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Sports Achievers 2023 - 24

Skating All the Way:
Aarohi Gaonkar Stands Tall at #2 in the LXT Sprint Rainy Road Race

Pune, Maharashtra | 19th August, 2023

Aarohi Gaonkar Stands Tall at #2 in the LXT Sprint Rainy Road Race , SBPPS Our heartiest congratulations goes out to S.B. Patil Public School’s Aarohi Gaonkar of Grade IV-E who participated in the LXT Sprint Rainy Road Race, a skating competition, at LXT International Speed Skating Banked Track and Road Training Center at Kasarai, Pune on 19th August, 2023. She competed in the 500mts Quads category and secured the 2nd position.

We heartily congratulate her for this win. We also thank the faculty of our Sports Department: Mr. Dhanaji Patil, Mr. Chandrakant Thombre, Mr. Shrikant Deshpande, Mr. Sandeep Ghadge and Ms. Gauri Utture for training and mentoring this young skater so well.

Smashing it Right:
Winning the Badminton Tournament

Pune, Maharashtra | 24th June, 2023

Winning the Badminton Tournament , SBPPS Shivam Rakshe of Grade VIII participated in the Badminton intra-academy championship and won the gold medal.

The event was organised by Smash it Badminton Academy at Ravet on 24th June, 2023. Over 50 students partook in the event with Shivam leading the lot.

We congratulate him on this epic win and also thank the sport faculty at S.B. Patil Public School: Mr. Dhanaji Patil, Ms. Gauri Utture, Mr. Chandrakant Thombre, Mr. Shrikant Deshpande and Mr. Sandeep Ghadage for their mentoring.