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Sports Achievers 2022 - 23

Gliding to Glory:
Winning the Pune Mini District Roller Skating Championship 2023

Pune, Maharashtra | March 2023

Winning the Pune Mini District Roller Skating Championship 2023 , SBPPS We are proud to announce that Aarohi Gaonkar of III-E won the bronze medal in the Pune Mini District Roller Skating competition, and has been selected for the state championship.

The event was organized by the Skating Association of Pune in early March 2023.

We congratulate this young skater and wish the very best as she glides down the path of success.

Gliding to Glory:
Winning the RGOI Roller Skating National Championship

Pune, Maharashtra | January 28th and 29th, 2023

Winning the RGOI Roller Skating National Championship  , SBPPS The Rural Games Organisation of India (RGOI) organised the Roller Skating National Championship competition on January 28th and 29th, 2023. Partaking in the competition were S.B. Patil Public School’s Ayush Saykar and Avanish Bhoir.

Winning the RGOI Roller Skating National Championship, SBPPS The competition consisted of three races in which Ayush won the third, fourth and fourth places; whilst Avanish, who partook in two races and won the 4th place in both.

We congratulate these young sportsmen for their wins and wish them the very best as the partake in future skating events, gliding to glory.

Celebrating Annual Sports Week 2022-23

Pune, Maharashtra | December 6th to 10th and 12th to 16th, 2022

Annual Sports Week , SBPPS Sport is essential for children, adolescents and adults alike, because it not only keeps one physically fit and mentally alert but also develops the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. It further nurtures the ability to respect and value victories whilst simultaneously accepting defeats with the mind-set that one needs to get back up and try again.

Annual Sports Week, SBPPS

Every year S.B. Patil Public School celebrates Sports Week in the month of December as the weather is pleasing for a long span of games on the field. It is one of the most loved events of the year and the children very longingly look forward to it. This year, it was held from December 6th to 10th, 2022 for Grades III onwards; and from December 12th to 16th, 2022 for the pre-primary section.

Annual Sports Week , SBPPS To commence the inauguration of the Sports Week, principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; pre-primary coordinator, Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni; the administrative officer, Mr. Manish Dhekale; and all the section heads, teachers and members of the sports department were present.

Annual Sports Week, SBPPS The chief guests for the event, Mr. Firoz Shaikh, Director of Physical Education, SNBP Group; and Dr. Prateek Mungekar, a scientist, professor, counsellor, global educator, published author and an international speaker were welcomed by everyone. The Student Council members along with the students of Grades IX and X performed a march-past as the guests were escorted to the sports ground wherein the students and teachers had assembled.

Annual Sports Week , SBPPS The inaugural ceremony then commenced for which all the school heads and chief guests proceeded for the lamp-lighting ceremony. Following this, students and teachers spoke on Sports Week and the importance of sports and sportsmanship in our lives. Both chief guests gave inspiring speeches and wished all students the very best. The sports department HoD escorted Dr. Saini, Ms. Banda, Mr. Shaikh and Dr. Mungekar to the basketball court wherein they played a fun game of leg cricket.

Annual Sports Week, SBPPS Thus, the sports week commenced for the school. The teachers ensured each and every student participated. Older students engaged in multiple games such: volleyball, football, handball, cricket, etc. For the pre-primary tots, hurdle race, ball balancing, copy and paste, flower garden game, rabbit race, balloon game and water games was organised so as to not only build their gross motor skills, flexibility and fitness but also to ignite their intellectual power and wit at a very early stage to keep their value in life.

All in all, it was indeed an exciting experience for the students. The winners who made it to victory were awarded medals, and all participants received certificates.

Winning the DSO - PCMC Zila Parishad Competition

Pune, Maharashtra | November 14th, 2022 Onwards

Winning the DSO - PCMC Zila Parishad Competition, SBPPS The DSO - Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation Zila Parishad Competition is an ongoing event that commenced from November 14th, 2022. From S.B. Patil Public School, 260 students partook in the individual games whilst 200 took part in the group events.

Winning the DSO - PCMC Zila Parishad Competition, SBPPS The competition comprised of a near-46 games such as cricket, basketball, roll ball, handball, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton, archery, rifle shooting, chess, carom, gymnastics, judo, taekwando, karate, yogasan, rollerskating, mallakhamb, swimming, etc.

