential education.

AFS INDIA Scholarship 2022 Shreya and Rituja are also passionate about Bharatanatyam, took advantage of this unique opportunity of learning and personal growth in a new country and culture. This achievement is definitely inspiring for other students.

In our school, students are always encouraged to learn different languages from around the world so that future generations will be able to live with full confidence in the world realising that Indian culture and intelligence are incomparable.

AFS INDIA Scholarship 2022 Regarding this God-given and deserving opportunity, the principal, Dr. Saini; and vice principal, Ms. Banda honoured both of them on behalf of the school. Apart from this, the two interacted with the students of Grade XI, guiding them to take advantage of this opportunity abroad.

We thank all the teachers, the vice principal and the principal who have been a source of support to both Shreya and Rituja. We also thank the chairperson of the PCET, Mr. Dnyaneshwar Landage; vice chairperson, Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle; treasurer, Mr. Shantaram Garade; secretary, Mr. Vitthal S. Kalbhor; trustee Harshvardhan Patil, Executive Director Dr. Girish Desai for enabling our school to have such prestigious opportunities.