Many of our students did themselves and us proud by winning at the event. The names of these young winners are enlisted below:



Student’s Name





(Men's Group)

Sharvin Surve

Om Patil

Shreyas Mandhare

Suyash Patil

1 st

Selected for the zonal level competition



(Women's Trio)

Swara Patil

Swamini Ghule

Ashley Lanelle

1 st



(Mixed Pair)

Prithviraj Chavan

Swanandi Taware

1 st



(Men's Pair)

Soham Lakam

Sumedh Chavan

1 st



(Women's Pair)

Avni Khandelwal

Harshali Chinchawade

1 st



Aksht Menon

Tanishk Naydu

Pushkar Nikam

Ishan Jaa

Harshvardhan Nimankar

1 st


Chess (U-14 Girls)

Ananya Kulkarni

5 th


Chess (U-17 Girls)

Avani Khandelwal

2 nd



Team of 12

4 th



Harshita Kakade

1 st



Aditya Tanpure

U-17 Girls

1 st

2 nd


Lawn tennis

Meheka Rege

4 th

Spurha Kurle

5 th



Avani Khandelwal

2 nd


Rifle Shooting

Shravani Kurade

2 nd

Divyani Kavale

3 rd



Govardhan Pawar

3 rd

Gandharv Pawar

3 rd


Table Tennis

Vaibhav Ojza

U-17 Team Boys

3 rd

3 rd


Relay running

U-19 Boys



Running Race

Sarthak Jadhav

800m: Gold Medal

1500m: Gold Medal


Atya Patya

U-17 boys




Adhyayan Londe

Breaststroke 50m: 2 nd

Butterfly 50m: 2 nd

Freestyle 800m: 1 st

Arnav Patil

Freestyle 100m: 2 nd

Freestyle 50m: 3 rd

Vaibhavi Patil

Freestyle 100m: 2 nd

Butterfly 50m: 2 nd

Backstroke: 1 st

Akshat Verma

Freestyle 50m: Gold Medal

Freestyle 100m: Silver

Shrushti Karkar

Backstroke 100m: 2 nd

Breastroke 100m: 2 nd

Freestyle 100m: 1 st



Sanatkumar Pol

4 th


Judo Fight

Om Patil

Suyash Patil

Vedant Nichit

Sairaj Kanse

Omkar Mate

Harshwardhan Gaware

Arnav Torne

Suraj Nimbalkar

Aayushi Ghadge

Utkarsha Patil

Jigisha Kolhe

Ishita Wagh

Sunidhi C.

1 st

1 st

2 nd

2 nd

3 rd

3 rd

3 rd

3 rd

1 st

1 st

2 nd

3 rd

3 rd




3 rd


Rollball Skating

U-14 Girls

U-17 Girls

U-14 Boys

U-17 Boys

2 nd

3 rd

4 th

4 th


Rink Race

Gandhav K. Pawar

500m: Silver

1000m Bronze


Badminton Team

U-17 Boys

1 st

Winning the DSO - PCMC Zila Parishad Competition, SBPPS A standing ovation goes out to every student who won in the games – they all have been selected for the zonal level competitions; and also give a special round of applause to every participant.

We thank our sports faculty: Mr. Dhanaji Patil, Mr. Chandrakant Thombre, Mr. Shrikant Deshpande, Ms. Gauri Utture, Mr. Sandeep Ghadage, Ms. Deepika Kannao and Ms. Sunita Vasudeo for mentoring and training the students so wonderfully that they surpass their own abilities.

Our gratitude goes to the principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; primary coordinator, Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni; and all the section heads for being a constant beacon of support, motivation and encouragement to our students.

And our wholesome thanks to the PCET management and Board of Trustees: Mr. Dnyaneshwar P. Landge, Chairman; Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle, Vice Chairperson; Mr. Vitthal S. Kalbhor, Secretary; Mr. Shantaram D. Garade, Treasurer; Mr. Harshwardhan S. Patil, Trustee; and Dr. Girish M. Desai, Executive Director without whose support we could not have strived to achieve the holistic development of our students.

Hitting it Right:
Mahika Wins the Lawn Tennis U-14 Tournament

Pune, Maharashtra | October 24th, 2022

Mahika Wins the Lawn Tennis U-14 Tournament, SBPPS In other glorious news, we are pleased to announce that Mahika Rege, of VIII-A won the KPIT Sponsored Lawn Tennis Tournament which was held in the last week of October 2022. She won the first prize of a gold medal in the U-14 girls section.

Nothing makes us prouder than to see our students succeed in all walks of life. And thus, with a heart full of pride, we congratulate Mahika and wish her the very best for the future.

We also thank the Sports Department faculty: Mr. Dhanaji Patil, Mr. Chandrakant Thombre, Mr. Shrikant Deshpande, Ms. Gauri Utture, Mr. Sandeep Ghadage, and Ms. Sunita Vasudeo for being a pillar of support.

We extend our gratitude to our principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; primary coordinator, Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni; and all the section heads for constantly encouragement to our students to give their very best.

Swimming to Succeed:
At the Aamby Valley Aqua Champ Matches

Lonawala, Maharashtra | October 16th, 2022

The Aamby Valley Aqua Champ Matches, SBPPS On October 16th, 2022, Aamby Valley, Lonawala organised the Aqua Champ Swimming Matches. Representing S.B. Patil Public School was Ratish Adhav of VII-G.

With great pride we announce that this young swimmer won the competition in the Open Water 400m category. His record time was 19min 22 sec.

We heartily congratulate him as well as all those from our sports department who mentored him so well. We wish him the very best for all his future endeavours, sports and otherwise.




Hitting the Goal

Pune, Maharashtra | August 15th, 2022

Hitting the Goal, SBPPS On August 15th, 2022, Arnav Patil of VII-F won the best goalkeeper award in a game held on the day. The event, “The Independence Cup” was held by the 6-A Side Football League to commemorate the occasion of the country’s 76th Independence Day.

We wish this young champ the heartiest of congrats. We also thank the sports department for training him so well.

Winning the National-level Kurash Competition

Jharkhand | March 26th to 28th, 2022

The Kurash Federation of India organised a national-level competition at Jharkhand from March 26th to 29th, 2022. Kurash is a sport that blends in the techniques of judo and wrestling.

Anjanya More and Om Patil, both of Grade V of S.B. Patil Public School, partook in the event and each won the 2nd rank. Everyone at S.B. Patil Public School congratulates these two champs for performing so well, and wish them the very best for their future, and for every feat and competition they undertake and participate in.

We thank the members of the Sports Department, especially Mr. Dhanaji Patil, the HoD, for guiding and mentoring these young sportsmen.

Winning Gold, Silver Bronze:
Devyani Kawale Shoots to Win All Three

Nashik, Pune and Karnataka, February to May 2022

Winning Gold, Silver Bronze: Devyani Kawale Shoots to Win All Three, SBPPS We are proud to announce that budding shooter, Devyani Kawale of Grade VII-F won gold, silver and bronze medals. The eighth grader won the bronze medal at the 3rd Maitri Chashak Rifle Event in February 2022. She went on to win the gold medal at the RYP Rifle Club, Pune in the Under 12 Years Challenge in March 2022, and finally at the Hubbali Rifle and Pistol Club, Karnataka in the Under 14 Years Competition conducted in May 2022.

We are so proud of Devyani for giving her best, and we wholesomely wish this young shooter the very best for all her future endeavours. Our special thanks goes to the principal, Dr. Bindu Saini; vice principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda; and all the sports faculty for being a constant source of encouragement.

Harshita Kakade Selected for Khelo India 2022
in the Artistic Gymnastics Section

Pune, Maharashtra | June 11th, 2022

Khelo India 2022, SBPPS Our Grade X student, Harshita Kakade has been an radent gymnast, and has vehemently been training in sport since the past five years. She was selected for the National Artistic Gymnastics Competition held in Jammu on November 14th, 2021 from the state level competition at Dombivali.

Harshita is the first woman athlete from Pimpri Chinchwad to be selected for Artistic Gymnastics. The training camp of the selected teams was held from May 21st to June 2nd, 2022 at Balewadi Sports Complex. On June 2nd, the team left for Ambala, Haryana for the Khelo India Youth Games which was held from June 5th to 7th.

Harshita perfectly balances school with her passion for sports. Harshita's mother and father; and the school sports teachers: Mr. Dhanaji Patil and Ms. Sunita Vasudev have always helped and supported her. Harshita shared the secret of her success saying that, “Regular practice of yoga and gymnastics is important for staying physically and mentally healthy.”

Khelo India 2022, SBPPS On June 11th, she was felicitated by Dr. Saini; and Ms. Banda. With this, the chairman of the Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust Shri. Dnyaneshwar P. Landge; vice chairperson, Ms. Padma M. Bhonsle; Treasurer, Mr. Shantaram D. Garade; Secretary, Mr. Vitthal S. Kalbhor; Trustee, Mr. Harshvardhan S. Patil; Executive Director, Dr. Girish M. Desai, S. B. Patil Public School Principal. Dr. Bindu Saini; Vice Principal, Ms. Padmavati Banda, and all the teachers wish Harshita all the best for her future endeavours.

Skating All the Way:
A Journey Through Myriad Skating Competitions

Pune, Maharashtra | January to August 2022

Myriad Skating Competitions, SBPPS Ayush Saykar of VIII-F has been an avid skater. He has partaken in multiple competitions and events.

This year itself, he partook in Under 14 Open National Roller-skating Championship organised by the Endurance Federation of India held at Yak Public School, Raigad. He won three bronze medals in this event.

Myriad Skating Competitions, SBPPS He also participated in the Asian Book of Records event. The event required 2.5 hours of non-stop rollerskating at multiple venues. Ayush won the first prize for this.

Myriad Skating Competitions, SBPPS Later in August, Ayush won the world record for skating non-stop for one hour in a traditional dress whilst holding the country’s national flag. The skating event was held at SNBP School, Pune. Ayush donned the traditional dress of kurta-pyajama in the hour-long event that brought together over 60 students.

Myriad Skating Competitions, SBPPS We are ever so proud of Ayush, and are grateful to everyone who supported, encouraged and mentored him so well: his parents; our principal, Dr. Saini; vice principal, Ms. Banda; and our sports department faculty: Mr. Dhanaji Patil, Mr. CHandrakant Thombre, Mr. Shrikant Deshpande, Mr. Sandeep Ghadge, Ms. Gauri Uttre and Ms. Sunita Vasodeo.